Based in Washington, DC, Bookoff McAndrews focuses on patent counseling and prosecution for technology companies. Founded in 2012, the patent boutique has been recognized by Chambers and Forbes, among others, for its stellar work as a top IP firm. BoMc is committed to diversity, celebrates the outside interests of its attorneys, and embraces work-life balance as much as possible in a busy practice, as evidenced by its rank as Vault’s No. 1 Best Midsize Law Firm to Work For.

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Total No. Attorneys (2022)

1 - 50


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Top 150 Under 150


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Salaries not disclosed.


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Vault Verdict

Bookoff McAndrews is looking for talented, diverse attorneys with prior work experience—and preferably technical experience, as a patent firm—who will work well as part of the team. The firm organizes regular social opportunities (including via Zoom during the pandemic) like happy hours, family-oriented events, and birthday and holiday parties. Relationships between partners and associates range from professionally friendly to genuinely close, with valuable informal mentoring occurring on a regular basis. BoMc has a bootcamp for new attorneys, to provide a baseline on the firm’s policies and practices, and weekly CLEs on practice-related topics, plus a formal mentoring program to help with any training needs. The firm is generally busy, though when and where you work is flexible a...

About the Firm

Bookoff McAndrews is a DC-based patent law firm focused on non-litigation patent services—including patent counseling and prosecution—for technology companies. In just a handful of years since it first opened its doors, BoMc has grown to more than 35 attorneys, attracted scores of high-technology startups and Fortune 500 companies as clients, and attained nationwide recognition typically reserved for much more established, larger firms. 

Making Its Mark in DC 

The firm was founded by former Finnegan partners Les Bookoff and Roland McAndrews in 2012 to focus on "everything patents that's outside the courtroom" to cut down on the overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house litigation practice and provide clients with more certainty ...

Associate Reviews


  • “Prior to COVID, the firm was very social and relaxed. Impromptu lunches and happy hours. Generous kitchen, coffee, beverage, fresh fruit, and snack offerings. Obviously a changed social environment over the last year, but the firm has shelled out money to hold fun and engaging virtual events (including family events). All of the partners I work with are extremely invested in associate development. Across the firm, partners actively seek out client opportunities, just to pass those opportunities to associates. Associates work collaboratively and budgets allow for collaborators to bill their time. Staff are given flexibility to handle their tasks professionally, and office moral reflects each individual's autonomy.”
  • “Day-to-day, during the pandemic, there is not much interaction with attorneys or staff other than those you regularly work with. Phone calls and Zoom meetings are encouraged, particularly the latter, to still get ‘face-to-face’ time and check in and discuss matters you're working on. Everyone is incredibly friendly and collegial. Also, during the pandemic, the firm has consistently organized virtual events/get-togethers—games, a book club, and family-oriented activities—which help to maintain a sense of being connected and part of a community, not just a firm.”
  • “The firm puts on events, such as birthday celebrations each month for all birthdays in that month, Thanksgiving and Winter holiday parties, and occasional happy hours. Employees are generally friendly and collegial.”
  • “Especially in light of the present circumstances, the firm has made a concerted effort to try and get everyone to participate in outside of work events. On a daily basis, everyone brings a positive energy to work and everyone's phone is open to talk at any moment. The staff and the attorneys all have a close working relationship [that] is further bolstered by the friendships outside of work.”

Diversity at Bookoff McAndrews PLLC

"Diversity is a major part of who we are and how we operate. We believe an inclusive and welcoming environment fosters and supports diversity. A diverse team is more interesting, fun, and enriching. It leads to better idea generation, better solutions, and better outcomes. BoMc has benefitted immensely from recruiting and nurturing individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. As of today, 55 percent of BoMc's attorneys — including 75 percent of the partnership — and over 90 percent of its staff hail from diverse..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “We are constantly hiring, but that is because we reject most applicants. The firm is always looking for an opportunity to add talent to their ranks, but what form that takes varies depending on the needs of a given period. In the last year, we've hired federal clerks, kids out of law school, and associates with over 10 years of experience and a book of business.”
  • “Our firm has hired several people in the past year, and I believe it uses a variety of resources to find and screen applicants. With respect to attorneys, I believe the firm focuses strongly on prior work experience, personality, and diversity, and—to perhaps a lesser extent—on law school attended, journal experience, and clerkship. I did not receive training for interviewing candidates at this firm, but had received training at my prior job (particularly as it pertains to which types of questions you can and cannot ask). As an associate, I see my role in interviewing to assess personality and experience—how would the candidate fit in and how much training and guidance would be required if we hire that person. And also, to honestly represent the firm in describing its culture and the type of work we do.”
  • “I believe the firm is looking for a diverse attorney base, without respect to law school attended. Prior patent office experience is a plus, but not necessary.”
  • “The firm looks for individuals who are great at working on a team, and individuals who bring a personality that gels with the culture of the firm.”