Triangle Insights Group is a strategy consulting firm that provides strategic guidance on the most critical business issues to leaders in life sciences organizations. The company supports clients in the therapeutics, diagnostics and medical device industries and has partnered with clients to address needs across the pharmaceutical development and commercial lifecycle. Insiders say the “culture is fantastic, and leadership values both firm and personal needs.”

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Triangle Insights Group is a high-growth life sciences boutique that has established itself as a trusted client advisor, delivering a caliber of work that virtually guarantees client satisfaction in every engagement. Differentiated by a true emphasis on strategy as opposed to market research, TIG’s project work routinely serves as the foundation for its clients’ commercial planning and corporate strategy. And given its niche focus on the life sciences industry, the firm is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth clip despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

For consultants, Triangle Insights Group offers a strong entrepreneurial and collegial environment, where those looking to dive right into the most exciting client work will receive a range of experiences, ...

About the Company

Triangle Insights Group is a strategy consulting firm that provides strategic guidance on the most critical business issues to leaders in life sciences organizations. The company supports clients in the therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical device industries and has partnered with clients to address needs across the pharmaceutical development and commercial lifecycle.

Triangle's approach combines deep knowledge of the industry across therapeutic areas and functional domains. The organization provides its clients with the experience to adeptly understand strategic issues, creativity to identify solutions, strong critical thinking to evaluate options, and the discipline to drive results. The partners are experienced management consultants whose backgrounds include Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Syneos Health, Oliver Wyman, and L...

