Centerview is one of Wall Street's most highly respected M&A advisory firms. It's known for working on high-profile deals for clients like CBS, CVS Health, and Time Warner. Centerview is also known for compensating its people very well. Salaries and bonuses are top-notch, medical benefits are excellent, and it offers many other perks like free breakfast, catered lunches, and large dinner stipends. Recently, the firm made a huge push to improve its diversity recruiting efforts.

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Los Angeles, CA


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Emily Wittmann

Firsthand Findings

Centerview is looking for hardworking, intelligent, dynamic, enthusiastic out-of-the-box thinkers who are passionate about the firm’s work. For students, the firm runs an excellent internship program, providing interns with live deal experience, significant exposure to senior bankers, and many valuable firmwide events. Centerview’s full-time junior bankers get a ton of early responsibility, while working closely with senior bankers and clients on live deals. The firm places a strong emphasis on career development and growth, and seniors are committed to coaching and training junior bankers.

Since the firm tends to work on large, complicated strategic advisory assignments and transactions, work hours can be long. However, the firm goes to great lengths to try to e...

About the Company

In 2006, UBS Vice Chairman Blair Effron had dinner with his friend Robert Pruzan, a veteran investment banker and former CEO of Wasserstein Perella. The two men decided to capitalize on the lucrative M&A boom by going in to business together, opening a boutique they dubbed Centerview Partners—the name came from the view at their new office on the 19th floor of Rockefeller Center. The firm has since moved to larger offices in New York; it also has offices in London, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Paris and San Francisco. And today, that firm’s clients include 20 percent of the 50 largest companies in the world.

At Centerview, there are just two lines of business: M&A advisory and restructuring, with both businesses addressing strategic, financial, and operational issues for its clients.  (An affiliated capital gro...

Employee Reviews

  • “We tend to work on larger, more complicated transactions, and our junior staff get a lot of interaction with clients. This is what we signed up for and makes working long hours worthwhile. But work/life balance is taken seriously, and every effort is made to keep weekends and holidays clear without the need for a formal policy.”
  • “Open-door policy: work directly with world class partners and on large, important assignments. Ability to take on as much responsibility as you're able to. People genuinely care about your development and well-being.”
  • “Given the flat team structure, there really is no ‘face time’ element. There is flexibility on when and how to work, if you hold yourself accountable for creating a quality work product. This freedom creates a much more enjoyable work/life balance, and there is a tremendous amount of respect paid to personal time off or individual and casual plans. It is rare that work ‘cancels’ something that’s important to any of our employees.”
  • “Last year was a very heavy workload year, and the teams are lean here. Work/life balance has not always been the best. But in the last six months, things have really improved due to increased hiring. Management is always very conscious and very active in improving work/life balance.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “They are very prompt in getting back to candidates that interview—at most a day or two. They really look for the ideal behavioral fit and are confident in the training that they provide. They want candidates who are passionate about the work that we do, and are easy to communicate and work with.”
  • “Centerview looks for highly intelligent, dynamic, amicable, and enthusiastic candidates. Their recruiting process is very unique relative to other firms, characterized by both difficult technical questions and ‘creative’ questions and brainteasers that attempt to determine whether candidates are well-prepared, diverse, and out-of-the-box thinkers.”
  • “Our process remains very competitive but also focused on the ideal Centerview candidate: good with numbers, good with words, and good with people. The process does not care about other offers and wants people who ultimately want to come to Centerview—no exploding offers here.”
  • “The recruiting team was very understanding and willing to accelerate timelines when necessary. They will not leave you hanging or in a process for too long. There is open communication, and a process that gives the candidate an opportunity to really experience the culture and people before committing. The fact that final interviews are still with one of the co-CEOs is a testament to the focus on recruiting the best people for the firm.”

Perks & Benefits