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Total No. Attorneys (2020)

150 - 250


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Top 150 Under 150


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Major Office Locations

Boston, MA (HQ)

Associate Reviews

  • “In general, attorneys socialize frequently; the firm hosts summer and holiday parties and many summer associate-oriented events that involve other attorneys at the firm. Associates tend to be pretty close to each other, even across departments, since the summer classes tend to be fairly small (typically 5-10 associates). I think it's seen as somewhat unusual for an attorney (even a partner) to not be involved with department or firmwide social events.”
  • “The firm socializes frequently together—there are weekly ‘wine downs’ for all lawyers to attend.”
  • “Attorneys at Nutter genuinely like spending time together. Nutter hosts weekly socializing events for attorneys, and the firm gathers for lunch in the Nutter cafe daily.”
  • “Very pleasant environment. I love the people I work with and most people at the firm are friendly and kind and collegial. I think the environment is unusually positive for a law firm.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “In general, I think the hiring committee really focuses on personality and qualities like prior work experience rather than simply looking for top 10% from top 30 schools or some metric like that. Associates who do well tend to have positive ‘can do’ attitudes and demonstrate a willingness to attend client and civic/charitable events. …”
  • “We hire mainly from the local Boston schools, looking for candidates with strong grades. Personality fit is a very important component.”
  • “’Why Nutter?’ is a very important question.”
  • “[Topics covered during the interview include] prior work experiences or interesting internships/seminars at school or during college; hobbies; whether and why they are interested in a particular practice area or department; whether candidate is really focused on Boston as a long-term home and job market; whether candidate is looking for mid-size firm rather than BigLaw (often hard to really discern since most smart interviewees will simply say that Nutter is their top choice).”