With around 250 lawyers operating out of 10 offices across the U.S., Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP is a litigation powerhouse. The firm handles virtually every kind of litigation and represents clients across myriad industries, including financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, real estate and hospitality, technology, and transportation.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)

150 - 250


No. of Partners Named (2020)



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No. of Summer Associates (2020)

9 total (8 2Ls; 1 1Ls)


Base Salary

Class of 2022 and 2021: $215,000Class of 2020: $225,000Class of...


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Vault Verdict

Joining the Kasowitz Benson Torres team is competitive – the firm primarily recruits from T-14 schools and schools in the NYC area and candidates should have a strong interest in litigation, prior work experience, and a collegial personality. From informal happy hours to firm-sponsored events, the attorneys are cordial and enjoy each other’s presence within a laid-back environment. Partners are easily accessible through their open-door policy and the associates feel their input is truly valued. Transparency from firm leadership into promotion, financials, and performance is opaque, but improvements are under way. While the associates say the billable hour requirement is high and workdays can be long, the firm tells us the formal requirement has been discontinued. In any case, asso...

About the Firm

With 250 lawyers operating out of 10 offices across the U.S, Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP is a litigation powerhouse whose lawyers have extensive trial experience representing clients as both defendants and plaintiffs.

Firm with a Mission

Kasowitz launched in 1993 in New York, when Marc Kasowitz, Dan Benson, and Hector Torres formed a litigation shop to tackle high-stakes matters efficiently and with innovative litigation strategies. The founders’ vision was to create a firm that offered a client-driven approach while also embodying a non-hierarchical, collaborative atmosphere among its lawyers. Today, the firm’s three name partners continue to work actively with the next generation of partners to lead the firm in its client matters, diversity initiatives, associate development, and more...

Associate Reviews

  • “High level of interaction between associates and partners, both in and out of the office. Can be high stress but senior attorneys care about the wellbeing of junior attorneys. Good environment for staff; fast paced but strong, open working relationships between attorneys and staff.”
  • “Everything is pretty diverse despite the firm's smallish size. I have made real friends at the firm and we see each other outside of firm hours! Day-to-day is virtual mostly, but people coordinate coming in on certain days so we all get socialization.”
  • “Many lawyers, from senior partners to junior associates, go to formal events sponsored by the firm, such as first-year associate welcomes, summer associate welcomes, the holiday party, etc. Attorneys who are friends or work together also go to informal drinks and dinners. Nobody will penalize you for not going.  All of this is pre-COVID. Post-COVID, this culture still exists, there just hasn't been a full back to normal yet.”
  • “Notwithstanding the challenges presented by COVID, the firm has maintained its strong collegial atmosphere/culture. I have never felt turned away in the event I needed to pick up the phone and call an associate or a partner to discuss case issues, or just to check in on how they were doing.”

Diversity at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP

"Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP believes that a diverse and inclusive work environment is central to our mission to provide the quality of service our clients expect. The firm's Diversity & Inclusion Committee strives to recruit and support a diverse team of attorneys, and to integrate our diversity initiatives into the professional development of all lawyers. The Committee also ensures the firm promotes a collaborative culture in which every person, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability,..."

Getting Hired Here



  • “Kasowitz does on campus recruiting at T-14 and strong regional law schools, but we collect resumes broadly and our attorneys come from many law schools. The key is being personable and interested in litigation. Moot court, clinics, and prior exposure to litigation are viewed favorably, as are clerkships, though clerkships are not required to succeed here.”


  • “The firm hires from top national law schools and other NYC area law schools (although the firm's recruitment from these schools seems to be declining). A genuine interest in litigation and a good personality that fits with the culture of the firm are the most important credentials—the firm is looking to hire the type of people you want to have around when working long hours.”
  • “....The prestige of the law school helps too, but a strong interest in litigation (and a CV and transcript that indicate this) are musts. Thus, prior work experience is super important and personality––the firm doesn't like to hire people who can't mix well with others! They like to hire really collegial and congenial folks.”