Loop Capital, well known for its commitment to diversity, is a great place to begin an investment banking career. The firm’s formidable internship program offers students hands-on experience and a lot of exposure to senior bankers. Full-time junior bankers work closely with top executives and on many different types of deals. The firm is heavily involved in the communities it serves and strongly focused on diversity. Employees take a lot of pride in working for such an inclusive firm.

Company Stats


Employer Type




101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Banking 25


Major Departments

Investment Banking – Public Finance


Major Office Locations

Atlanta, GA

Firsthand Findings

Loop Capital Markets, well known for its strong commitment to diversity, is looking for personable, hardworking, extremely intelligent individuals to join its team. Career development opportunities are plentiful, and include significant deal experience, mentoring, and access to the firm’s senior management and executives. Although hours can be long at times, Loop Capital has a very employee-friendly environment, and everyone respects each other’s time.

Compensation is competitive, if not average, and benefits include an on-site gym and gym membership discounts. Diversity and inclusion is one of Loop Capital’s strengths. It is a minority-owned and managed firm, and D&I is full embedded into its culture. As for Loop Capital’s business outlook, the future is...

About the Company

Loop Capital is a full-service investment bank, brokerage, and advisory firm that provides capital solutions for corporate, governmental, and institutional entities across the globe. Founded in 1997 by James Reynolds, Jr. and Albert Grace, Jr., the firm is headquartered in Chicago and has a total of 19 offices across the U.S., including main offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Its services include corporate investment banking, public finance, research, sales and trading, transition management, and analytical services. Since its inception, Loop Capital’s banking business has worked on more than $6 trillion in debt and equity underwriting transactions. Loop Capital is led by its chairman and CEO, James Reynolds, Jr., and its president, Kourtney Gibson.

Employee Reviews

  • “We respect on another’s time, which is the most important thing for me. Our SVP, VP, and associates don't mind stepping in to relieve workloads. There are times when we work a ton and clock 80 hours a week. However, it’s not the norm and always acknowledged.”
  • “Very employee-friendly environment and workplace, from the top down.”
  • “Difficulty of getting away from work is not because of management or policy but the vast opportunity in our group and responsibilities as a manager.”
  • “Our vacation days don't roll over, but we’re very busy so it’s hard to use all of them. I think it would be fair to either be compensated for the days we don't use or have a forced amount of time you must take.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We’re definitely looking for someone who’s going to roll up their sleeves and pitch in. Diversity is a big part of our hiring.”
  • “My interview process was pretty standard. I had three interviews before I chose Loop, and they were all relatively the same. One thing I liked most about Loop was the people and the interactions from my answers to certain questions. Loop is looking for extremely intelligent individuals who are technically capable but also have a personality that’s suitable for the culture. Loop is like a family. and you feel that while interviewing.”
  • “The process can be slow with lengthy periods of no movement on our end.”
  • “I thought the process was typical of a Wall Street firm.”

Perks & Benefits