Loop Capital, well known for its commitment to diversity, is a great place to begin an investment banking career. The firm’s formidable internship program offers students hands-on experience and a lot of exposure to senior bankers. Full-time junior bankers work closely with top executives and on many different types of deals. The firm is heavily involved in the communities it serves and strongly focused on diversity. Employees take a lot of pride in working for such an inclusive firm.

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Loop Capital Markets, well known for its strong commitment to diversity, is great place to begin a banking career. The firm runs a valuable internship program in which interns get great feedback on projects, get a lot of hands-on experience, and are exposed to senior bankers. Meanwhile, full-time junior bankers work closely with top executives in the firm and work on many different types of deals. Juniors will also get a lot of hands-on learning opportunities while working alongside senior bankers. While formal training is somewhat lacking, senior bankers are highly accessible, extremely friendly, and willing to help out junior bankers. Salaries are competitive, but insiders say the benefits need improvement. Loop Capital is heavily involved in the communities it serves, and the f...

About the Company

Loop Capital is a full-service investment bank, brokerage, and advisory firm that provides capital solutions for corporate, governmental, and institutional entities across the globe. Founded in 1997 by James Reynolds, Jr. and Albert Grace, Jr., the firm is headquartered in Chicago and has a total of 19 offices across the U.S., including main offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Its services include corporate investment banking, public finance, research, sales and trading, transition management, and analytical services. Since its inception, Loop Capital’s banking business has worked on more than $5 trillion in debt and equity underwriting transactions. Loop Capital is led by its chairman and CEO, James Reynolds, Jr., and its president, Kourtney Gibson.

Employee Reviews

  • “Hard to disconnect and separate work and personal life. High expectations on responding to communications immediately, making it hard not to obsesses over checking your phone at night or on the weekends. Human Resources is receptive, and the leadership there is calling for change and better work/life balance.”
  • “Best part: your time is your own. Worst part: your time is your own. If you want to make money, you have to work.”
  • “The firm encourages vacation time to reduce burnout. They speak often about taking for ourselves and getting away and enjoying time with our families.”
  • “Work load is highly dependent upon team assignment.”
  • “The compensation is great. I received two offers from other investment banks, and Loop was slightly better with signing bonus, salary, and annual bonus range.”
  • “401(k) match exists, but is at a low rate. Annual bonus is low for the majority of employees in my department.”
  • “Below-Street comp, but for most teams the work/life balance is better than at larger shops.”
  • “The sky’s the limit.”
  • “Great team aspect and support. Great training. Ability to work across all aspects of corporate finance. You get exposure to M&A, ECM, and DCM, and are able to work closely with top executives in the firm.”
  • “Very entrepreneurial. If an opportunity exists within a new area, we’re encouraged to pursue it.”
  • “Smaller firm size and flexible team assignments allow junior bankers to figure out their paths. Despite a lack of formal training, most senior bankers are highly accessible and open to helping you. Almost all mid-level bankers are extremely friendly and open to helping you out.”
  • “Small company limits certain opportunities, but I joined the firm because it’s small, intimate, and productive. Career opportunities were well understood.”
  • “I’m proud to work at a firm where there’s so much focus on diversity and inclusion.”
  • “This is a very diverse firm and very well managed firm. An example for many.”
  • “Loop, from an ethnicity/race prospective, has an extremely diverse staff. The acceptance of LBGTQ+ individuals is also great. I have no complaints in regards to diversity.”
  • “Strong focus on youth and minority inclusion, which is the best aspect of Loop.”
  • “Our leadership team is great.”
  • “The firm itself operates relatively lean and doesn't take huge capital risk in its business lines, providing a stable business platform driven primarily through the sell side. There is very low turnover in bac- office roles, with minimal turnover in middle office. Front office has a higher turnover rate, particularly within junior staff. The firm has been around for long enough that they seem to have figured out most of the growing pains common in smaller companies. There seems to be a lack of cohesive long-term career management to junior employees, and it would greatly benefit long-term retention if a more open and two-way dialogue existed between ranks. Often, the firm can be a bit too driven by external opportunities and lacks honest inward reflection (hardly an uncommon trait in the industry, though). Overall, I think this company is well positioned in the space to grow and seems to have taken steps to expand its coverage by hiring new professionals.”
  • “Growing and gaining traction in many areas of our business.”
  • “We’re considered to be a minority firm, and I believe we have the capabilities of and operate as a middle market investment bank. We act as a team and everyone does their role well. Employee morale is great. We meet weekly to speak about our lives and get to know one another, even though we’re virtual.”
  • “Great feedback on projects. Unprecedented growing experience and legitimate projects (no coffee runs, etc.). Limited communication between groups in the company.”
  • “Invaluable experience and exposure. Very little formal training and guidance.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “We've been very effective virtually. We have weekly meetings about wellness and the importance of self-care.”
  • “I don’t know of any wellness initiatives but hope there is a stronger emphasis on work/life balance.
  • “Covid was treated seriously and was handled very well.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Our firm has been a leader in the industry, following our CEO Jim Reynolds with initiatives on racial injustices and economic equality across all platforms.”
  • “The firm actively encouraged donating to various causes and even implemented a donation match.”
  • “Firm leadership has been vocal and supportive of the equal rights movement.”
  • “Strongly aligned with BLM.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “We have a return-to-office committee that meets weekly. They give us weekly updates about the response by government and health professionals. Our approach, as companies return to office, is to stay confident in taking things a bit slower to limit the risk to our team. If for any reason someone needs to go into the office, there’s a form that needs to be completed and approved 24 hours in advance.”
  • “The firm has actively encouraged employees to work from home and has been more than accommodating in this capacity.”
  • “The firm is very interested in our protection.”
  • “Communication and information have been readily available.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Very quick and fast onboarding process.”
  • “Productive process and low maintenance.”
  • “The interview process was very competitive. The HR coordinator was extremely helpful throughout the process, staying in close communication. I was kept abreast to the next steps and gladly accepted when they offered. I was also going through two other interviews with different IBs at the same time and received those offers before I got Loop's offer. I waited to hear from Loop to make the decision. I really wanted to be a part of Loop's corporate finance team. I think Loop is looking for highly intelligent, super competitive people. I think the personal aspect is just as important as the technical aspect. Good and high character people.”
  • “I believe the best candidates for the firm are those who are self-driven—those who will learn everything they can outside the workplace.”
  • “Very comprehensive Q&A.”
  • “Walk me through a DCF. Tell me about the three financials statements and how they connect. Why Loop Capital?”
  • “For new hires, general questions on bond math and basic terminology are not uncommon.”

Perks & Benefits