ClearView is a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences field. With global experience across therapeutic areas and technologies, ClearView supports strategic decision-making and growth at the product, franchise, or corporate level across across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. ClearView's clients include a broad range of operating companies in the life sciences, from medical device and pharmaceutical companies to investors in the life sciences fields.

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 ClearView consultants take a tremendous amount of pride in the prestige of their firm in the healthcare and life sciences industry. The firm’s deep bench of subject experts and stellar commitment to quality differentiate ClearView from many of its competitors in the eyes of clients. While insiders do point out that theirs is more a strategy outfit than an operations-oriented firm, they’re quick to praise the caliber of colleagues with whom they work as well as the range of client projects, making for an exciting, challenging, and enlightening experience.

Particular emphasis is placed on the myriad professional development opportunities and the investment in education that a supportive leadership places in its people. While nobody seems to be in a hurry to l...

About the Company

 ClearView is a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences strategy field that provides advice and insights across four main areas of focus: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. Founded in 2007, the company has enjoyed exponential growth and is now well-established, with a steady list of clients and strong demand for its services.

The firm’s core strength is the specificity of its field: The needs of life sciences companies are unique and can't be served by just any consultant. The complexity of questions in the life sciences field requires consultants who understand the medical and scientific issues involved and their intersection with the business world. ClearView’s founding partners recognized a gap in the market and decided to create a firm based on their deep ex...

Employee Reviews

  • “ClearView is a great place to grow really quickly, gain robust experience across the life sciences space, and work with unparalleled colleagues in terms of their intelligence, motivation, and great spirit.”
  • “The corporate culture and potential for upward mobility, even for those without advanced degrees [are the best parts]. From a BD perspective, ClearView focuses heavily on strategic insights and strong client service, which has resulted in substantial repeat business that builds on top of new growth”
  • “You will get a lot out of the experience, but you have to be willing to put a lot in. The rate of learning is very fast, which is both a challenge and an opportunity, but you are supported throughout all of it.”
  • “Commitment to growing and leveraging deep expertise in the subject matter combined with strategic vision, allowing us to truly understand client needs and deliver meaningful outputs.”
  • “Amazing intelligent group of individuals working with top clients on the most interesting clients and being paid well for it.”
  • “We are consistently told by clients that we are different from other firms because we have a deep understanding of the science and can draw important implications from them.”
  • “The job is very demanding at all levels of the company. We try to protect the Analysts and Consultants as much as possible and managers do a pretty good job of striving for balance. However, given how in-demand our services are, it can sometimes put pressure on managers and leadership members in terms of achieving balance.”
  • “I think ClearView has really stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were given a stipend early on to help us set up our home offices, and have been given very clear guidance from the leadership team that they will do everything in their power to ensure that ClearView remains a safe place to work for everyone. Our team building group has also been hosting all sorts of events and sending out gifts to help keep morale up during work from home, which has been a really nice, human touch.”
  • “There are significant efforts at the firm to protect vacation time and to encourage individuals at all levels to take it. While partners may choose to work on their vacation weeks, the expectation is that junior members will not and they encourage that strongly.”
  • “We have gym reimbursement and healthy actions benefits through our health insurance, which are great perks. During COVID-19, the firm also gave every employee a stipend to outfit our home offices for the work from home period. I feel like ClearView has taken employee health and wellness extremely seriously during this difficult time, frequently conducting company sentiment surveys and creating work plans that keep employee health in mind. The long hours have been more difficult during the work from home period, as it's more difficult to separate home life and work life when they're in the same location, but my team leads have encouraged me to hop offline at the end of the day.”
  • “Wellness has been a greater focus in light of all-virtual working settings with COVID and continues to be something we invest time and resources into, as difficult as it is in an WFH world.”
  • “At the leadership level, we have the flexibility to take vacation days as needed but there is an expectation to stay plugged in at a minimum level to ensure you stay in touch with projects and clients. At the staff level though, we almost always honor vacation times and allow team members to unplug and work with their engagement managers and leadership members to ensure coverage and preparedness in their absence.”
  • “Best in class amongst our competitors. Escalation in compensation as you grow is unparalleled and leadership compensation is truly best-in-class, strong motive to stay and to grow through the growing pains.”
  • “The firm pays quite well outside of the large management consulting companies. Bonuses are good, and when tied with fast promotion tracks, people can earn quite a bit of money right out of undergrad or grad school.”
  • “Salary progression with promotion is fantastic. Everyone promoted to a level earns [the] same salary regardless of gender, race, etc.”
  • “Rapid salary progress and always hit or exceed target bonus.”
  • “Excellent parental leave policy -- 12 weeks paid time off for mothers and fathers, which is truly "unplugged" time to focus on family.”
  • “Best: bonus is pretty much guaranteed every year, compensation is comparable to other large and top-tier consulting firms Worst: compensation doesn't really match hours worked and what is expected of you (employees 1 year into the job are expected to drive entire workstreams, ghost documents, manage client relationships, etc.).”
  • “The company does an excellent job providing professional development and promotion opportunities for all team members. As long as team members are comfortable with feedback, always intended to help them improve more quickly, then they are set up for success within ClearView (and admittedly, beyond ClearView as well).”
  • “We have a true meritocracy at ClearView. If people are really quick to grasp the responsibilities of each level and role, they can be promoted very rapidly, as often as every six months in exceptional instances. On the other hand, if team members take a little longer to develop but are making steady positive progress, that's OK too! There are no promotion quotas, or very strict cohort-based promotions. You are evaluated individually based on your merits and it's as simple as that.”
  • “Leadership and the firm overall is very focused on supporting and maximizing career development opportunities for team members at all levels. We have a very strong/structured initial onboarding process and continue to offer mentorship and training opportunities on a continued basis. Leadership has also taken significant steps to supporting D&I Initiatives, including re-evaluating hiring / targeting approach and bringing in external consultants to create an action plan for improving D&I”
  • “Most who have left ClearView have left with great jobs - both with regards to pay and responsibility. Perhaps it's worth noting for any consulting role, they're mostly strategy focused vs. operational.”
  • “Every ClearViewer has a coach who is either part of the manager team or the leadership team, so we get direct feedback and guidance directly from those who know the business best. On top of the coaching opportunities, we also have amazing formalized training. The case training we experienced in our first week and the modules in week 2 really set us up for success, and the mentorship program for the first few projects really made me feel like I was able to get my feet under me without being ‘thrown to the wolves".”
  • “Meritocratic organization that recognizes talent and promotes based on those talents. Also, the extensive network creates a wide range of opportunities for a post-consulting career that is supported by the senior leadership.”
  • “ClearView does a great job with hiring and promotion of women throughout the organization, though presence at the leadership level is a little lower, it is very present otherwise, with women as some of the top performers at the company. ClearView this year also recognized their historical lack of efforts to truly target and retain minorities, and has undertaken significant efforts to remedy this at a cultural level with external support and shifts to our recruiting strategy.”
  • “ClearView has really stepped up with DE&I since the BLM protests raised corporate awareness of systemic racism in March. We have had external consultants in to evaluate our recruiting and promotion policies to ensure that we are doing everything we can to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at the firm, and have hosted many conversations to be transparent about progress that is being made on every front.”
  • “Though our firm has always been supportive of equal opportunities for employees regardless of race, gender or sexuality, we have made a big effort recently to lead the conversation around these complex issues. I'm optimistic that this will translate into real impact in the firm within the next couple of months.”
  • “The OUT LGBT diversity initiative…has significantly grown over the last year and has fostered a strong community where we regularly meet to discuss key issues affecting the LGBT [community] today as well as enjoy a social outlet with diverse peers. We interact broadly with the organization to educate team members on LGBT issues and history during Pride month and engage the team to join in lip sync contests as well as workshops on implicit bias to ensure a very LGBT friendly community internally. Our new efforts in diversity and inclusion for ethnically diverse colleagues, MOSAIC, is taking charge significantly this year to ensure an adequate pipeline of diverse talent and teams at ClearView and our WomenLEAD diversity initiative has a strong history to promote women in leadership roles. I'm proud of the growth and commitment ClearView has made to diversity and inclusion during my tenure at the organization.”
  • “While underrepresented by females among leadership, our promotion process is transparent and blind to gender. The firm has made a serious commitment to changing hiring and mentoring policies to increase and support DE&I”
  • “Incoming salaries are fixed for all new hires. Progression is very clearly defined and documented.”
  • “Best: We continue to maintain a thriving book of business in the COVID era and have adapted to our clients' needs remarkably well. Worst: While aggressive growth targets as a firm are fantastic, it inevitably leads to some growing pains as we increase the size of our firm.”
  • “I constantly receive positive feedback from clients regarding our projects and our leadership team always seems to be looking to grow and innovate. COVID-19 and working from home away from colleagues has undoubtedly impacted employee morale, but the firm is well-positioned to thrive and business continues to be strong.”
  • “The firm is receiving more projects than they can fulfill. This represents profound growth potential. However in the interim, there is a higher demand on current employees.”
  • “We have arguably been busier than ever with COVID - there is truly no shortage of demand for our services, we run near 100% capacity with a weeks-long waiting list for new project starts.”
  • “Continue to grow demand for business resulting and emerging positioning as best in class. Consistently win projects despite being higher price than competitors.”
  • “GOOD: No reduction in business in COVID environment. Proactive about forming internal working groups to discuss potential business considerations and impacts of COVID on clients over the summer and now have materials ready for project proposals. BAD: Employee morale is low among those in the analyst to senior consultant career stages who have at least 1 year of experience with the firm due to workload issues.”

