Economic consulting firms are generally known for the data-intensive and rigorously analytic nature of their work. While Bates White Economic Consulting is no different, the firm seeks to differentiate itself through its bright and passionate people. It’s a firm that invests heavily in professional development and building a close-knit, collaborative culture. Bates White is a good fit for jobseekers with an interest in finance and an aptitude for analysis.

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“Rigor” is the word we heard multiple times from Bates White consultants in describing the firm’s collaborative approach to economic consulting. Insiders consider their dedication to rigorous analysis and meticulously constructed insights to be a key differentiator for clients when choosing a firm. Bates White Economic Consulting is a boutique leader in the economic and legal consulting spheres, so ambition, pride in one’s work, and fierce intellectual horsepower are all essential for joining—and thriving at—this firm.

Despite the firm-wide adherence to a rigorous and thorough work product, the culture at the firm is one of deep camaraderie, mentorship, and interpersonal investment. At Bates White, your colleagues want you to su...

About the Company

Bates White is a mid-sized consultancy specializing in advanced economic, financial and econometric analysis. The company's professional staff-among them economists, econometricians, financial analysts, and IT specialists-help law firms, corporations, and government entities address complex matters that require sophisticated problem solving and deep empirical analysis.

Co-founders Charles Bates and Halbert White set the bar as high for excellence as they did for diversity. They created a culture where bright minds from diverse backgrounds work together to build strong, collaborative relationships with clients, within teams, and in the community." The firm is uniquely focused on the cultivation of diversity within its ranks. It regularly tests, implements, and evaluates initiatives aimed at the heterogeneous widening of the...

