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Oklahoma City, OK

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  • “The culture is friendly, hard-working, professional, and kind. Lawyers often interact—most everyone has an open-door policy. We don't socialize a ton outside work (mostly because people have families they want to spend time with). But I expect we'll socialize more outside work now that we're in the new office.”
  • “It's a very collegial environment, and among the (if not the) most professional among Oklahoma-based law firms. As Tulsa has revitalized its downtown, the firm, and the younger lawyers at the firm in particular, have made an effort to get together socially more frequently, rather than retreating to their homes away from downtown. It does not happen on a weekly basis, perhaps once a month, attorneys (mostly younger) get together informally, and then there are firm-organized social events one or two times a month that are usually well-attended by staff and by most of the attorneys. The firm also has had a long-standing weekly luncheon at a local dining club that's well attended, although whether that will continue after the firm's office move is unclear. Staff really buy into the firm culture. Many of have been here a long time and seem to take a great deal of pride in being part of GableGotwals.”
  • “In comparison with other legal organizations I've been a part of, GableGotwals best provides a balance between ample opportunities to socialize without making it seem like a chore. The lawyers at GableGotwals enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow attorneys, but respect the out-of-work interests and obligations that their colleagues have.”
  • “It is family oriented and flexible. The firm is very willing to accommodate your needs—remote work, non-traditional hours, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize with other attorneys and staff. I believe everyone is friendly, and I have not had any unprofessional or inappropriate interactions with anyone.”

Diversity at GableGotwals

"In 2019, GableGotwals made significant strides with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including piloting its "ViewMaster Series," which enriches the perspective of Firm attorneys and staff by inviting a community member with a diverse perspective, traditionally underrepresented in the legal landscape, to share a meal and a conversation with a small group of Firm members. Guests of honor in the pilot program included business leaders from the LBGTQ and African-American communities, the vice-president of a local energy company who..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process focuses on primarily top students from Oklahoma-based law schools, although for an Oklahoma firm GableGotwals has a significant number of attorneys from highly-ranked, out of state law schools.  The firm looks for top of the class type credentials—excellent grades, journal experience, etc. Diversity is increasingly a factor as well. The firm looks for candidates that want to make a career here. The firm only hires a few associates, so there's not a practice of hiring numerous associates with the expectation that some just won't pan out. Because of that, the firm looks for candidates with ties to the area.”
  • “The firm seeks high quality candidates. A person's success in law school is important. The firm also wants someone that will be enjoyable to work with and that works hard. While the firm recruits heavily locally—University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa—the firm also makes an effort to recruit from law schools across the country. The firm encourages summer associates to do judicial clerkships and then join employment at the firm as an associate once they complete their clerkships.”
  • “I believe that the firm is looking for candidates with excellent academics and unique backgrounds. While academics are the most important portion, work history and personal experiences help to distinguish candidates as potential employees who can interact with co-workers and clients.”
  • “Firm looks for recruits with strong academic credentials and good personality. We want lawyers who are accurate, efficient, enjoyable to work with, and add unique perspective to firm and client issues. Diversity is important in the hiring process. We often hire from local schools simply due to proximity, but we regularly get interest from students all over the country who have ties to Oklahoma.”

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