Dechert is a global firm, but its collegial culture seems to create a sense of close community. The firm encourages attorneys to participate beyond billables, offering a “STARS” award and bonus for contributions related to diversity and innovation.  In the United States, the firm is known for its work in antitrust, international arbitration, financial services, life sciences, strategic transactions and private equity, litigation, white collar, product liability, real estate, and securities.

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Total No. Attorneys (2021)

750 - 1K


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Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2021)

40 total (38 2Ls; 2 1Ls)


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Base Salary (2021)

Vault Verdict

While each Dechert office focuses its hiring efforts on a slightly different pool of law schools, one thing all candidates must have is a friendly personality. The firm is quite social and has made an effort to maintain its culture with virtual events throughout the pandemic. Partners are respectful, and associates truly enjoy working with them. Firm leadership offers up information about firm performance and financials, but some associates note a lack of transparency into promotion decisions. Reviews take place twice per year. The billable-hour requirement is 1,950 hours, which keeps associates busy, but they feel it is reasonable—they also love that 200 hours (often more) pro bono hours count as billable. Associates are very satisfied with their pay, but a few wish bonuses weren...

Firm's Response

In all we do, we aim to be a force for good for our employees, our clients and our world. With a history reaching back more than 145 years, giving back to those less fortunate and taking care of our community is in the Dechert DNA.

In another year marked by the effects of the pandemic, Dechert emphasized the vast array of...

About the Firm


Since its founding in 1875, Dechert has become a force in the global legal market. In the United States, the firm is known for its work in antitrust, international arbitration, financial services, life sciences, strategic transactions and private equity, litigation, white collar, product liability, real estate, and securities.

Business Savvy

George Tucker Bispham and Wayne MacVeagh partnered together to form MacVeagh & Bispham in 1875. MacVeagh would eventually leave the firm to become U.S. Attorney General and then ambassador to Italy. During World War II, the firm saw many of its attorneys leave to join the war effort. In response, the firm merged with Dechert, Smith and Clark. 

In the late 1990s, Dechert began reshaping its bus...

Associate Reviews

  • “Lawyers often socialize with each other and visit each other’s offices. The day-to-day atmosphere is very friendly, and partners are very welcoming. I truly feel like I can go to someone’s office and ask questions at any time. Lawyers and staff frequently interact and are very friendly. The support staff is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help.”
  • “High-energy, sociable firm with down-to-earth people.”
  • “This year has obviously been strange, but the firm culture is probably the biggest reason why I wouldn't consider leaving Dechert for another law firm. Aside from being brilliant, my colleagues inspire a friendly, cooperative atmosphere.”
  • “Dechert is very collegial. When we were in the office (pre-COVID), there were weekly TGIT [“Thank God it’s Thursday”] events, as well as in-person trainings and affinity group events. Post-COVID, we've continued to have Zoom meetings and events to try to stay connected.”

Why Work Here

Culture at Dechert

It takes a committed, global team to deliver the excellence in service and innovative thinking our clients expect. Cultivating creativity to harness the very best ideas comes from respecting and valuing everyone’s voice, and creating a shared enjoyment in all that we do. At Dechert, we believe that building community within the workplace and with our clients – whether multinational companies or pro bono causes – is the key to success. It’s about building a firm where people are trusted and empowered to do their very best.

Diversity at Dechert

"At Dechert, Diversity and Inclusion are not simply words written on our website and in our policies - they are principles we live by every day. As a truly global law firm, working together effectively to deliver service to our clients requires us to value and respect each other voice and empowers people from different backgrounds, experiences and points of view to be fully themselves and bring their very best. Dechert believes that vigorous exchanges of ideas among legal professionals with different life experiences stimulate..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm looks for excellent grades from a top school. But the firm also seems to prefer people who are friendly and social.”
  • “The firm has really made a push to focus on diverse candidates. There are typical ‘feeder schools’ for each office, but we often see candidates from outside of those schools as well. We do have grades requirements and cut-offs for most schools.”
  • “My firm values excellent grades (top 25-30% of class generally) about equally as much as personal fit and interest in the firm. We care a lot about hiring and retaining candidates with strong interpersonal skills who communicate well orally. We highly value diversity and make sure each incoming class is balanced.”
  • “Dechert looks first at law school, then grades within the school, journal membership (law review really is the only thing that counts here), and diversity. There are certain schools that are targeted, but that varies widely by office.”

Practice Area Q&A’s

Hayden Coleman & Caroline Power

Partner & Associate

Mara Cusker Gonzalez & Rachel B. Passaretti-Wu

Partner & Partner

Sheila L. Birnbaum


William J. Tuttle



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