State Street is one of the world’s largest—and most socially conscious—asset management firms. It focuses on ESG investing, reducing carbon emissions, and minimizing its global footprint. Underscoring its transparency, it annually discloses its greenhouse gas emissions, ESG assets, charitable contributions, volunteer hours, and more. Impactful State Street careers range from business strategy and project management to financial software and product development.

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10,001+ Employees


Major Departments

Fund Services


Major Office Locations

Atlanta, GA


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Paul Norton https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulnorton1/

About the Company

During the 1970s, State Street’s aggressive diversification and use of modern technology allowed it to far exceed the performance of its contemporaries. In the following decades, State Street expanded its operations into the international market with locations in Montreal, London, Paris, Dubai, Sydney, Australia, and New Zealand, among other places. It is now headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

State Street offers a variety of financial products and services, including investments, stock trading, bonds, and security accounts. The company’s official website features a job search system that distinguishes between current openings and “early careers,” which leads to its internship program for students and recent graduates. Individuals looking to start a career with State Street will find opportunities in areas such as IT, sales an...

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