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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Antitrust and Competition


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Washington, DC


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Susie Chapman

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Employee Reviews

  • “At Bates White, you get to work with the smartest people in the business. The quality standard is unmatched.”
  • “Bates White is incredibly intentional with developing and maintaining its culture and this creates an environment where I am happy to go to work each day.”
  • “Bates White's culture as it pertains to mentorship and transparency is great. I have always felt like people at this firm are committed to mentoring more junior employees. Firm leadership is also usually transparent with decisions and able to engage in dialogue with the firm as a whole.”
  • “Economic consulting and economic expert witness work is intellectually rigorous and challenging, more so than I experienced while in an academic position prior to joining Bates White. The adversarial nature means that you need to defend your work against well financed and highly motivated experts. It can be stressful, but in the end is very rewarding.”
  • “The big thing that sets Bates White apart from competitors is the opportunities for advancement without an advanced degree. The firm puts a huge emphasis on mentorship because there are opportunities at the senior level for employees hired first year out of undergrad. This is not true at a lot of econ consulting firms and is a huge upside for anyone interested in moving up in an industry that is typically dominated by testifiers with advanced degrees.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “A candidate should be inquisitive, logical, and possess good communication skills. Any quantitative experience and background is also a huge plus for candidates.”
  • “First-round interviews consist of a case study and a set of behavioral interview questions. Then, some candidates are offered a second-round full day interview, with multiple case studies and rounds of behavioral interviews with different members of the firm. During the interview day, you'll meet people at different levels from consultant to partner. The ideal candidate is very comfortable with numbers and data and can think through economic problems. The lunch interview is evaluative. “
  • “I recently joined the firm and was impressed by their hiring practices. I had the opportunity to speak with many professionals in different departments in the firm to better understand the collegial workplace. During those interviews, I learned how the firm values honestly, integrity and hard work to deliver excellence to clients.”
  • “The firm genuinely just wants smart and interesting people. No matter the background, if you are smart you can learn and add value to whatever team you are on. Moreover, when spending many hours together working, having interesting and engaging people makes it easier and more fun!”
  • “The ideal candidate has strong quantitative skills, as well as a good writer, with a sincere interest in economics; is intellectually curious; is a great team player, willing and able to share their knowledge with others; is highly collegial; and wants to be part of a community, and help build a community, and not just go someplace to collect a paycheck; it's also someone who can take initiative. As people progress through the ranks, it helps to have an entrepreneurial streak so that you can contribute to the further growth of the firm.”

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