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Total No. Attorneys (2021)

150 - 250


No. of Partners Named (2021)



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No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2020)



No. of Summer Associates (2021)

14 (10 2Ls, 4 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $180,000

Associate Reviews

  • “We've all heard the phrase ‘nice guys come in last.’ Well, Robinson Bradshaw is the firm where nice guys (and girls) come in first. It's where the pleasant, the polite, the courteous, and the kind come to practice law. If you're a ‘take no prisoners’ type looking to squash anything in your path to partner, this isn't the place for you.”
  • “Our firm is very focused on building and maintaining a community among the lawyers, staff, etc. The firm sponsors regular social events (firm-wide dinners, the annual all-attorneys retreat, various summer associate events, group lunches, happy hours, etc.) and many of the attorneys hang out with each other outside of work as well. Even during the pandemic, the firm was very intentional about planning virtual and socially distanced social activities.”
  • “I started during the pandemic so it is hard to assess this. The first-year cohort is pretty close. I do not socialize much outside of work because of COVID-19, but if I do it is usually with one of my colleagues. (We have also done a virtual game night.) The firm also has coordinated specific pandemic-modified programs like a virtual book club or hikes. I feel like I interact with staff regularly. The staff are incredibly useful for clueless first years. They take the time to explain software/programs/processes and I feel like I have grown close to a few staff members that I hope to interact with more post-pandemic.”

Diversity at Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A.

"In 2019, Robinson Bradshaw experienced significant achievements and engagements related to diversity and inclusion. Highlights of these include: -The firm welcomed back Stephen Young of Insight Education Systems to present "MicroInequities Part 2: Sustaining the Impact" to all attorneys. In March of 2017, Stephen presented "MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias" to the firm. Presently, a subcommittee of the firm's Diversity and Inclusion Committee is working on an internal follow up presentation. -The firm..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Robinson Bradshaw looks for candidates with strong academics, and most candidates that receive interviews are in the top five to ten percent of their class. Judicial clerkships are also considered desirable, but are not necessary.”
  • “This firm hires the top students from the top schools. The firm recruits mostly at regional schools in the south—Duke, UNC, Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest—because those students are more likely to want to be in North Carolina. Excellent academic performance is a prerequisite. I can identify at least three or four associates who graduated summa cum laude from top schools; a number of associates clerked at the Federal Circuit and district levels; etc. But grades are not everything, and the firm seems to place more of an emphasis on ‘fit’ than most. When I interviewed for a summer associate position I believe I interviewed with 25 different attorneys, so clearly the firm wanted to make sure a broad range of its attorneys felt comfortable hiring me (and the other summer associates) and that I fit into the firm's culture.”
  • “Robinson Bradshaw is a lifetime firm. Folks come as summer associates and then stay for 40 years. If you're smart, kind, and collaborative, you'll be a good fit. If you're looking to make the highest salary in the shortest period of time and then transition out of law firm life, Robinson Bradshaw is not the spot for you.”

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