Reminger is a full-service, growing litigation firm founded 65 years ago, with 15 offices in the Midwest and South and over 150 attorneys across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. While the firm originally focused on transportation, it has expanded to serve clients in a range of areas including real estate, corporate, business, tax, estate planning, and probate disputes. They also offer year-round law clerkships in lieu of a traditional summer associate program.

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150 - 250


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Vault Verdict

There is a congenial, non-competitive atmosphere at Reminger—although, as everywhere, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on the usual social interactions. Partners have an open-door policy and associates feel supported and encouraged, with informal mentoring and constructive feedback readily available, although some would prefer more transparency around finances and promotion. The firm is flexible about how the billable-hour requirement—which is considered reasonable—is met, and associates feel that workloads are distributed evenly and they are allowed flexibility in whether they work in-office or remotely. Compensation is considered fair in light of the workload, and the work given out is substantive and generally appropriate to an associate’s experience level. Technology and...

About the Firm

Founded in 1958, Reminger Co., L.P.A. is a full-service firm with 15 offices located throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. In its 65 years, the firm has grown from a two-man practice to more than 150 attorneys. Reminger’s areas of specialization have also expanded from its original focus on civil litigation to include real estate, corporate, business, tax, and probate and estate planning matters. 

Kings of the Road

Reminger has its roots in transportation; its original practice area was transportation defense, which caters to trucking companies and their insurers. Over the past 65 years, Reminger has grown this practice into one of the premier transportation practices in the country; the firm has been continually recognized on a national level by U.S. New...

Associate Reviews

  • “Relaxed and congenial day-to-day atmosphere with an open-door policy; firm sponsored socialization was more prevalent pre-COVID, but not so much currently.”
  • “It's been a strange year-plus. Minimal interaction during 2020-2021. Normally the occasional lunch, either at a restaurant or brought into the office, with dinners around the holidays. Mostly, interactions are kept to office hours.”
  • “Everyone is friendly and supportive. It is definitely not a competitive environment.”
  • “There has not been firm sponsored socialization since I started, but I started during the pandemic. It is my understanding that there usually is frequent socialization.”

Diversity at Reminger

"Reminger Co., LPA understands the importance of diversity, and is committed to promoting and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment. We firmly believe that having a diverse work force enhances not only our ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients, but also our profession and our community. In our efforts to fulfill our commitment to diversity, we have established a committee dedicated to implementing initiatives to recruit attorneys from all backgrounds. Our commitment does not stop at the hiring process; we..."

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