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U.K.-based NatWest, formerly known as Royal Bank of Scotland, is a leading global financial services firm. It offers investment banking (through NatWest Markets), commercial banking, credit cards, insurance, and more. Meaningful career paths are available in finance, technology, business strategy, and more. For students and young professionals, it offers several different internships, apprenticeships, and graduate programs.

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The U.K.-based RBS might not be a household name in investment banking in the U.S., but it does have a formidable I-banking operation in the States. The firm recruits at a group of core schools as well as some non-core schools. The firm’s interviews are focused on cultural fit, with some technical questions as well. Internships provide a good snapshot of life as a full-time banker at RBS, and interns will get to interact with senior members and learn about different areas of the bank. Interns and full-time bankers alike rave about the firm’s culture in which senior bankers respect juniors’ time and work/life balance can be achieved. The firm’s compensation package is competitive with the market. One thing that many insiders don’t like is the commute from New York City to Stamford,...

About the Company

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) serves more than 40 million individuals and institutions through 30 different brands. Its main divisions include: U.K. Corporate Banking, U.S. Retail and Commercial banking (which offers services through the Citizens and Charter One brands), U.K. Personal Banking (through the NatWest and RBS brands), and Markets and International Banking, which is the wholesale banking business of RBS Group. This business provided RBS’s global client base with debt financing, risk management, and transaction services The Markets business provides RBS’s global client base with fixed income offerings across asset-backed products, rates, currencies, credit, and debt capital markets. The International Banking unit works with clients to execute debt financing, risk management, and transaction banking services. Markets and internation...

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Employee Reviews

  • “Best part: bosses don’t try to keep you at work for no reason; they’re happy to see you have a life outside of work. Worst part: reverse NYC-Connecticut commute back-and-forth everyday, including a 5:55 a.m. train every morning.”
  • “Best aspect is flat structure/access to management.”
  • “My team is typically the last in the office at the bank, however little recognition or appreciation of this is made. The firm’s hours are certainly better than many other banks, but they also arrive later in the morning and receive far better compensation. Overall, the work/life balance at my firm is reasonable, though I still have to cancel plans (including weekends) far more often than I would like.”
  • “Very little wasted time: in the absence of meaningful work, nobody expects analysts to hang around. Thus weekends are generally available for personal time and not rigidly structured. The downside from a quality of life standpoint is that most analysts live in NYC and work one hour away in Stamford, Conn., which has negative effects on our finances and sleep.”
  • “RBS remains competitive with similar firms across the Street, but RBS does not pay above the Street average.”
  • “Good job managing expectations; pays comparable to Street on salary but bonus is typically lower than rest of Street. They do not comp train passes or offer alternative travel.”
  • “Compared to other firms, RBS does not have compelling corporate discounts.”
  • “No 401(k) matching in the first year.”
  • “The 10 weeks of formal training prior to beginning of the analyst program are fantastic. However, formal training ends as soon as you hit the desk, and many of the skills you learned throughout training are lost, as they simply do not apply. My line manager (and others on my team) work to make sure the projects I work on and the roles I take within those projects constantly move me forward. They legitimately care about my development not only for the benefits it will have for the team, but also for my career.”
  • “Small group of graduates in my group means plenty of personal attention from not only the team you are working with but senior management as well. But there are certain challenges to working at a regional office as opposed to the global headquarters of the company.”
  • “Great developmental program; people really want you to get up to speed and learn so you can contribute. Unfortunately we did training before finding out what desk we would be on full time, which was frustrating.”
  • “Truly a meritocracy. Will be given more responsibility quickly if shown you can handle it. More early involvement in actual deal experience than similar level colleagues at other banks. Worst part: three-year analyst program versus two years at many other banks.”
  • “You are given 24 working hours of volunteer time during or outside of work time.”
  • “The firm makes a great deal of effort to maximize its philanthropic practices. But it would be great to have more team-building charity exercises that are organized by the bank to help the community.”
  • “Great focus on diversity: I just haven’t seen anything with respect to disabilities or military veterans.”
  • “Not very racially diverse.”
  • “Lots of reputational risk around RBS. Generally, the market is bearish toward the name right now.”
  • “The internship led to my full-time employment with the bank. It gave me a preview of the banking industry. I would have liked to have had more exposure to different product groups, though.”
  • "The internship was a wonderful opportunity to quickly learnabout the firm. We were able to rotate through four different departments, which was a positive as well as a negative. We only had two to three weeks within each group, so although it was very helpful to see many different areas of the business, we were unable to get much substantial work completed. There were great events to help the interns meet many people throughout the firm including upper management.”
  • “Best parts were working with highly intelligent people, the intern events, and undertaking real responsibility.”
  • “Rotational program encouraged the learning of multiple products. But I didn’t get a full overview of the desk as a whole, just the three desks I rotated through.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview and callback process is very structured. The process was streamlined, and I learned very quickly that I got the internship and was informed on the last day of the internship that I received a job offer. I feel RBS is looking for people who are hardworking and willing to learn and will fit into the culture here.”
  • “I believe our firm looks for very intelligent candidates.”
  • “The firm’s interview process seems to be geared toward picking personalities that the interviewers would get along well with. While only bright candidates are given interviews, the personality seems to matter most once you’ve made it to the interview. I was interviewed on campus for the internship, received a callback that evening, and was informed that the final-round interview would be the following day. There was a dinner reception that evening to meet previous interns and representatives from the firm. Following the final-round interview, I was notified a week and a half later with the decision.”
  • “The process has been improving.”
  • “Fit questions.”
  • “Market, technical, and brainteaser questions.”
  • “Please tell me the three greatest factors that influence the state of the global economy.”

Perks & Benefits