Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2022)

50 - 100


Featured Rankings

Top 150 Under 150


Base Salary

1st year: $205,000


No. of U.S. Offices



No. of International Offices



Major Office Locations

New York, NY

Associate Reviews

  • “People at the firm are extremely personable—not necessarily overly social (and certainly not fratty)—but generally nice people and good communicators.”
  • “The firm is social—it is small, but everyone knows each other. The associates get together to socialize often.  Lawyers and staff often work closely, as matters are leanly staffed.”
  • “We have a fantastic, extremely collegial, and supportive group of attorneys. We have firmwide cocktail hours twice monthly, trivia nights quarterly, and associate-only events once every month or two (we are expanding the number of events now that office life is coming back after the pandemic, though even during the pandemic, we socialized virtually, including trivia nights and events like cocktail making classes). A number of us are also friendly outside of work-sponsored events (think birthday party invitations, dinners, etc.) On a daily basis, there is a lot of interaction—now that we are back in the office, it's easy to pop by someone's office to discuss a case, to vent about an adversary, or just to chat about life. The interactions between lawyers and staff are collegial—many of the staff have worked at the firm since its inception in 1986 and are like family to the firm.”
  • “Most people keep their doors open and are fine with drop bys. Attendance is picking up again following COVID, although lawyers are not required to be in the office any number of days. There are periodic firm and associate events, which are generally well-attended, and informal gatherings on a regular basis.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “Most of our candidates went to top law schools (Stanford, Harvard, Yale, NYU, and Columbia are the most represented), and most also clerked at the federal level. Given our size, personality is also very important—we want someone who will be a good fit for our firm's collegial environment.”
  • “Our firm hires from large, selective firms. We are very competitive and seek highly driven young lawyers who are able, willing, and excited to be given significant responsibility at a junior level, and can handle the responsibility. Our lawyers tend to come from the most selective, competitive large law firms.”
  • “Hiring is competitive. We hire only experienced lawyers (from other firms or clerkships).”
  • “Seems like the firm prefers its associates to have BigLaw experience and/or clerkship experience. All associates are incredibly qualified.”