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With its one and only location in Los Angeles, Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP is a full-service firm with nearly 100 lawyers. Among the areas the firm covers include bankruptcy, corporate, entertainment, environmental law, and private wealth services. The firm is well known for its work in the entertainment sphere. You'll probably recognize a few of these client names: James Cameron, Vin Diesel and One Race, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise, Riot Games, the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien, Marvel Entertainme...

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Vault Verdict

Greenberg Glusker’s hiring process can be competitive, as the firm is looking for people who will fit in well with its culture—though a good GPA from a top school certainly won’t hurt candidates’ chances. The firm’s culture is very social, with frequent opportunities to bond with coworkers, including a very popular “Friday Night Drinks” at the firm every week. Associates and partners have very positive relationships, with an emphasis on mentoring. The hours at Greenberg Glusker are reasonable, in part because partners are mindful when distributing work. Many associates believe that the work-life balance is a good tradeoff for the below-market salary, as most associates are satisfied with their pay. The work is substantive and training is robust, including a well-developed culture ...

About the Firm

With its one and only location in Los Angeles, Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP is a full-service firm with nearly 100 lawyers. Among the areas the firm covers include bankruptcy, corporate, entertainment, environmental law, and private wealth services.

One and Only

Greenberg Glusker was founded in 1959 by three California lawyers, with a focus on developing strong client relationships. The firm has remained true to this initial vision and continues from its California base, operating under a one-office model. But while the firm has eschewed geographic expansion, its reach is global. Greenberg Glusker relies primarily on lateral growth in building its ranks. 

From Entertainment to Real Estate—and Dozens More

Associate Reviews

  • “Lawyers at Greenberg Glusker are smart, kind, inclusive, and progressive. The people here genuinely like and care about each other, and attorneys are proud of the firm's unique culture. Every Friday evening, attorneys catch up over snacks and drinks at an in-office happy hour. Additionally, there is an annual firm retreat and an annual ski trip.”
  • “Lawyers frequently socialize together both inside and outside of the firm. We have firm happy hours and Friday Night Drinks where we can relax with one another and catch up.”
  • “It is a very collegial firm. We have attorney-wide lunches every Monday and attorney-wide drinks every Friday at 5 p.m.”
  • “The firm’s lawyers socialize at least twice a week if not more. We organize lunches [and] happy hours. People genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together.”
  • “My experience with partners at this firm has been extremely positive. Partners have been kind [and] respectful and willing to teach. Reviews happen semiannually.”
  • “Partners as a whole treat the associates well. The firm tries to be transparent, and the Associate Committee meets with the managing partner often. We then have all-associate meetings with the managing partner. Reviews are conducted twice a year with the department head.”
  • “Excellent relations. Partners show associates respect, and there is no tolerance for a lack of respect at the firm. The firm makes a strong effort to be transparent, but, of course, there is room for improvement.”
  • “Associates tend to be well respected and value, including very junior associates. Partners mentor and guide associates, and many partners and associates are friends socially. In-person performance reviews are done twice a year; associates are asked to do self-evaluations at year end. Financial performance and partnership-track factors are not widely publicized but are made readily available if requested.”
  • “The billable-hours requirement is very reasonable, and the firm gives enough flexibility as to where and when to do the work as long as you do it timely. A good effort is made to distribute the workload among associates to keep everyone busy.”
  • “The practice group leaders really make an effort to understand associates' workloads and to give them work when they need it—or to get someone to help if they are drowning.”
  • “As a first-year associate, I feel I'm assigned an extremely manageable amount of work. There is a HUGE emphasis on work-life balance at this firm, and I don't feel pressure (nor do I perceive more senior associates feeling pressure) to work to the point of burnout.”
  • “We have a target for full-time associates of 1,800 hours. All pro bono work counts towards the requirement, and most other opportunities (such as writing) count as well.”
  • “I am content with our compensation, and I feel like it adequately matches up to our billable requirement.”
  • “Our compensation is fair in relation to our hour requirement, but bonuses are very unclear.”
  • “We are not at market, but our target hours are lower than many firms, and you can still get a bonus if you don't meet the target.”
  • “The nature of the work assignments is quite satisfying. We are tasked with very substantive work.”
  • “[I] rarely feel like I’m asked to do busy work. The work I'm tasked with on the whole feels substantive and important.”
  • “I feel like I do substantive work on a daily basis.”
  • “We have weekly wellness activities for everyone at the firm, including meditation and exercise classes.”
  • “We have a full-time ‘community organizer’ who puts on various events for not just the attorneys, but the entire staff. It has generated a lot of camaraderie in the firm.”
  • “The firm offers a variety of wellness programs and [they are] actively supported.”
  • “Partners take their duties as mentors and trainers very seriously. They see it as training the next partner at the firm, probably since the firm has been around for so long and so many partners have been spent their careers here. For being a midsize firm, there are a fair amount of formal training opportunities too. We have GGU (Greenberg Glusker University), which has classes led by partners [and] a GGU website with tutorials, and the firm is very willing to send us [to] third-party CLEs.”
  • “You are assigned a mentor when you join the firm. There are also plenty of opportunities to develop informal mentors.”
  • “I feel that promotion to partnership is a realistic goal. In general, turnover rate at our firm is low because people are happy here.”
  • “Yes, promotion to partnership is realistic. It is more realistic to make non-equity partner, as you need a book of business to make equity, and that can be hard to attain in the first decade of practice.”
  • “Promotion to partner is realistic. Exit opportunities are also possible.”
  • “The firm encourages each attorney to perform pro bono work and has long, close relationships with a number of nonprofit organizations.”
  • “The firm gives full billable credit for pro bono work, but it seems like more attorneys could seize this opportunity.”
  • “We are trying to focus on improving our diversity. The firm is aware it has room for improvement, so we have hired a consultant to come in and do an analysis as to what we are doing and what we could do to improve.”
  • “We need to do more to foster diversity.”