Employee Reviews

  • “Entrepreneurial and collegial environment that can only be obtained by a firm of our size and specialty. We pack a punch much above our station. Given our size and age, we work with some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies that is unprecedented and we retain almost all of our clients.”
  • “It is really great working on projects all day with people you know personally, all the way up to the partner level. As an entry level employee, you feel the trust they put in you to do a good job and you are given a lot of responsibility, which catapults you forward in your career.”
  • “The niche clients. Everyone joined because of their interest in life sciences, and therefore you are rarely/never staffed on a project of which you have no interest. The culture. Because we are so small, everyone knows one another. You are never staffed with a manager whom you know nothing about and have to guess their preferences. Promotions are given to those who deserve them, in a timely manner. No one is restricted by companywide timelines or quotas for progression.”
  • “Strong office culture and shared enthusiasm for continued learning drives a rewarding employment experience.”
  • “Entrepreneurial firm where everyone has an opportunity to play an important role in the future direction of the organization.”
  • “Great responsibility from day one and a culture that is always willing to help teach you have to be a better life sciences consultant.”
  • “TIG has an incredible quality of life. It truly offers all the benefits of a career in consulting (e.g., fast-paced, interesting work) with enhanced work-life balance that is just not present at any of the major firms. Due to our size and position, we can truly partner with our clients, instead of be an extension to their staff. This lets our employees to have weekends off, more limited travel, and take vacation as needed. Our firm prioritizes mentorship and relationships - giving our offices an extremely intimate and collegial vibe. Staff has access to senior management on a daily basis. The firm sponsors almost weekly events to staff from social to health and wellness to encourage outside of work relationships.”
  • “The hours are definitely higher than other industry jobs, but absolutely more favorable than other consulting firms. You are never expected to "be online" just because your seniors are still on. Your hours are determined by your work stream and efficiency. Managers and partners are also conscious of personal commitments and allow you to reserve this time, as needed.”
  • “Triangle does very interesting work, but the hours can sometimes be long. However, this depends on the project and is not always the case.”
  • “The firm has an established health and wellness committee that puts on events and provides guidance. Additionally, the firm offers a strong healthcare plan.”
  • “Generous time off during the holidays is offset by lower "PTO" days provided by other firms. Totals out to be about equivalent time off. Management absolutely encourages you to use that time, and is most often respectful about that time. Rarely are you expected to reply to emails or get deliverables our while on vacation.”
  • “The firm is very accommodating with vacation time, specifically encouraging employees to take time off periodically. We receive PTO on an accrual basis, with 5 sick days. We can roll over up to 40 hours of PTO each year.”
  • “Best: Fair compensation with high-growth based on performance.”
  • “Best: relocation reimbursement, home office set up reimbursement, performance bonus, 2x/year performance reviews and eligibility for promotion (frequent opportunity for salary progression).”
  • “Strong overall compensation, healthcare and 401K matching. Biggest downside is standard pay across offices (e.g., no cost-of-living adjustment) that incentives working in some offices over others.”
  • “Relatively low signing bonus; compensation higher than industry average but lower than management consulting (although reasonable given the difference in travel, lifestyle, and location)”
  • “Semi-annual bonus payouts and quick salary progression from analyst to consultant level.”
  • “Consultants that perform well here are very highly compensated.”
  • “Small, boutique firm makes extensive training difficult, but the informal mentor network and ability to ask more senior colleagues is very good. Promotion seems fair for MBAs, and should be able to make manager in 1.5 - 2 years.”
  • “Triangle provides exposure to high-value strategic projects involving executive-level client interaction which allows for the rapid development of understanding strategic decision-making and problem-solving.”
  • “The promotion process has been merit based and isn't associated with a specific timeline. I have had a lot of opportunities to progress quickly throughout the organization. I have also been exposed to a lot of high-impact engagements providing really great career development.”
  • “Substantial opportunity for junior staff to interact with clients, even at the executive level. Peer mentorship is very strong; senior staff mentorship and opportunities for management training could be improved for more junior employees.”
  • “The firm has regularly scheduled performance reviews that translate into evaluations for promotion. There is room for quick advancement if one is doing particularly well, which is refreshing compared to firms that are stuck to a rigid timeline promotion scale. Additionally, the firm provides a challenging breadth of work, which is great for career development.”
  • “Triangle is very much a meritocracy - you get what you earn - and the firm has established several training and mentoring initiatives to help consultants move up very quickly.”
  • “Triangle offers leadership and mentorship opportunities for many people of diverse backgrounds, including women, POC, and veterans.”
  • “The firm seems to be actively seeking new ways to encourage diversity, which is a strong positive.”
  • “Looking at the composition of the firm and promotion of individuals it appears to be a focus to promote equality and diversity. Additionally, the firm has established a diversity committee to champion new ideas.”
  • “I think they are trying to hire a more diverse group but there is always more that could be done. I think everyone is treated very fairly in the office, but that is only from my perspective.”
  • “Majority of the Managers/Principals are women. Maternity and paternity leave is granted, not to prioritize one parent over another. Extremely meritocratic environment that does not prioritize any particular group. Diversity initiatives are underway, we have seen improved internal education and hiring practices, but as a small firm we have not spent enough time recruiting and retaining diverse candidates.”
  • “Triangle Insights is very active in encouraging diversity and fairness across all demographics.”
  • “Being healthcare and life sciences focused the firm has a well-positioned client base. Additionally, project types continue to grow suggesting a positive belief in the firm's ability from customers.”
  • “High customer satisfaction and extensive partner networks likely to drive near- and mid-term growth provided recruiting/employee turnover allows for it.”
  • “Best: Great company culture and atmosphere, high employee morale, unique client base, growing expertise in a wide variety of practice areas, plans for geographical growth.”
  • “TIG has seen rapid, sustained growth since the inception. The firm continues to grow responsibly, bringing on enough team members each year to support growth, but not so much as to overwhelm the organization. Our entirely tailored approach to problem solving has endeared us to organizations that have used larger consultancies in the past and continued to receive 'off the shelf' solutions.”
  • “Triangle's specialization in the life sciences industry is a major strength, since the pharma industry is large and always growing. The firm's size may be a weakness, but the firm is continuing to recruit/hire to mitigate this.”
  • “Triangle Insights has sustained consistent growth since its inception, and I expect the firm to continue to grow at a rapid rate.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Starts with behavioral interviews, followed by a final interview day including behavioral interviews and a case interview.”
  • "The process included several interviews (enough to meet with each partner and several managers). The first interview was a relatively brief behavioral and mini-case interview on campus; the second was an in-office behavioral interview followed by a long (~90 minute) case… After the on-site interview, there was another behavioral interview over lunch. The ideal candidate is driven but collaborative, understands business dynamics, and is able to learn the intricacies of the healthcare industry.”
  • “The process involved several case studies, both phone and in-person. Looking for self-motivated analytical/innovative thinkers.”
  • “Triangle Insights is looking for creative, dynamic, motivated individuals.”
  • “Triangle seeks very high-caliber individuals at some of the leading schools, actively recruiting at Duke, UNC, UVA, UCLA, and Berkeley. It seeks individuals with strong academic achievement, demonstrated critical thinking and communication skills, and the ability to work well in teams.”
  • “Triangle was always prompt, friendly, and professional in the interview/call back process. The ideal candidate is someone who is adaptable, resourceful, and dedicated.”
  • “Cases frequently involve real-world cases within the life science industry, similar to the work we do for our clients.”
  • “General market sizing questions within the healthcare industry, current trends in the healthcare landscape, career experiences that led to this point.”
  • “Healthcare-focused questions derived from real firm engagements.”
  • “Market sizing and forecasting of pharma products requiring recommendations.”
  • “Mini-case: A company is considering launching a product for [a specific disease]. How should they evaluate the market potential?”
  • “My case interview was about a [potential pharmaceutical asset] and I had to calculate the commercial opportunity.”

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