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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Strategy & Performance


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Arlington, VA (HQ)


Employment Contact

Sarah McElwain

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “A great place to revamp my career with leadership that practices what they preach when it comes to  culture.”
  • “Eagle Hill as a company has been fantastic to work for. The leadership is kind and all of my colleagues are interesting and smart. There is great work life balance and lots of opportunity to get involved in a  variety of ways.”
  • “Eagle Hill is a great fit for a wide range of people interested in or looking to continue in the consulting  space because the culture is so adaptable. If you're looking to advance quickly, it's a great place to be. If  you'd like to get your work done but have plenty of time outside of work for personal/family obligations,  you can make that work with your Eagle Hill career too.”
  • “If you enjoy a casual, small firm feel that provides a flexible work environment with an emphasis on  heavy collaboration and if you're comfortable with having diversity and inclusion initiatives being  interweaved throughout the firm, join EHC. If you're someone who wants to be in your suits and tie  everyday, like a strict corporate structure, could care less about D&I conversations, and like the idea of being part of a larger organization, then EHC is not the place.”
  • “Our personalized approach to solving clients' business problems delivers true impact and offers  sustainability long after we are done.” 
  • “There are mostly federal clients, yet the firm is very social, creative, and people-focused. It's a unique  combination. The firm is welcoming and supportive of all types of people and personalities, so there's opportunity for anyone to succeed. The growing pains of faster employee growth - more people in a  short amount of time - will be evident when the firm tries to scale its internal efforts, but the good far  outweighs anything negative. The firm is always trying to improve and listen to its people.”

Why Work Here

Why work at Eagle Hill Consulting? Let our people count the (unconventional) ways. You’ll find: we recruit for cultural fit, not just for the role. An empowering environment that encourages employees to present new ideas and see them through. A group of bright, diverse, and driven people from different backgrounds. Watch the video to hear more from the consultants who make Eagle Hill a welcoming, collaborative, and fun place to work.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates submit a resume, complete a career history form, complete a phone screening with a  recruiter, and complete a tandem interview with two employees. Some candidates also do a  competency interview with an employee. Our firm is looking for "A players," which are people who have  demonstrated a pattern of rising to the top of across their education and work experience, and people  who meet the core competencies for their role, such as a team building and collaboration, project  management, solution development, etc.” 

  • “Eagle Hill follows the TopGrading interview process. We look for driven candidates with strong solution  development skills who have a track record of success."
  • “Eagle Hill seeks experienced problem-solvers; even the most entry-level role at Eagle Hill requires  somewhere in the 2-3 years of prior experience range (with some rare exceptions). Eagle Hill is perhaps somewhat unique in the consulting market in that it welcomes "unconventional" backgrounds, meaning  that not all candidates are required to come strictly from consulting (though many do, including all hired  at mid-level and above). For those with "unconventional" backgrounds, Eagle Hill looks for aptitude in  behavioral competencies such as problem solving, collaboration, drive, and adaptability, assuming that  with the right foundation, the harder "consulting" skills can be acquired on the job.” 

  • "EHC was very responsive and timely with their responses after the phone and in person interview. It is  clear that they are seeking honest, dedicated, and diverse backgrounds when selecting candidates.  There are consultants with teaching, finance, real estate, data analytics backgrounds that provides a vast  scope of experiences and expertise that translates into excellent deliverables."
  • “Looking for general consulting experience with project management and change management. Ideal  candidate is someone interested in development and mentoring of others, as well as themselves. They  are strong problem solvers, that are comfortable tailoring approaches/workplans to create a unique  experience for the client.”
  • “The interview process was a large time commitment. A lot of support was provided by recruiters. Eagle  Hill is seeking diverse candidates with unconventional backgrounds that are interested in helping  organizations achieve their goals.”

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