Kaiser Associates is a global boutique with deep expertise across a diversified portfolio of practices. The firm has grown substantially since its 1981 inception—to the point that, in 2019, it spun off its healthcare practice into subsidiary Kx Advisors. The firm’s global reach, combined with its boutique size, allows for lots of international mobility while forming and maintaining close-knit connections with colleagues from different offices and backgrounds.

Company Stats


Employer Type




101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Office Locations

Washington, DC (Global HQ)


Employment Contact

Christine McLaughlin, Sr Talent Acquisition Mgr

Firsthand Findings

As a pioneer of the low/only-when-necessary travel model, Kaiser Associates has a long and demonstrated history of action on the work-life balance issues that plague the consulting profession. Even in the pandemic, firm insiders note that Kaiser leadership has remained focused on mitigating stresses and curbing long hours.

From a career perspective, the firm is very much on the “learn-as-you-go” end of the spectrum, offering early responsibility and informal training and mentoring as the chief methods for building knowledge and experience. As such, Kaiser Associates is a firm that will suit motivated, entrepreneurial self-starters.

About the Company

Founded in 1981, Kaiser Associates is a global strategy consulting firm with offices in Washington DC, London, São Paulo, and Hong Kong.

Kaiser Associates’ client base is equally global. Its selective and elite client base includes 4 of the top 10 Fortune’s 2020 Global 50 Most Admired as well as leading private equity firms and U.S. government entities.

Kaiser Associates offers employees a distinctive consulting experience that combines the client prestige and diverse opportunity of a large firm with the close-knit community of a small firm. With support from senior leadership and an entrepreneurial culture, consultants assume responsibility beyond age and tenure, affording accelerated development and stretch opportunities.

In recent years, Kaiser Associates has increased its investment in t...

Employee Reviews

  • “An entry level employee will have the opportunity to take on substantial responsibility right off the bat. Projects are generally no more than 6-8 weeks, meaning that you will get to take on responsibility not in only one or two projects, but across a whole host of engagements in various practice areas. This gives you an intangible step up in terms of development because you are not siloed into a niche task but are really encouraged to make your voice heard and take on various workstreams. It is challenging but rewarding.”
  • “For a boutique firm, Kaiser offers employees a rich variety of projects across practice areas, each of which are fleshed out. This means that entry level consultants can take on an impressive amount of responsibility in projects that are not limited to one or two sectors, but across the economic spectrum.”
  • “If you are looking to develop skills in corporate strategy, growth strategy, competitive analysis while advising incredibly innovate companies facing difficult challenges, then join Kaiser Associates. We compete against MBB very regularly.”
  • “Kaiser Associates is a great place to start your career in consulting because it allows you to work among a variety of different sectors and verticals before you're ready to decide what specialty you would like to go into. The company culture is that of a large family, and the small company size ensures that you will work one-on-one with top leadership and clients.”
  • “We focus more on outside-in analysis to drive our thinking, rather than relying on internal experts or on client-provided information. This tends to drive more interest in our work by our clients because they're learning something new that they didn't know before.”

Why Work Here

Kaiser’s consultants are at the core of a diverse and entrepreneurial community that encourages accelerated development and stretch opportunities. We offer all the  benefits of an established 40-year-old strategy consultancy with access to top-tier professionals and elite client relationships.

By both challenging and supporting team members, Kaiser fosters an environment that enables for you to grow quickly and create impact from day one as you deliver solutions  to complex challenges of leading businesses and government entities.  

Kaiser is a great launching pad for your career – whether that’s here or elsewhere. Our alumni have gone on to top graduate programs; fast-track roles in leading industry corporations and government entities; prestigious private equity and venture capital  firms; and become entrepreneurs/founded their own companies!

Getting Hired Here

  • “Firm is seeking candidates with strong analytical and qualitative research skills - e.g. generalists with strong leadership, investigative, liberal-arts type backgrounds for campus hires that can handle quick responsibility and depth of primary research. Also looks for demonstrated interest in the specific work that Kaiser does (e.g. research-focused growth strategy).”
  • “Interviews are challenging, typically recruit experienced consultants from the Big 4/Accenture, and campus recruits from Ivy league or small elite colleges.”
  • “Kaiser associates typically hires candidates with experience in corporate strategy, venture capital, strategy consulting, management consulting, and technical research.”
  • “Phone interview followed by written case and super day. The phone interview consists of behavioral questions and a short, relatively easy case. Written case is seeking ability to analyze secondary research, apply conclusions. Superday consists of two cases and two behavioral interviews, and seems to heavily revolve around fit with firm culture / demonstrated interest.”
  • “Very swift process with great communication. There was a HR round, two case interviews, and two culture fit interviews, then one final SVP interview.”

Perks & Benefits