Applied Value is a management consulting and investment firm that is focused on enhancing clients’ financial value and delivering lean, expedient growth solutions. Management consulting has been the firm’s core business since inception, but they also invest in other companies and maintain a strong commitment to social impact work. The firm provides the tools and knowledge to empower communities to achieve sustainable prosperity.

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101-500 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms for International Opportunities


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Management Consulting


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New York, NY (HQ)


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John Catapano, Vice President of Business Operations

Firsthand Findings

 “Incredibly hard working with a very high bar set for individual and company performance,” is how one Applied Value insider described the firm’s culture. In reviewing responses to our annual consulting survey, we found this sentiment to embody the entrepreneurial mindset that permeates the firm at a cultural level. From Day One, AV newcomers receive exposure to numerous opportunities for growth and responsibility. Everybody pitches in here on virtually every aspect of the business, as another respondent told us: “everyone, from entry-level analysts to the senior partners play an active role in the sales process…junior employees are encouraged to run their own campaigns, attend sales meetings, etc.”

A startup culture isn’t unique in the world of consulting, ...

About the Company

Applied Value was founded in 1997 by Bruce Grant and Jan Stenbeck as an action-oriented management consultancy focused on enhancing clients’ financial value and delivering lean, expedient growth solutions. Established on a combination of entrepreneurship and cost & capital efficiency, Applied Value operates from the belief that clients should see the highest return on investment from their engagement with the firm. 

“Tangible results” are a core value proposition of the firm. Applied Value only pursues projects where it can produce quantifiable outcomes. Management consulting has been the firm’s core business since inception, but the firm also invests in other companies and maintains a strong commitment to social impact work.

The Applied Value Way


Employee Reviews

  • “A commitment to firm culture, including twice a year off-sites with the whole firm for sole purpose of team bonding. The investment arm of our company creates a unique set of cross-over opportunities between consulting and private-equity.”
  • “We are a company that values each individual and wants them to succeed. You will get significantly more client-facing and sales experience than anyone else at your same level at other firms. We don't just say we value a good culture- it is upheld from the top with open lines of communication to all staff and a very flat organization. We also prioritize social responsibility, having many monetary and strategic partnerships with non-profits all over the world. Finally, because we have offices all over the world, you have the opportunity to work internationally and form friendships and work relationships with people all across the globe.”
  • “Outstanding leadership and early responsibility (external and internal) has led to a very steep learning curve and good career progression.”
  • “If you have an entrepreneurial mentality and want to join a firm that works with high profile clients on amazing strategy projects, then applied value is the perfect spot for you.”
  • “Incredibly hard-working with a very high bar set for individual and company performance - but everyone is extremely supportive and loves being part of the "AV Family." Significant responsibility very early on.”
  • “If you want an international experience, a lot of client exposure and early responsibilities - Applied value is the perfect place for you. We are looking for hungry, ambitious individuals with a growth mindset.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “AV wants curious, entrepreneurial candidates who truly care about the work because they love solving hard problems and being part of a team. The firm has done an outstanding job hiring talented and compatible candidates, and people will know during the process whether this is the place for them.”
  • “Ideal candidate is someone more entrepreneurial and have a "hustler" mentality, meaning he or she can find an answer in an ambiguous situation. The person has to be excellent inter personally, since the firm is doing a great job at selling based on relationships.
  • “Interview process consists of initial interview, math test, and a final interview with a case. Ideal candidate is well spoken, analytical and has a very entrepreneurial attitude.”
  • “Looking for someone with a passion to win, and goes above and beyond. We are a small firm and we want leaders who would be able to thrive in unknown territories.”
  • “Resume screen, numeracy test, phone screen, on-campus behavioral/typical consulting cases, final round cases / PE cases. The ideal candidate is sharp, comfortable and confident, and curious.”

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