The below associate quotes are derived from Vault's Annual Associate survey, which took place from late January 2020 to early April 2020. In our survey, Vault asks current junior-level associates to reflect back on their experiences as summer associates, which provides a valuable perspective on how well a summer program prepared summer associates for life as associates. The following insights are from first-, second-, and third-year associates regarding their time as summer associates, and not based on the experiences of the 2020 summer associate class.

Why Work Here

At Greenberg Glusker, we profoundly subscribe to the belief that our workforce is our most valuable asset, and we pair that belief with action to ensure that our team members feel both valued and supported. Between a comprehensive benefits package, on-site fitness classes and wellness workshops, diversity events, and philanthropy opportunities, the Firm offers several programs to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of its workforce. Additionally, the Firm provides many social opportunities throughout the year, helping team members to connect across levels and departments. We are proud to have been included in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Most Admired Law Firms to Work For list and to have landed at #1 in Wellness in Vault’s 2021 Quality of Life rankings for our efforts.

Diversity at Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP

The Law Firm Diversity Profile contains the firm’s self-reported responses to the Vault/MCCA Law Firm Diversity Survey, an annual survey conducted by in partnership with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. Detailed demographic breakdowns of the firm’s attorneys by level, race, gender, LGBTQ and disability status offer a valuable statistical overview, while descriptions of its diversity programs, initiatives and strategic plans provide a comprehensive portrait of the firm’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Getting Hired Here

  • “We have a fairly structured process for a firm of our size, involving OCI and callbacks. We get really top-notch candidates and make good hires—although it can be tough to compete with the larger firms.”
  • “Our firm generally hires candidates from top 25 schools who are in the top third of their class, focusing on UCLA and USC. Personality is an important factor.”
  • “The firm considers law school, grades, [and] personality as the most important.”
  • “A strong GPA gets you in the door (3.5 or higher generally), but fit is ultimately most important.”
  • “What do you do for fun? What did you do before law school? Why Greenberg Glusker?”