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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Peachtree Corners, GA (HQ)


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Kate Bowman - Manager

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Employee Reviews

  • “At ISG, you get to reap the benefits of working at smaller firm without having to sacrifice the compensation or lack of large clients that you do at most small firms. We are given a ton of responsibility, paid well, and get to work with the largest companies in the world.”
  • “Do not overlook or underestimate ISG because it is a smaller, more niche consulting firm; they offer a multitude of wonderful opportunities - from working with intelligent and curious people to developing key problem-solving and technical skills needed to be successful. It is a wonderful place to kick-start your career!”
  • “ISG is a great place to work with a strong culture and a lot of opportunity early in your career to be challenged. Procurement isn't ‘sexy’ but it is somewhere where you are able to drive a tangible impact where at the end of a project you can clearly calculate a number and say ‘we saved the client X amount of money’ as opposed to an intangible / abstract benefit. You have early access to leadership both at our firm and at the client which allows for a lot of growth opportunity.”
  • “People Matter Most is one of ISG's core values. While many companies have a tag line similar to this, I would be hard pressed to find another organization that enacts this value in practice more effectively than ISG. The executive leadership is tenacious in their pursuit of honest feedback from the junior staff and never shies away from making necessary, yet well thought out, changes. This has never been more evident than during the Covid-19 pandemic through the dedication and loyalty shown to employees.”
  • “There are no office politics at ISG. Everyone is incredibly supportive of their teammates and willing to help in any situation that warrants it. No one at the firm is out to get ahead of anyone, we all just want to do good work together and drive results for our clients. I couldn't be more thrilled at the lack of office politics at ISG, and I think that has had a majorly positive impact on overall firm culture from day one.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates undergo a first round of pre-screen interviews and if they proceed are invited to a full day interview—multiple interviewees and multiple case studies. Our ideal candidate has strong communication skills and presence, thinks critically and has an ability to ‘figure it out’ when it comes to nebulous problems, is analytically savvy, and is a strong teammate.”
  • “I like the quick turnaround time between interviews and offer notifications. I believe the ideal candidate to work here is someone who is smart, quick thinking, and confident while also being honest, down to earth, and sociable. The firm seeks out candidates who are witty and can hold a good conversation without being arrogant or self-centered.“
  • “Our interview process is rigorous in the sense that any candidate that comes to our in-office interviews will be interviewed by several people. This is intentional and the purpose is to allow the candidate to get to know us and to allow us to get to know the candidate as much as possible. Out of respect for any candidate's time and decision process, our callbacks are prompt and timely.”
  • “The interview and callback process was very well organized and executed in a timely fashion. I think the ideal candidate to work at ISG is someone who is highly analytical, with the ability to interpret a story from that data, to then act on it. The ideal candidate also must be polite, succinct, and professional in their appearance, especially when on client calls. The person must also be a good steward of the ISG culture, and a great coworker and friend and to those around them.”
  • “We do multiple separate interviews on campus.  We call back to the office for interviews a relatively small percentage of those interviewed and we extend offers to about fifty percent of those candidates that interview in our office.  Office interview consist of six to eight interviews with a combination of BEI and case interviews.  Our process focuses on determining the intellectual horsepower, communications skills, leadership potential, and cultural compliment fit of the candidates we're interviewing.”

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