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Vedder Price takes pride in client relationships that span decades, and the firm boasts prestigious practices like a globally renowned transportation finance group. Associates rave about diversity initiatives including WAVES for women attorneys. Nearly 300 attorneys strong, Vedder Price has offices in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington, DC. Primarily known for its corporate practice—especially its expertise in transportation finance—the firm also holds its own in the labor and employme...

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Vedder Price requires strong academic credentials but also values prior experience and personality traits like passion and entrepreneurship. While Vedder attorneys take their work seriously, they do leave some time for socializing with colleagues—just how much, though, varies by office and practice group. Associates agree that partners are respectful, and—overall—there is a decent amount of transparency, especially as to firm finances. Some wish there was more insight into internal promotion, which is a competitive process, especially given that partnership is one tier. Many associates believe partnership is possible but also note the requirement to bring in revenue from the start. Hours at the firm are generally reasonable—at times, work distribution can be uneven, but associates...

About the Firm

Nearly 300 attorneys strong, Vedder Price has offices in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington, DC. Primarily known for its corporate practice—especially its expertise in transportation finance—the firm also holds its own in the labor and employment and litigation practice spheres. 

Keeping Clients for Life 

Originally known as Vedder, Price, Kaufman & Kammholz, P.C., Chicago-based firm Vedder Price was founded in 1952 and today extends far beyond the Midwest. While continuing to grow its global reach, Vedder Price takes special pride in servicing its clients for the long haul—some Vedder Price clients have been with the firm since it opened in 1952.

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Associate Reviews

  • “There is a significant amount of socializing within my group (including group lunches, dinners, and other social outings). There are informal social events (e.g., lunches), semi-formal events (such as closing dinners), and formal firm events (such as Oktoberfest).”
  • “Cordial but not social.”
  • “I get together with my summer class about once a month for lunch/happy hour to catch up. The firm itself puts on events at least once a month as well, not including what our auxiliary groups do. For example, this month is ‘Ping Pong for a Cause’—a fun way for the firm to get together, have some fun, and make a small difference in the community.”
  • “Convivial satellite office environment that encompasses work hard/play hard. Expectations are high in terms of quality of work product and time committed to the job, but the colleagues are great and fun.”
  • “Associates and partners have a close and cordial relationship, at least within my group. While financials are not circulated to associates monthly, the firm president provides complete transparency during the annual associate meeting regarding firm financials.”
  • “Generally, the partners respect associates as colleagues. The firm is very transparent on the whole with respect to firm performance and finances and performance reviews. The transparency on internal promotion can vary based on practice group. Reviews are conducted bi-annually for junior associates and annually for mid-level and senior associates.”
  • “In general, the partners treat the associates with respect.  There are, of course, all different types of personalities, but on the whole associates are treated fairly.”
  • “I think it varies depending on the group, but I have a small group and I have daily interaction with partners. Each month, the associates receive an anonymous hours-worked report with averages and medians for the month and year to date. We also receive a daily cash log so we at least know how much the firm is receiving in accounts receivable each day. No year-end or other financials though.”
  • “As a more-senior associate, it's very flexible, and we try to be as flexible as possible with junior associates.”
  • “The hours requirements are not unduly burdensome, and a wide variety of interesting projects are available in my practice area. At least in my group, there is almost complete flexibility on location and timing of work so long as deadlines are met.”
  • “I feel I am given an appropriate amount of work and have flexibility in where and when I work, depending on the client's needs. Work is not always evenly distributed although it seems efforts are being made for better distribution of work.”
  • “[The] target is 1,850 hours; 2,000 hours [are required] to be eligible for a bonus [and]100 pro bono hours counts toward billable-hours. The firm encourages other non-billable work (i.e., business development), but it does not count toward billable hours.”
  • “The salary is market for the first few years. The bonuses are not "lockstep" and based on hours billed and performance.”
  • “Salary is good. It starts to deviate from Cravath scale at my year but given the tradeoff of work/life balance, it's acceptable.”
  • “I am very happy with my compensation.  I do wish that the firm were on the Cravath scale, but that is hard to do for any Am Law 200 firm.”
  • “I'm a high biller, so the merit-based bonus structure for senior associates benefits me. I have always felt fairly and highly compensated.”
  • “We try to staff deals leanly, so associates are given big responsibilities and have good opportunities to shine on deals. That said, we always have partners to fall back to if we do not know how to handle a situation.”
  • “Shareholders are good at varying the assignments I get. [I had] basic, fundamental assignments when I started off. Over time, I've received more complex assignments. The shareholders I work with have reasonable expectations. They understand expertise is developed over time and do not expect a second-year associate to have shareholder-level proficiency.”
  • “Very satisfied with the work provided—it is interesting, substantive, and work level appropriate. Partners are happy to dole out high levels of responsibility to associates that can handle it.”
  • “There have been recent efforts in this area, but I don't think widely adopted by attorneys.”
  • “We have a lot of discount programs for local gyms and resources to be healthy.”
  • “Continually improving and, in general, very supportive. More specific mental wellness programs would be useful.”
  • “The firm provides a variety of wellness initiatives, including counseling, exercise programs through on-site gyms, meditation training, etc. Partners encourage associates to look after their personal well-being and are very receptive to work from home and travel, so long as deadlines are met.”
  • “Formal training comes in the form of numerous CLEs. Additionally, training is done [on an] ongoing [basis] via being staffed on an active deal.”
  • “While the firm definitely has set up CLE's, meetings, and mentoring programs, I really think the firm most fosters learning by permitting junior associates to work on all aspects of all matters. The partners are mindful of junior associate status, and do not get angry at mistakes along the way.”
  • “Lots of formal training sessions; [the] mentoring program depends on individual effort after first year. Overall most attorneys are very willing to mentor more junior attorneys.”
  • “Very good firm sponsored CLEs. Individual mentoring is hit and miss.”
  • “Promotion to partnership is realistic, but one is expected to be a revenue producer upon elevation. There are very few other non-partner roles available for senior associates.”
  • “Senior Associates can become of counsel; however, I am not sure the requirements for this transition. I know that Vedder has alumni in in-house roles and other firms.”
  • “They have a shareholder track which you can reach after 2 years of employment and $200K of revenue. They also have an alumni program for those who leave the firm but want to stay in contact in case other job opportunities arise.”
  • “I believe I can make partner at this firm.”


