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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Arlington, VA (HQ)


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Sarah McElwain, Recruiting Director

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Employee Reviews

  • “Different approach to consulting; young and vibrant, looks and acts different from other consulting firms and also truly cares about employees, their growth as employees as well as their work-life balance.”
  • “From a client's perspective, we are set apart from the competition by being unconventional. Our employee base is so unique and diversified in its experience, we have the unique ability to problem solve and offer solutions from multiple creative angles.”
  • “My firm is truly dedicated to its clients and employees. When it states that it has a goal, it gives its employees the time and resources to meet that goal. The flexibility and autonomy of this work from home position has given me my life back and I have not felt more balanced with any other workplace.”
  • “The commitment to work/life balance is amazing, especially compared to many other traditional consulting firms. They value their employees and know that having happy and satisfied employees makes them more productive and successful.”
  • “We have staff from all sectors and all backgrounds. There aren't just ivy leaguers or people from consulting backgrounds. There are folks from government positions, nonprofits, social services, law firms, art and music careers, and more. This makes our staff come to the table with innovative ideas and an understanding of ‘being on the other side’ of consultants.”

Why Work Here

Why work at Eagle Hill Consulting? Let our people count the (unconventional) ways. You’ll find: we recruit for cultural fit, not just for the role. An empowering environment that encourages employees to present new ideas and see them through. A group of bright, diverse, and driven people from different backgrounds. Watch the video to hear more from the consultants who make Eagle Hill a welcoming, collaborative, and fun place to work.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Eagle Hill does top interviewing and is very communicative during the interview and recruitment process.”
  • “Eagle Hill uses the ‘Topgrading’ interview style that walks each candidate through their entire work history, noting successes and failures throughout. Every Eagle Hill employee supports the recruiting team in serving on interview panels. The Topgrading process aims to expose themes in the candidate's education and work history. The ideal candidate we seek is first and foremost a good culture fit. We also seek candidates who have shown resilience, are solution-oriented, and are curious.”
  • “I believe this firm is looking for anyone that has high standards for themselves and is a culture fit (people loving). The interview process is at first a 1-hour call with a recruiter, then a thorough form to fill out (outlining all of the jobs you have held in the last 10 years), with a final panel interview that lasts about 2 hours. I was told that I got the job about 1-2 days after the final interview.”
  • “Our recruiting team works very hard to create a good experience for recruits. We are looking for people who bring strong collaboration, solution development, and relationship building skills, so they are able to successfully solve a variety of challenges our clients face.”
  • “The ideal candidate is a dynamic, open-minded person. Backgrounds at the company are far more diverse than competitors, with many new employees coming from fields such as education and international development.”
  • “Use an initial phone screen then move to a much longer tandem interview where we run through the entire work history over several hours with two interviewers. If necessary, there is then a competency interview if there are any questions from the Tandem Interview.”