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HSBC is an international, diverse, community-oriented global bank with roots that go back 150 years. Its worldwide staff speaks more than 144 languages, and the bank's offices are located in every financial center in the world. The firm has no less than eight employee network groups that actively promote DE&I within the firm, and community volunteering is a major focus.

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Striking the balance

While long hours at the firm might be in the cards, rest assured that "the bank is committed to a good work/life balance in theory, and has an ongoing campaign to be a best place to work."  The culture is "collegial," but "life in the branch was revolved around getting new customers, serving existing ones, sales meetings, and one-on-one meetings with branch managers who would push us to reach the numbers."  And even though it can be "demanding," "people are friendly."  One example of this comes from an insider relates how HSBC accommodated his "severe allergies."  "The department I work for has made tremendous efforts to acco...

About the Company

As its name implies, HSBC North America Holdings contains the U.S. and Canadian businesses of London-based HSBC (the name's an acronym of its predecessor, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, which remains part of HSBC's global business and the largest bank in Hong Kong).

With $2.9 trillion in 2020 assets, the North American group includes HSBC USA, HSBC Canada and the HSBC Finance Corporation, which provides retail banking, credit cards, lending, insurance and other consumer services. In the U.S., HSBC's business lines are commercial banking, personal financial services, private banking and global banking and markets. The vast majority of its 460-plus branches are in New York state, but others can be found in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, Oregon, Washington State, California...

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