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2.5K - 3K


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84 total (65 2Ls; 19 1Ls)


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Associate Reviews

  • “It is a very collegial environment. As a law student, I was attracted to Hogan for its reputation for ‘nice’ attorneys who care about their coworkers and who are interested in mentoring. That has absolutely been my experience.”  
  • “The firm is fairly social, creating opportunities for attorneys to interact socially. People are pleasant and generally show an interest in each others' lives and interests. The firm makes an effort to create opportunities to socialize (even remotely), though participation can vary. …”
  • “The daily atmosphere at Hogan Lovells is respectful, supportive, and positive. The DC office is huge, but it is the type of place where everyone says hello and is warm and friendly, despite seniority or familiarity.”
  • “The firm's culture is great. They don't try to be extreme in any one category (social, political, professional). There's a good mix of social events for younger associates, but there's also no pressure to attend them if you'd rather go home and take care of your family or have a life outside of work.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Hogan Lovells

"Overview & Strategy Diversity and inclusion play essential and integral roles in achieving our goals as a global law firm. With over 3,000 lawyers operating out of more than 50 offices in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States, we celebrate the wide range of cultures, backgrounds and histories represented by the people who work at Hogan Lovells. We are proud of our diversity record, particularly our recent achievements in laying the infrastructure to ensure increasing diversity and..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Although my firm is competitive, it is possible to get an interview or an offer if you market yourself well and you show a passion for a particular practice area. The T-14 definitely is well represented here, but the firm does a lot of hiring from local law schools as well (most of which are not T-14).”
  • “Hogan Lovells recruits from top schools as all top firms do, however, the firm places great emphasis on recruiting those who would be a good cultural fit—collegial, collaborative, and willing to learn. Diversity is also an important consideration, as the firm makes meaningful efforts to recruit from traditionally underrepresented law schools.” 
  • “For mid- to senior-level associates, the firm's hiring process really focuses on the substantive experiences you've had to date and what your goals are within the firm—e.g., make partner. Further, the firm is particularly interested in personality fits—not only whether you will be a valuable addition to the team, but whether you'll be a good teammate/enjoyable to work with.” 
  • “We are looking for candidates who understand the nature of the firm and are interested in joining Hogan Lovells specifically. In many cases, that interest is in the international work the firm does. The New York office hires heavily from New York schools, but overall the firm hires broadly.”

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