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  • “Very professional, friendly environment. Everyone is respectful and nice, but also fun. We are pretty social, especially in the Miami office.”
  • “There's lots of social activities at your option to join. You can be as involved as you like. There are very regular office meetings, office lunches, office training seminars and … firmwide meetings and trainings where you can interact easily by Zoom. It is a very social office/firm culture.”
  • “My firm has the ideal mix of social culture—there is room to be social and also no expectation that individuals will be forced to be social. I speak to other associates, partners and staff on a daily basis, but boundaries are respected by all. Professionally, I think the firm works hard to provide trainings and development opportunities on a regular basis, and each partner I have worked with has taken an interest in my career.”
  • “Open, friendly, intellectually demanding.”

Why Work Here

Kobre & Kim is an international law firm focused exclusively on cross-border disputes and investigations. With offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin islands, in addition to U.S. offices in Miami, New York, DC and San Francisco, Kobre & Kim continues to live up to its reputation as a go-to firm for complex cross-border dispute resolution. Many of our attorneys have local legal knowledge and our team fluent in more than a dozen languages. Though we are a global firm, we are committed to maintaining a close-knit and team-oriented atmosphere where attorneys from each of our offices work together to provide clients an integrated advocacy team that addresses all aspects of cross-border matters. 

Getting Hired Here

  • “Extremely competitive. K&K only hires fourth-year [or later] associates, there's a writing test, friends of the firm don't automatically get hired, etc.”
  • “Writing sample requirement and multiple interview rounds—generally need top law school and clerkship experience or something unique—only hires mid-levels.”
  • “The firm's hiring process is rigorous. It includes multiple rounds of interviews and a writing test. The firm values smart lawyers from good schools, self-starters, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

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