Morgan Lewis has branched out from its Philadelphia roots to build a global network of lawyers in 31 offices, reaching from Boston to Singapore and San Francisco to Dubai. Practicing across the energy, financial services, health care, life sciences, retail, sports, technology, and transportation sectors, Morgan Lewis has a diverse range of experience. The firm has four core practices: corporate, finance, and investment management; IP; labor, employment, and benefits; and litigation, regulation, and investigations.

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Total No. Attorneys (2021)

2K - 2.5K


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Vault Law 100


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78 total (63 2Ls; 15 1Ls)


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Vault Verdict

Top credentials are key to landing a spot at Morgan Lewis, but the firm wants more than a shiny resume—past work experience and diversity of experiences are important to the firm’s hiring. Candidates should prepare thoroughly for behavioral questions. Life at Morgan is fast-paced, with associates taking on substantive work and client contact. But it is also a collaborative, friendly culture where socialization is encouraged—even on Zoom during the pandemic. Partners are approachable and eager to mentor developing associates, and the firm is not hierarchical. Associates appreciate how transparent the partnership is with them, including when it comes to firm financials. Associates work long hours, but they have flexibility to set their work schedules, and they generally feel work is...

About the Firm

Morgan Lewis has branched out from its Philadelphia roots to build a global network of lawyers in 31 offices, reaching from Boston to Singapore and San Francisco to Dubai. The firm’s strengths include litigation, labor and employment, employee benefits, intellectual property, energy, investment management, structured transactions, and a variety of regulatory areas.

Philly Roots, Global Presence

Morgan Lewis was founded in Philadelphia in 1873 by Charles Eldridge Morgan, Jr., a Civil War vet, and Francis Draper Lewis, a cotton merchant’s son. Ten years later, Morgan and Lewis hired Morris Rex Bockius, who became a driving force behind the firm for nearly four decades. In the early 1880s, the firm’s fortunes soared when it acquired United Gas Improvement Company as a client; the company ...

Associate Reviews

  • “Extremely collaborative—partners are never afraid to bring others with relevant expertise in to consult on a case (and the partners asked are always willing to help, even where they will not receive personal credit). Day-to-day, everyone is incredibly friendly. Although [it is] a very large firm, people say hi to each other in the hallways, even if they do not actually know each other well.”
  • “Well-rounded and friendly, but intellectually sharp and dedicated to the practice. We have regular social events, both at office and practice group levels. Lawyers and staff are equals at Morgan Lewis—we are all ‘in it together,’ and everybody acts like that.”
  • “In the online environment, there is an emphasis to still engage. My firm has several networks you can join that try to meet monthly. My practice group has a weekly happy hour on Fridays, which is a good way to pop your face in and say hello and decompress with fun stories. There is an emphasis to schedule virtual coffee with fellow associates and partners you work with, or even those outside your practice group.”
  • “The firm's culture and community is very collegial and diverse. The day-to-day atmosphere is fast-paced and energetic. Lawyers and staff work together as a unit focused on providing excellent client service to the firm's clients.”

Why Work Here

Our Firm

At Morgan Lewis, our greatest strength is the company we keep. If you want to be an exceptional lawyer with superior legal skills, a collaborative spirit, and a commitment to advancing the legal profession, we invite you to learn more about Morgan Lewis, where working collaboratively is in our DNA.

Our talented lawyers know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That supporting and appreciating individuals is necessary for team success. That our clients value insight, empathy, and trustworthiness as much as legal advice. We are motivated every day to harness our collective power to deliver exceptional service to our clients around the globe. 

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Diversity at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

"At Morgan Lewis, we take an innovative, accelerated approach to diversity, inclusion, and equality. Our commitment to D&I is on display in how we recruit diverse talent and the initiatives we have developed to retain and advance this diverse talent pool. Firm Chair Jami McKeon's 2018 election to another five-year term means we are again the world's largest law firm led by a woman, and will be woman-led for a decade. As one of the very few women leading a major law firm, Jami-with four children and firsthand experience balancing..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “For my office, at least, the pedigree of a student's school is less important that a person's attitude, drive, and just good personality. Academic credentials are obviously important, as everybody here is incredibly smart and ambitious, but we want to work with people that we can get along with! Communication skills and people skills seem particularly important.”
  • “I think our firm looks for candidates that have a strong work ethic and value teamwork.  I think the law school attended, grades, law review, clerkships, prior work experience, personality, and diversity are all factors the firm takes into consideration.”
  • “Morgan Lewis is focused on attracting the best talent to the firm. Law school grades and writing skills are a focus of the hiring process, but, more importantly, the firm values diversity in experiences and backgrounds. And, while the firm does hire a lot of candidates from T14 law schools, law school ranking is by no means a dispositive criteria.  …”
  • “The firm takes a sensible approach to hiring, and seems to value experience and maturity in candidates. Credentials are important, but hiring attorneys are also interested in what lateral candidates have done.”

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