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500 - 750


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Vault Law 100


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141 total (79 2Ls; 62 1Ls)


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  • “Lawyers here choose to spend time together outside of work, which says a lot given the hours we keep. People genuinely like spending time together while working or otherwise. As we transition back to the office, everyone is happy to see everyone else.”
  • “V&E's strength is its culture. We get together very regularly (lunches in office every Wednesday, dinners at partners' houses once a month, firm happy hours about once a week). The firm is trying hard to build back what we had pre-pandemic. The partners care and it shows.”
  • “Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. We do lots of firm sponsored dinners and happy hours, but I have never felt pressure to attend any social events. People are happy to take the time to answer your questions and just chat over coffee or lunch. If I am working late, I know the people above me are working later.”
  • “I find lawyers have a great rapport with the staff, including talent management, office services, and professional assistants. Day-to-day atmosphere is collaborative and friendly. People take great pride in their work product but do not take themselves too seriously.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Vinson & Elkins

"Having diverse teams in an inclusive environment at V&E means that we are able to leverage the power of different perspectives and ideas to provide the best solutions and service to our clients. With purposeful involvement from top leadership and active allies across our firm, V&E's inclusion efforts are focused on solutions that allow us to attract, retain, and promote the best and brightest lawyers. V&E's Chairman and Managing Partner are personally involved and oversee our global diversity initiatives, integrating inclusion into how we..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm looks for the best of the best. Grades and experience are at a premium, and our recruiters focus on diversity and inclusion as well. The University of Texas is a main law school, as well as all the top 14 law schools.”
  • “My impression was that the firm values people who value teamwork above any other factor, with a view that as long as people have appropriate foundations, they can train them the rest of the way as needed to reach partnership.”
  • “I think we're probably one of the more selective BigLaw firms in my market. We have a good reputation, so we can afford to be selective. I would say the large majority of our lawyers graduated in the top 30% of their class from primarily top 20 schools. Many of our lawyers were also on law review or took part in other prestigious activities. Although our lawyers tend to have good grades, I think the review of candidates is pretty holistic. Culture fit and interpersonal skills are important.”
  • “We are looking for well-rounded, driven, personable people eager to learn and work hard.”