Employee Reviews

  • “Bates White does not abide by the "chew you up and spit you out" practice that so many other firms do. The firm is committed to nurturing and growing its talent from the inside, giving entry-level employees opportunities to hone their skills and rise through the ranks.”
  • “Bates White not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, in terms of creating a truly different work environment. It succeeds where many peer firms fall flat.”
  • “Bates White places a heavy emphasis on the ability for individuals to grow within the firm, rather than an "up and out" mentality. You can advance through management without a graduate degree, and the firm provides ample opportunities for individuals to get additional education while remaining at BW. The culture is very collaborative and supportive and there's a focus on supporting individuals rather than burning them out.”
  • “Rigor. We do things the right way and extremely thoroughly. We leave no stone unturned and come up with the best analyses…”
  • “The culture of mentoring and employee development is better than I could have ever hoped. Management places just as much emphasis on personal and professional development as they do on meeting client needs.”
  • “The people you work with make a big difference in your experience. Bates White has incredible people. You want them on your team when work needs to get done, and you want to get drinks with them afterward.”
  • "Bates White is incredibly flexible about where and when you do your work, as long as it gets done and done to the high standard we hold ourselves to. But, by the nature of consulting, there will be times with the work demands long hours, in the office. And there's only so much the firm can do to mitigate that."”
  • “The nature of economic consulting is cyclical and Bates White is no different. There are sporadic weeks that require long hours, but the firm does well to accommodate this with generous and flexible PTO. There are almost no travel requirements for consultants, which is a perk when working longer hours.”
  • “The firm's culture is unmatched. Coronavirus has only highlighted that more for me. It is clear that the firm is dedicated to everyone performing at their best, but also taking care of their families and other obligations.”
  • “Bates White makes every effort to create a healthy work-life balance for its employees. The average number of hours for junior consultants is 45-55 a week. If a case is "running hot" and the team is working many hours, the firm will try to make sure the next week or two is light on hours for that team. Travel is not required at the non-management level.”
  • “The firm provides on-site gym membership and partial reimbursement for wellness expenses. Also, the health insurance provides counseling and other benefits to promote healthy habits. There are yoga and other classes and the firm encourages staff to participate in team-building sports activities.”
  • “The firm gives consultants generous vacation time and encourages people to take that time. Sometimes it is difficult to schedule vacation, since deadlines often change, but people are typically willing to work with your schedule and help make sure you will not be working while on vacation.”
  • “I think compensation is competitive, although not at the top of the industry. However, I think that the places in which compensation is higher spend much less resources in mentoring, training, and developing staff's careers. BW has a firm equal pay policy and I am confident it is applied across all levels. I trust that compensation is based on achievement and contribution.”
  • “My firm's compensation package has been generous in its salary progression from year to year, and pays all of its employees equally. I am always pleasantly surprised by forums we have quarterly where oftentimes the management lays out its plan to share its profits with its employees, resulting in unplanned bonuses based solely on the firm's performance. There is always fresh fruit laid out in the work office, which I've probably used to great effect. At almost every firm event, we have has some form of refreshment, whether it be academic seminars, practice events, or ice cream socials to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.”
  • “Salary progression is rapid at the lower and mid-levels, and the firm recently adjusted them to be more in line with the rest of the industry. The automatic 3-5% contribution to 401(k) is great. Performance bonuses are somewhat opaque, and generally seem underwhelming relative to actual performance.”
  • “There are many parts and options in the compensation package, which provides the flexibility to select what is meaningful and most beneficial to each person but can be hard to keep track of.”
  • “The compensation structure changed fairly substantially last year and is now I think in line with the upper end of the industry average. This suggests that the firm is listening to the industry and concerns of employees.”
  • “I like how the firm pays everyone (senior consultant and below) equally regardless of race or gender. I also like how the firm has listened to objections regarding pay and made adjustments accordingly. I also appreciate the wellness reimbursement.”
  • “Bates White has many development opportunities and encourages employees to take advantage of them. There are technical training opportunities, such as online programs to learn coding languages and in-person trainings for consultants. The company also provides many opportunities to engage in a more academic setting, by hosting PhD seminars that anyone can attend. There are many structures in place to make sure that employees are receiving regular, detailed feedback and are connected to the firm's activities. Each employee has a sponsor, who is responsible for the employee's professional and personal growth while at Bates White.”
  • “The best aspect is the mentoring, which happens within teams and as part of the firm's sponsorship program. Sponsors are tasked with helping you navigate challenges at work, are especially useful for people just starting out their careers.The worst aspect is the geographic inflexibility. We only have one office in DC, which has significant benefits. But if you leave the city, you will likely also be leaving Bates White.”
  • “One factor that differentiates Bates White from other Consulting firms is the firm's organic growth model. Bates White places a high premium on developing its people and promoting from within. Unlike many firms where an entry-level Consultant's career may plateau after a few years, Bates White provides opportunities for those with only undergraduate degrees to advance into management - even to the partner level.”
  • “There are tons of internal opportunities for ""stretch"" roles that offer great development potential. From managing day-to-day operations of a team, to leading client communications, and more. Those opportunities mean that not only have I been able to improve my technical skills, but there has been a great opportunity to advance my soft skills as well. On the negative side, the often unpredictable nature of hours, and relatively high baseline means that seeking formal, external training can be difficult. Combined with the high share of PhDs, there is often no path for someone to continue to develop on the technical/statistical side of the work without pursuing a PhD full time. There is certainly a silver lining to both of these aspects -- the pay is very solid and consistent, and there is tremendous potential for managerial advancement (i.e., most employees who stay with the firm for 15+ years from undergrad hit management and/or partner instead of spending additional years developing the technical side).”
  • “There is huge emphasis on mentoring and training. Career opportunities are available and are very good. Senior management tries to develop people from within instead of bringing in people from the outside to high levels. Diversity is embraced and significant efforts are made to hire and keep people from diverse backgrounds, well beyond race or sexual orientation. Management works on keeping a good work-life balance; some people may think this is not the case but, for a large number of the cases BW works on, the timing and scope of the work is driven by courts and regulatory agencies, not by BW's management.”
  • “The firm devotes considerable resources to staff training, both through in-house teaching modules and trainers, and access to outside resources. There is also considerable on-the-job training from colleagues as a regular part of the day-to-day work. A lot of training occurs through the collaborative work atmosphere in the firm. The firm also has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. The firm's promotion process emphasizes merit, demonstrated abilities, and equity. It is in both the firm's interest and in staff's interest for the firm to promote staff when they are ready. As individuals are promoted to higher levels in the firm, business need is also a consideration.”
  • “On the subject of diversity, the firm has a women's network and a diversity and inclusion council. The firm aims to work with minorities and women and they seem to be given equitable treatment across the firm. At the consultant level and manager level, there are about an equal number of women and men. However, there is a lack of women and minorities in the highest levels of the firm.”
  • “The culture is inclusive, and it looks like promotion opportunities and mentoring are equitable from my limited experience. The firm needs to do a better job recruiting diverse young people, though.”
  • “Diversity recruiting is a major focus, but could use improvement. I believe the firm recognizes this and has several plans underway for doing so.”
  • “There are some internal communities and events that promote diversity and inclusion, including the women's network. However, like most of the economics field we remain very white and male. This lack of diversity is even more pronounced at the Partner and Principal levels.”
  • “There are many diversity interest groups and events that take place throughout the year in order to mentor those respective groups. Additionally, the criteria for promotion is clearly laid out, and the promotion process involves a wide range of employees such that it would be hard for one person to negatively impact the promotion process.”
  • “Bates White is extremely forthcoming in terms of diversity and inclusive policies. Everyone at the firm pays special attention to make sure no one feels uncomfortable or left out. Women are given an equal amount of opportunities!”
  • “Especially given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm very confident in my firm's business outlook. We continue to have new business coming in and the firm has made sure we can work remotely in an effective manner.”
  • “Even with Covid-19, the economic consulting industry broadly, and Bates White in particular, are not expecting much of a slowdown. While corporate client will pull back their legal budgets, our position with regulators remains strong.”
  • “The firm has done an extremely good job weathering the storm of COVID-19 thus far. In fact, we have been busier since the start of the pandemic than before it, and we expect that to continue. In terms of innovation, the firm is extremely innovative in terms of the analytical and economic arguments it puts forth in cases. In terms of technical innovation, we are making positive changes but have a ways to go.”
  • “The firm is extremely proficient at delivering its core product, economic consulting services, particularly in the context of litigation support. However, it may not be as innovative as other consultancies in creating alternate clients, services, and revenue streams.”
  • “With the entire world facing a recession due to Covid-19, we do not foresee significant reductions in the legal consulting work that is our bread and butter. There are, in fact, opportunities for us to acquire talent from businesses that are under more stress.”
  • “The firm is very well positioned in terms of upcoming casework; we are already above utilization targets and we have more work coming throughout the year. Employee morale is probably higher than average in the industry, given the amazing culture of the firm which allows flexibility and encourages work-life balance…”

