Company Stats


Employer Type




101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Licensing and acquisition support


Major Office Locations

Newton, MA (HQ)


Employment Contact

Elizabeth Montgomery - Chief People Officer

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “ClearView is a great place to grow really quickly, gain robust experience across the life sciences space, and work with unparalleled colleagues in terms of their intelligence, motivation, and great spirit.”
  • “The corporate culture and potential for upward mobility, even for those without advanced degrees [are the best parts]. From a BD perspective, ClearView focuses heavily on strategic insights and strong client service, which has resulted in substantial repeat business that builds on top of new growth”
  • “You will get a lot out of the experience, but you have to be willing to put a lot in. The rate of learning is very fast, which is both a challenge and an opportunity, but you are supported throughout all of it.”
  • “Commitment to growing and leveraging deep expertise in the subject matter combined with strategic vision, allowing us to truly understand client needs and deliver meaningful outputs.”
  • “Amazing intelligent group of individuals working with top clients on the most interesting clients and being paid well for it.”
  • “We are consistently told by clients that we are different from other firms because we have a deep understanding of the science and can draw important implications from them.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “An ideal candidate can structure a complex problem well, perform the quantitative analysis necessary for the problem, and communicate the findings.”
  • “One 45-minute phone screen followed by in-person interviews (two 45-minute, two 30-minute). The ideal candidate would be comfortable digging in to understand patient segmentation and treatment paradigm, and then using this information to develop contextualized strategic recommendations.”
  • “We are looking for someone with a strong science background who also has experience with business / finance. Someone who has interned in a business development role at a pharmaceutical company is a good example.”
  • “We seek driven candidates with high intellectual horsepower and curiosity who excel and framing and solving problems, particularly in a case-based setting. We also require candidates to have a strong history/experience and/or demonstrated interest in life sciences.”
  • “Pretty standard first round phone screen then super days. Ideal candidate has a strong life science content background and can apply basic scientific concepts. Can then also think strategically with a demonstrated interest in business.”
  • “Strong quant skills, science background, strong brainstorming. 5 case interviews, one phone screen and 4 in-person (now video conference) interviews.”

Perks & Benefits