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Employee Reviews

  • “High and early responsibility, exposure to clients at all management levels, many different types of projects.”                                                           

  • “Great growth trajectory in career and learning, via exposure to challenges and senior leadership”

  • “Working diligently towards potentially helping others, in a collaborative and fun-filled culture is truly rewarding.          “

  • “At this firm, I have been able to gain exposure to the healthcare industry that many might not be able to get in their entire career.”          

  • “We are comprised of high achievers who are able to produce impeccable quality work without compromising work/life balance.”

  • “Candidates should be excited about the prospect of working at a fast pace and diving right into the deep end. They need to be passionate about healthcare.

  • “Very reasonable work/life balance, especially for the industry, with many opportunities to travel and above-market vacation time.”

  • “Quality of life is high, work hours are according to your progress on a project—as long as the deadlines are met, things run smoothly.”

  • “I am pleased with the culture and quality of life.  This is the best group of people with which I have ever worked—truly collaborative, caring, hardworking, and talented.  We do work long hours, though getting time off is not a problem.”

  • “Impressed with level of intelligence and dedication of colleagues.

  • “Long hours. Great traveling opportunities.”

  • “The firm really rewards those who are able to go above and beyond constantly while always bringing new things.”

  • “Bonuses are a little low for investment banking standards. Fixed compensation s]is lower than average industry. Every other aspect is great.”

  • “In general, I think that it is below the market average, but for me, I found the experience worth it.”                                     

  • “Salary could be higher compared to industry averages.”             

  • “The company does not provide the types of benefits that people talk about. I do think one of the best aspects is being able to work from home.”

  • “We get four days off per year for volunteer work of our choosing.  The medical coverage is great: firm pays 100% of premiums for medical, dental, vision, AD&D, LTD and contributes a percentage of salary to 401(k), starting day one.”

  • “401(k) benefit is awesome.”

  • Offices in several countries while being a relatively small firm allow you to move laterally and vertically.                                                                                             

  • “The amount of learning that we are able to gain on projects is phenomenal, and being able to present in front of clients at such a young age has been great for my professional development.”

  • “Staff at every level, including interns, have the opportunity to work with our C-suite executives, as well as our expert partners around the world.  We also provide people with opportunities to work on projects in our locations throughout the U.S. and Europe in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and inject new perspectives into our work processes and deliverables.”

  • “We have some formal training, though generally new staff are put right onto a project.  Interns and analysts say that they like being immediately productive.”

  • “Best aspects: meritocratic promotion processes, exposure to senior executives, mentoring. Worst aspect: unstructured training.” 

  • “Great opportunity to learn new products and market every day.”

  • “Extremely well-connected leadership, combined with a forward-looking strategy, provide an abundance of business opportunities in the pipeline at any given time.”

  • “Alira Health has been growing in double digits each year for the last several years, adding new services and new talent at all levels. In 2017, we opened our office in Barcelona and brought on new senior medtech and regulatory specialists. In 2018, we acquired a CRO to fulfill our vision of offering services throughout the entire product lifecycle and doubled our facility size in both Boston and Barcelona. We are actively recruiting for our M&A, consulting, and laboratory services.”

  • “We are a diversified consulting group that includes innovation, scientific, consulting and transaction capabilities in one. We are definitely the most innovative healthcare practice I know of.”

  • “Innovative, creative and aggressive. Great leadership not afraid of risks. More focused in its sector than any other firm, more diverse backgrounds than all others. Most depth of knowledge.”

  • “Our firm is very innovative and has world-renowned scientists and doctors collaborating with bankers and management consultants. We have our own research facilities and develop breakthrough science for our clients to accelerate commercialization.”

  • Extremely innovative; very fast growth in the past few years predicts a general uptrend.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process is in-depth for a firm of its size, and the ideal candidate is not only technically sound but has an intellectual curiosity that makes him/her excited to come into work and learn every day.”

  • “We are seeking candidates with a combined business and healthcare/science background who is able to problem solve and think strategically and creatively.”                                                    

  • “I think hiring has been slow over the last two years. However, I think the firm is actively working to improve the situation.”                                                                                                  

  • “The ideal candidate has a degree in finance and/or life sciences, can demonstrate a passion for healthcare, is curious, collaborative, highly analytical, ambitious, demonstrates initiative, and brings a positive energy to work relationships.”                                                                                                      

  • “The ideal candidate is adaptable, eager and inherently intelligent, able to learn new matter very fast, able to produce very efficiently. Deals well with ambiguity.”

  • “We look for someone who is detail oriented, works well in a team and individually, and who is professional.”

  • “Imagine you are a consultant who has been hired by a large Medtech company with the goal of improving topline sales growth 10% YoY for the next five years. Currently, the company is growing at a slower 3% growth rate. Please take 10 minutes to come up with five questions you would ask the company as a consultant to understand the context of the project and recommend some strategic direction to achieve this goal.”

  • “We provide an Excel-based case where the interviewee has to analyze a portion of data, make a brief presentation in PowerPoint, and then give a short presentation. I think that this is an effective way to understand how someone works under pressure as well as giving a real life point-of-view of the actual job.                                                                                                               

  • "Why are you interested in healthcare? Perform a profitability analysis.”                                                              

  • "Why are you a good fit for this position?”

  • “How would you approach problem ‘X’?”

  • “Tell me about relevant past experiences?"