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1 - 50


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Bala Cynwyd, PA

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Associate Reviews

  • “People at the firm are friendly with each other, but interactions between associates/counsel are limited due to the nature of the firm (remote) and work (small projects, usually involving one partner and one working attorney). It takes special effort to get to know other associates/counsel, which is fine, but it's just not very social.”
  • “Even though we are virtual, people often communicate by email and Teams. The firm has social events online and even send fun packages to use during the social events. The attorneys also have an interest in helping each other succeed. It is not a competitive environment.”
  • “The virtual firm setting does not allow for much social interaction. We have routine attorney lunch and learn sessions and routine firm retreats. While my overall experience with the firm has been generally positive, it can be slow and sometimes difficult to get to know people when all interaction is by teleconference where it is hard to gauge how people are reacting and responding to you.”
  • “Highly professional yet friendly environment with limited to no politics. Bi-monthly socialization via Zoom during the pandemic. Mostly interact via phone, text/e-mail, or Zoom calls.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I think former BigLaw associates specializing in patent prosecution and/or litigation are what the firm looks for. I did a mix of patent prosecution and litigation before joining, with a heavier emphasis on litigation. The firm was willing to train me to do prosecution!”
  • “The firm maintains a well-curated roster of top-tier associates/counsel. The hiring process was fully remote, in keeping with the remote nature of the firm. Law school, science background, and personality/fit were probably the key factors.”
  • “The firm requires that new hires have a science background since that is the kind of work we specialize in. They tend to look for experienced hires but do occasionally hire people with less experience and even some folks with just a science degree.”

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