  • “The last year has shown a definite increase in the commitment to pro bono work. The amount of work credited to billable hours was recently increased to 100 hours. In addition, there are two officewide programs that have gotten significant support—guardian ad litem for minors and assisting asylum seekers. I am unaware of anyone who has ever had a pro bono request denied.”
  • “There are plenty of pro bono opportunities if you have time for them, and the firm will actively reach out to promote opportunities.”
  • “This year, Vedder increased the number of pro bono hours that count toward the billable goal. Additionally, the firm has been forming connections with charitable organizations across the U.S. to foster opportunities for employees to volunteer their time.”
  • “The firm has a strong commitment to pro bono. The nuts and bolts of that commitment will likely improve now that each office has been put in charge of handling its own pro bono work.”
  • There are efforts being made to retain women, but retention seems to be very practice group dependent. Parental leave was recently increased this year. In the past couple of years, there has been a women's affinity group started and efforts are made to sponsor outside women's organizations. There seem to be issues retaining diverse candidates with respect to racial minorities.”
  • I am a minority attorney with the firm, and I feel the firm does a good job of creating opportunities for diverse attorneys.”
  • Vedder's WAVES program is a wonderful program for women in the firm, and the firm is clearly trying hard to increase diversity ... but it is going to be a long, hard road.”

Diversity at Vedder Price

"Vedder Price is committed to maintaining and enhancing a diverse workforce and inclusive work environment. Our attorneys and staff members are recruited, retained and promoted regardless of their race, color, religion, age, marital status, veteran status, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition or disability, or any other protected status under federal, state or local law. At the same time, Vedder recognizes its responsibility to actively encourage minority and diverse individuals to pursue..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our firm looks for top law students who have demonstrated academic success at a well-respected law school and show personal qualities (e.g., work ethic, entrepreneurship, and commitment to excellence) that fit with the firm culture.”
  • “I think experience is what the firm most looks for. What did you do before law school or before Vedder that will set you up for a good career here?”
  • “We are not so focused on feeder schools but rather look for associates that have a passion for the practice and who are willing to learn and work hard.”
  • “Law school is important, but the firm does look at the overall individual and how they would fit into the firm's culture.”
  • “Lateral associate integration could use some work—felt very disconnected to other associates who summered.”
  • “Tell me something about yourself that isn't on your resume.”
  • “Why do you want to work here? What draws you to this practice area?”
  • “Questions are conversational seeking to determine goals, ‘fit’ with the firm, and ability to communicate in general.”
  • “They asked the general background questions. You meet with different departments. It was a two-step process for me. They ask about the types of cases that you have worked on and try to gauge your experience or lack thereof in a particular area of law.”

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