Respected in the mid-Atlantic and beyond, Gibbons is a place for tackling substantive work—and making a mark with pro bono opportunities. The firm handles high-profile corporate transactions but is best known for its litigation department. Gibbons is home to 200 lawyers and a collegial culture that is flourishing at a firm stacked with former clerks.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)

150 - 250


No. of Partners Named (2021)



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Best Law Firms for Integration of Laterals & Clerks


Base Salary

1st year: $155,000


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Vault Verdict

Hiring is competitive at Gibbons, with a noted preference for attorneys with clerkship experience. Candidates should be prepared to answer why they want to be a Gibbons lawyer, as well as field personal questions meant to ensure personalities will work within the firm. The firm’s culture is collegial, with partners, associates, and staff all working well together. Pre-pandemic there were consistent efforts at socialization, including firm and practice group happy hours. Associates are happy with their partner interactions and the associate-partner relationship dynamic, which includes informal mentoring. Substantive work is available to all, and most feel it is equitably distributed—with a partner in charge of workflow to assist if needed—despite work being a bit slower during the ...

About the Firm

One of New Jersey's largest firms, Gibbons is a standout in mid-Atlantic, middle-market dealings. The firm has handled high-profile corporate transactions in both the public and private sectors as well as major litigations throughout the country. 

A Strong Constitution

In 1926, World War I veteran and Harvard Law graduate Andrew Crummy founded a law firm in Newark, NJ, and spent the firm's first decade concentrating on tax law and corporate governance and reorganization cases. Over the decades, the firm has expanded its locations and experience to become the firm now known as Gibbons. Beyond Newark, Gibbons has opened offices in New York; Philadelphia; Trenton; Red Bank (NJ); Wilmington; Washington, DC; and West Palm Beach.

Litigation &a...

Associate Reviews

  • “Prior to COVID, the firm frequently had social events firmwide, within practice groups, and for associates. The atmosphere at the firm is collegial and family-like. The attorney[s] and staff work well together.”
  • “This has certainly been a different year than most, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, socializing has always been pleasant [and] regular, but not terribly pressured. The culture as a whole is positive and decent. People like working here and get along.”
  • “This question is hard to answer due to the slowdown in this type of activity because of COVID-19, but I do feel like the firm has made an effort to still keep these types of activities up to the extent possible with the appropriate social distancing measures in place.”
  • “Prior to COVID-19, the firm had quarterly happy hours for associates, partners, and staff. We also frequently grab lunch and hang out outside of work.”

Diversity at Gibbons P.C.

"The Gibbons Diversity Initiative (GDI) promotes inclusion both at the firm and throughout the legal and business communities, particularly with respect to women and minorities. Gibbons is, and has been since our founding in 1926, headquartered in Newark, a city with a dynamic, diverse population from which we have always drawn a significant portion of our employee base. We have, therefore, always been aware of the distinct value diversity brings to a workplace. Diversity provides valuable perspectives, cultural competence, and talents that..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm strongly considers lawyers who have high level clerkships (federal court and appellate courts).”
  • “[The firm gets] so many applications because [it has] the best reputation a law firm can have in New Jersey, so we have a very competitive hiring process and ultimately always get the best possible talent.”

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