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Hall Estill is a full-service firm with 150 attorneys in five locations, having come a long way from its roots as a Tulsa oil and gas firm. With 70 practice areas, Hall Estill’s experience is extensive, but it's no surprise that it continues to excel in the energy and natural resources space. Associates here appreciate the perfect combination of complex legal work along with a laid-back culture. 

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)


No. of Partners Named (2020)


Base Salary

1st year: $100,000...


No. of U.S. Offices


No. of International Offices


Major Office Locations

Bentonville, AR...

Vault Verdict

Oklahoma-based Hall Estill focuses largely on hiring students with good grades—ideally from local schools—who fit the firm’s hardworking-but-laid-back culture. Attorneys socialize fairly frequently, both at firm-sponsored events and on their own. Associates and partners get along very well, and associates appreciate the level of transparency firm leadership offers them. Hours are tolerable and often flexible, and Hall Estill attorneys are well accustomed to working on sophisticated matters. Associates believe their compensation is fair, too. While there isn’t a ton of formal training, associates are happy with the level of informal training and mentorship. Associates note that wellness efforts could stand some improvement and additional buy-in. Attorneys appreciate the firm’s cont...

About the Firm

Hall Estill has decades of experience serving clients from its Midwest and a variety of practices, from corporate to energy and intellectual property to real estate.

Born of Oil

In 1965, John Williams of the Tulsa energy giant Williams Brothers Company called Harvard Law grad Walter Hall and asked him to put together a team to represent the company. Williams Brothers did not have a legal department at the time and needed representation for its purchase of the Great Lakes Pipeline. Hall recruited other attorneys in the Tulsa area, including John Estill—the head of the Sinclair Pipeline operations in Tulsa. Ten years later, when Williams spun off the pipeline division, Hall took over as CEO. By that time the firm bearing his name was one of the largest and most successful in Tulsa.

Vault Rankings

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm has multiple social gatherings a year where all offices can get together and socialize. There are also informal gatherings throughout the year. The culture is laid back for a firm of this size, but still professional.”
  • “Hardworking, collaborative culture.”
  • “I believe the firm has an excellent culture. There are frequently events which both partners and associates attend, and everyone has a good time. There are also firm-organized opportunities, such as the holiday party and receptions hosted at the firm.”
  • “Associate/shareholder relations are great. All of the shareholders I work for value my opinions and insight. The firm is mostly transparent, although associates are not privy to everything.”
  • “Generally, associates are treated with respect by partners. I believe the firm is very transparent in its handling of performance and finances, internal promotion, and performance reviews. I have not had any negative experience in any of these regards.”
  • “Shareholders treat associates very well and are always willing to help and teach. Hall Estill values its associates and invests time and money into their training in order to make them the best they can be. The firm is fairly transparent when it comes to reviews, with reviews happening twice a year, and associates get monthly analysis for their productivity, revenues, and write-offs.”
  • “Although there is not a significant amount of formal training offered at the firm, I believe the informal training I have received via mentorship negates the need for such formal training. I would absolutely prefer to continue the process of mentoring rather than receive formal training.”
  • “There is not a lot of firm-sponsored training, though the firm does cover all CLE courses/credits, and attorneys are encouraged to stay up to date on continued learning opportunities.”
  • “I greatly appreciate the flexibility I have regarding when I work. I feel that attorneys within the firm generally distribute work evenly and have not had a problem finding work when necessary.”
  • “Work assignments are generally unstructured, and work is given as needed. I don't often find it difficult to meet monthly billing requirements, nor do I find that I am overly worked.”
  • “1,800 hours minimum. Only client work counts.”
  • “Associates are compensated very well. Current compensation levels are consistent with top-tier firms in [my] legal market. Bonuses and salary adjustments are awarded based on the quality of work produced and the number of hours worked.”
  • “I believe the compensation I receive is fair according to my billable hours. I have not felt overly pressured to increase my billable hours to an unreasonable level in order to deserve the compensation I receive.”
  • “I do spend most of my time on substantive legal work appropriate for a second-year associate. Drafting, researching, compiling factual data, and prepping for litigation are all part of my daily work assignments. Being heavily involved with the Real Estate practice area, I have done several transactions myself and have been encouraged to work on harder cases with shareholders.”
  • “I fully feel that partners trust me and give me complex legal projects to work on that are on or beyond my level. I am often given matters to handle solo with partner oversight.”
  • “The firm offers financial incentives for having and going to the gym. It lacks in other areas of wellness, but currently, a Wellness Committee is being formed to address this.”
  • “The firm provides a great health insurance package, but does not do much in regards to counseling, meditation or nutrition education.”
  • “Promotion to partner is a realistic goal for all associates in the firm, although there are other non-partner roles to which senior associates can transition, including of-counsel and special counsel roles. Additionally, I am aware of a few associates who have exited the firm to take coveted in-house jobs at large corporations.”
  • “Promotion to partner is very realistic to those who want it, and the firm encourages people who want to move up it seems.”
  • “I am still a very young associate, but I am well positioned to move into a more ‘senior associate’ role. Partnership is available after seven years of associate-level work, so I still have a long way to go, but that is certainly how the firm views their associates—potential shareholders.”
  • “Very receptive and tries for diversity”
  • “For the market and industry we are located in, I feel that the firm is diverse. The firm also places importance on diversity in its hiring decisions.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I believe the firm strongly considers grades and prior work experience in hiring summer associates. After that point, I believe the focus shifts to work product and personality, especially whether the summer associate is a good fit with the firm's culture.”
  • “We recruit nationally but focus locally. The University of Oklahoma and The University of Tulsa are the two most heavily recruited schools. The firm wants great students, of course, but there is a heavy emphasis on cultural fit. The firm wants people that want to be here. They want people that are pleasant to be around, treat others with respect, and work hard. Journal experience, good grades, work experience, ties to the community, personality, etc. They are all important.”
  • “Typical interview questions, but expect to be asked, at least in the Tulsa office, about why the applicant is interested in Tulsa. We want people drawn to the community, or ideally, are connected to the community in some form or fashion.”
  • “Why did you go to law school? What kind of law do you want to practice? Where are you from? Why did you pick this firm? Why do you want to stay in this town? What kind of experience did you have in your prior position?”