Nelson Mullins employs attorneys, policy advisors, technical specialists, consultants and other professionals who work in more than a dozen locations across the U.S. The firm practices in more than 100 practice areas, including banking and financial services, corporate and securities, cybersecurity, employment, estate planning, health care, insurance, litigation, technology, white collar, and more. Pro bono is ingrained in the culture of Nelson Mullins, and since 1990, the firms’ lawyers have contributed more than 622,000 hours to...

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Total No. Attorneys (2021)

750 - 1K


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Best Law Firms in the South Atlantic


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No. of Summer Associates (2021)

70 total (46 2Ls; 24 1Ls)


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South Carolina

Vault Verdict

Nelson Mullins seeks candidates with the full package: good grades, prior work experience, extracurricular involvement, diversity, and the right personality. Each office tends to recruit heavily from local law schools. The culture is collegial, and while socializing often occurs within smaller teams, the firm provides plenty of office-specific and firmwide events to bring everyone together. Associates feel respected and valued by partners. While there is very open access to some information, such as financial performance and hours, some management decisions are more opaque—including bonuses, promotions, and staffing decisions. A major point of commentary is the firm’s collections policy: To achieve a bonus, associates must meet a collections goal—i.e., the amount actually paid by ...

About the Firm

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough is a southern gem—the firm is among the Top 20 firms in both Vault’s Best Law Firms in Atlanta and Best Law Firms in the South Atlantic. But its reach goes much further than the South Atlantic—the firm’s attorneys, policy advisors, technical specialists, consultants and other professionals work in more than a dozen locations across the U.S., including the Carolinas, as well as in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. 

A Family Firm Blossoms and Booms

Nelson Mullins was founded in 1897 by Patrick Henry Nelson II in his home state of South Carolina. Nelson was a major player in the South Carolina legal industry, including serving as member of the South Carolina House of ...

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm has a hard-working but collegial culture. The firm is divided into ‘teams’ and you typically work closely with your own team. The great thing about the firm is that everyone works hard, but also finds a way to sneak in some fun. The firm has events throughout the year that brings the firm together on a national scale. Each location also has their own, individual ways to encourage comradery. For example, the Baltimore office has ‘Happy Hour’ every Thursday evening to give the office time to decompress and socialize with one another.”
  • “The firm has been described as typically Southern. I would say that the vibe is congenial. Socially, lawyers in my office regularly get coffee or meals together during work days and sometimes grab drinks after works. The firm holds welcome events for new attorneys and has a budget for welcoming new and visiting associates/partners.”
  • “Most of the attorneys here are easy to work with. The associates and younger partners informally socialize in small groups at least once a week, but there are not many firm-organized social opportunities.”
  • “The firm is very collegial. We have a few officially sanctioned parties or happy hours a year, but many lawyers go to lunch or happy hour together informally. Politically, the firm is reputed to be more liberal than most in South Carolina, but it has a good mix of viewpoints and most people keep their politics to themselves. Professionally, the firm provides structure and you can stay in your own lane on your team if you want, but it also encourages people to work across teams and develop your own work flow. You are not forced into a particular lane.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

"Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough's success as a law firm is dependent on our maintaining a steadfast commitment to inclusive excellence, with our professionals enjoying equal access to the best opportunities for their professional development and growth. Correspondingly, we are committed to achieving and maintaining robust diversity in all aspects of Firm life, where we value a wide array of backgrounds, characteristics and life experiences among our professionals -- including those associated with race, gender, age, ethnicity/national..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “This firm is all about ‘fit,’ and it recognizes that going to a ‘big-name’ school does not mean you have the ability to generate business or even be a good attorney. I think the firm values work ethic, diversity, personality, and prior work experiences beyond anything else. Yes, grades matter for those entering the summer program, but at the end of the day, the question is always ‘can you do the work?’”
  • “In my experience, there is heavy focus on academic performance (and/or previous work experience) and personality (culture fit) with regard to associate recruiting. Preference toward top tier law schools. Diversity is always a focus as well—it comes into play when determining the applicant pool, and my observation is that it’s a plus-factor (rather than a determining factor) when evaluating candidates and making a decision.”
  • “The firm's Columbia office regularly attracts the top talent at the University of South Carolina School of Law (located in Columbia). This is true of our other offices across the country, which select the top candidates from surrounding law schools. The firm weighs a candidate's grades, journal experience, clerkship, and diversity heavily during the recruitment process, and with respect to making the decision of whether to ask a candidate back for a second summer, also closely examines the candidate's performance over the previous summer.”
  • “While grades and school/community involvement [are] important and highly considered, we care a lot about the person. We are looking for individuals we want to work with based on personality fit.”

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