Getting Hired Here

  • “For consultants, recruiters generally reach out to potential candidates after an initial application process. First, we conduct a phone interview with the candidate to ask a few general questions and conduct a short case interview. If this goes well, we invite the candidate out to visit our D.C. office for a full day of case and behavioral interviews. If we want to move forward with this candidate, we will call them to extend an offer and send them a full packet of information through the mail with more details on our firm and the work that they would do with us.”
  • “The ideal candidate has a strong background in a quantitative field (math, economics, statistics, etc.), bundled with great communication and qualitative skills."
  • “I believe the firm's ideal candidate is smart, thoughtful, and good at working in teams. The ideal candidate is excited and able to learn about a new industry and possesses the knowledge to analyze data and information about that industry from an economic perspective.”
  • “Interview process is very thorough and well designed. We usually call back within a week if we are interested in the candidate. An ideal candidate is one with excellent analytical and interpersonal skills.”
  • “There is a first-round interview, which consists of a technical and behavioral component, conducted on-campus or over Zoom depending on your undergraduate institution. The second round involves two, longer behavioral interviews and two, longer case interviews at the office. The ideal candidate is someone with great attention to detail, who is interested in data analytics, the legal environment, and learning as much as possible.”
  • “There is a Zoom interview with one case and some behavioral questions. The callback interview is onsite, and it consists of two case interviews, a few behavioral interviews, and lunch with two employees.”
  • “Based on information provided by the interviewers, analyze and interpret whether actions made by rival manufacturers can be attributed to cartel behavior.”
  • “Bates White interviews include a behavior component as well as a case interview. These case interviews are developed from real cases that the firm worked on.”
  • “Behavioral interview questions are routine, touching on past experiences and skills, as well as hopes for the future. Case interview questions are quantitative, and are based on cases that the firm has worked on.”
  • “Case interview: discuss the proposed benefits and downside to consumers of a potential merger.”
  • “Case questions are geared specifically to the types of casework we do, giving applicants a good sense of the issues we enjoy thinking about. We also design our cases to require good communication and collaboration skills, skills we value highly.”
  • “We evaluate candidates across multiple dimensions. We require them to be competent technically (i.e., knowledge of economics) as well as demonstrate that they are a good fit for the firm in terms of communication skills, being proactive, emotional intelligence, collegiality, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. My comments pertain to PhD recruiting, as I am only involved in that. I do not do undergraduate recruiting.”

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