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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Strategic Sourcing Optimization, Procurement...


Major Office Locations

Peachtree Corners, GA (HQ)


Employment Contact

Kate Bowman - Manager

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About the Company

Employee Reviews

  • “Emphasis on a healthy work life balance without sacrificing quality of work, speed to deliverables, or compensation.”
  • “I think the culture of the firm is second to none. There is not one employee here who I would ‘vote off the island’, so to speak. It is quite impressive and is evident as soon as you walk in the door. Smart people who are incredibly friendly.”
  • “Our firm provides unmatched opportunities to deliver tangible results for our clients, so that they can maximize the long-term value that they receive for their externally purchased goods & services. The environment provides constant opportunities to develop expertise & to be recognized as a knowledge leader in specific sourcing categories and industries, and to share that with our teams as they leverage it across all our clients.”
  • “The people are extremely smart but are very down to earth and people that you want to spend time with outside of the office. They're humble. They help create the strong office culture that we've touted to the point where I enjoy coming into the office more than I enjoy working from home. They're hard working but not cutthroat to where you feel threatened or like you're going to get run over.”
  • “We are thinking about strategic sourcing and client savings differently. We do not just target A:B supplier shifts, but also look at incumbent negotiations, make vs. buy analyses, nearshoring, best cost country, ESG, should cost modeling, etc.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates undergo a phone screen in phase 1, with phase 2 being an in-office day where candidates are brought into the office for a day of interviews across members of the team. Decisions are shared shortly after this in office interview day. The ideal candidate is driven, analytical, good social skills, but must be prepared to work in an environment that can be vague and individualistic in nature as the work in ‘teams’ is generally split out to be individual responsibilities that do not overlap so a candidate okay with minimal collaboration in work.”
  • “I get to work with so many different team members, and they are consistently the best people I have ever encountered in this line of consulting. ISG has a very rigorous recruiting process that brings in the best new talent, people who are genuinely interested in our sourcing consulting as a career and who are not ego driven (i.e., no jerks in the workplace!). Everyone is unfailingly polite and honest, and respectful of the diverse culture that has grown since ISG was founded. The ideal candidates are characterized by success in school and outside of school, by quiet confidence and resilience in the face of obstacles, and tenacity in solving difficult challenges that match our client project profiles.”
  • “Our firm typically responds to candidates very quickly after interviews. The ideal candidate has intellectual horsepower and thinks through things analytically, while also having the leadership and interpersonal skills necessary to manage client/supplier relationships and support our open and collaborative culture.”
  • “The interview process for experienced hires is incredibly efficient and straightforward. The company understands the implications for the interviewee and does a great job. I believe they are seeking knowledgeable, hungry to learn and succeed professionals with a passion for helping companies grow and take their procurement to the next level while also wanting to work in and create a great work environment.”
  • “They were very accommodating and responsive during the process. I believe they are seeking top tier candidates that have book smarts, but also people skills. We are a fairly small consulting company and you are put in front of client early on in your career so ISG wants folks with polish that they can put in front of clients immediately.”