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Founded in 1958, Reminger Co., L.P.A. is a full-service firm with 14 offices located throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. In its 60 years, the firm has grown from a two-man practice to more than 140 attorneys. Reminger’s areas of specialization have also expanded from its original focus on civil litigation to include corporate/business, transactional, and probate/estate matters. 

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Vault Verdict

Reminger puts a premium on candidates with the right personality—the firm wants associates who fit in with the firm’s work hard, play hard culture. Attorneys are a collegial bunch and consider co-workers to be genuine friends, so social hangouts aren’t uncommon within practice groups, classes, or firmwide. Compensation is treated as a confidential matter, and, overall, associates believe it is fair. There is no billable requirement at Reminger. Associates still bill plenty of hours, but feel lucky to have flexibility in when and where they work, as well as colleagues who are willing to help each other out during busy times. The work is interesting, and assignments are wide ranging, from managing cases to working on smaller, discrete tasks. Learning takes place on the job—associate...

About the Firm

Founded in 1958, Reminger Co., L.P.A. is a full-service firm with 14 offices located throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. In its 60 years, the firm has grown from a two-man practice to more than 140 attorneys. Reminger’s areas of specialization have also expanded from its original focus on civil litigation to include corporate/business, transactional, and probate/estate matters. 

Kings of the Road

Reminger has its roots in transportation; its original practice area was transportation defense, which caters to trucking companies and their insurers. Over the past 60 years, Reminger has grown this practice into one of the premier transportation practices in the country; the firm has been continually recognized on a national level by U.S. News and World Report. ...

Associate Reviews

  • “This is a work hard, play hard firm. We work very hard, but we couldn't be better friends. I could not work with better people. We socialize very frequently as an office.”
  • “There is usually, at minimum, a monthly get-together. Socially, every lawyer in my office is very personable and approachable. Politically, there is a good mix of both sides. The firm is professional, but on non-court days lawyers dress down, [and it] is nice to not have to wear a suit every day.”
  • “Specific departments (e.g., probate litigation) and 'classes' (e.g., associates, clerks, partners) get together as groups fairly often. The firm meets for a holiday party. During partner meetings, the associates are invited to have dinner together. Firmwide, everyone has an opportunity to attend events that the firm sponsors, attend sporting events, etc.”
  • “We are close knit and make opportunities to socialize outside of work whether it be a happy hour, golf outing, or professional sports game; we enjoy each other.”
  • “Vast majority of partners treat the associates exceedingly well.”
  • “My partners are truly my friends.  They treat me as their equal in all respects. Firm transparency is better than many firms but not 100% transparent to associates. One area where improvement is needed is transparency about what it takes to make partner. Our performance review process is informal. Each year you meet with the managing partner for 10 minutes and he tells you how you are doing and gives raises/bonuses. At this firm, if you are not doing well, they let you know.  …”
  • “Work very much ebbs and flows. When there is breathing room, I am comfortable taking time off or taking partial days. … As long as the work is done and billed, there's no excess pressure to meet unreasonable standards. I do not feel like they are trying to extract all of the work possible from me, regardless of how it would affect me. Several partners remind me to take time for myself and often check on my capacity before assigning new work. It also helps that the associates will step up and cover for one another.”
  • “Having enough work is not an issue. Having too much work is often an issue. We work a lot of hours, but we get great experience. We have considerable flexibility in where/when we work.”
  • “There's no billable requirement. There are goals of billable amounts—actual dollars—and management is aware if you spend extra time on a case that results in no fee (contingent) or work that is beneficial but not billable (CLE presentations, article writing).”
  • “All compensation is confidential and from what I have seen is looked at holistically—consideration is given to experience, types of cases, amount billed, generating business, and participation in CLE presentations, article writing, etc. Bonuses are offered two times/year based on performance and the health of the firm. There are also opportunities for small bonuses for article writing, CLE presentations, trial victories, etc.”
  • “I am compensated very well for my level of experience and this market. I work very hard, but I am paid fairly to do so. Bonuses are a little weak, but that may be just because they know total compensation is top-notch.”
  • “I think my compensation is fair and I am very pleased with it and with [the] bonus received at end of year.”
  • “Work is extremely varied which keeps things interesting. I handle cases from start to finish, and I handle many cases by myself, but I have some cases I work jointly with partners as well. Workload is anything and everything relating to defending civil lawsuits.”
  • “I work on various types of litigation cases, and the variety is nice.”
  • “I practiced for seven years before my role here, so I started right away with ‘real’ legal work—taking and defending depositions, drafting pleadings and motions, appearing at pre-trials, and a full jury trial all in the first seven months.”
  • “This is a ‘figure it out,’ ‘baptism by fire’ firm. That said, you can ask any question any time and others will do their best to help you. There is no formal training. This is very much on-the-job training but it is very effective for those who can handle the independence.”
  • “No formal training. However, partners will generally allow you to tag along to learn and allow you to attend simple hearings, meditations, etc.”
  • “There is limited formal training at the onboarding process in my experience. However, the firm is very open door, and you can ask questions of other associates and partners at any time. Partners and older associates work to include new hires at bar association meetings, etc., and make introductions inside and outside of the firm.”
  • “Attorneys here have an open-door policy and readily answer questions.”
  • “Promotion to partnership is very possible. The firm truly wants to make every associate a partner. I am confident that with the experience I am getting, I am highly marketable and could transition to another firm easily if I wanted to, but I don't.”
  • “Yes, partnership is realistic. I am not aware of other non-partner roles or ‘exit opportunities.’”
  • “I feel very certain that I will have the opportunity to make partner within 2-5 years of my hire date.”

Diversity at Reminger

"Reminger Co., LPA understands the importance of diversity, and is committed to promoting and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment. We firmly believe that having a diverse work force enhances not only our ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients, but also our profession and our community. In our efforts to fulfill our commitment to diversity, we have established a committee dedicated to implementing initiatives to recruit attorneys from all backgrounds. Our commitment does not stop at the hiring process; we..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “We seem to interview quite a few people. ‘Fit/personality’ are what gets you in the door. [Having a strong] work ethic, getting along well with others, being a team player, and building client relationships [are] what enables you to stay here.”
  • “[We look for] experience on the trial advocacy team, with strong writing abilities.”
  • “I cannot recall general [interview] questions, but topics include how best to get results (i.e., trial and litigation, but also alternative resolution, negotiation, creative solutions), focusing on leadership and working independently (e.g., not being afraid to do the work, make the phone calls, get the information, and then review with the partner) and being willing to do more than ‘just the work’ (e.g., participate in the bar association, serve on community boards, do CLE presentations, etc.).”
  • “Mostly about practice area interests and personality questions to see if they are a fit in the culture.”