Getting Hired Here


  • “An ideal candidate can structure a complex problem well, perform the quantitative analysis necessary for the problem, and communicate the findings.”
  • “One 45-minute phone screen followed by in-person interviews (two 45-minute, two 30-minute). The ideal candidate would be comfortable digging in to understand patient segmentation and treatment paradigm, and then using this information to develop contextualized strategic recommendations.”
  • “We are looking for someone with a strong science background who also has experience with business / finance. Someone who has interned in a business development role at a pharmaceutical company is a good example.”
  • “We seek driven candidates with high intellectual horsepower and curiosity who excel and framing and solving problems, particularly in a case-based setting. We also require candidates to have a strong history/experience and/or demonstrated interest in life sciences.”
  • “Pretty standard first round phone screen then super days. Ideal candidate has a strong life science content background and can apply basic scientific concepts. Can then also think strategically with a demonstrated interest in business.”
  • “Strong quant skills, science background, strong brainstorming. 5 case interviews, one phone screen and 4 in-person (now video conference) interviews.”
  • “What factors should a company consider in deciding which disease to pursue for clinical trials? What factors would drive or limit the uptake of a novel pharmaceutical product?”
  • “Our client is a small startup with one clinical stage asset in a rare disease. What is the addressable patient population and peak revenue opportunity? What are some potential barriers that our client may encounter as they work to bring this product to market and attempt to realize the opportunity?”
  • “How large is the market for X drug? What types of diseases should a drug with X mechanism of action target?”
  • “Market sizing and strategy for a new drug launch.”
  • “Typical pharmaceutical / life science industry case questions.”

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