BMO Capital Markets is an investment banking firm looking for hardworking candidates with strong academic records. The firm's internships offer students live deal experience, a rotational program, and the ability to attend client meetings. Full-time professionals have access to strong training programs and many policies promoting work/life balance.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Melbourne, Australia


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Anna Kim

Firsthand Findings

BMO Capital Markets is looking for smart, motivated, hardworking candidates with strong technical skills. The firm runs a valuable internship program, providing students with excellent training and allowing them to work alongside senior professionals on live deals. There is also an excellent training program for new full-time hires, who get the opportunity to learn from caring senior bankers through informal mentorships. The career path from analyst to VP is somewhat rigid, taking five years.

As for quality of life, BMO cares about work/life balance, and encourages bankers to use their vacation time and take advantage of wellness offerings, including a new $600 wellness stipend. In general, though, pay and perks could be improved. Insiders say there is nothing sp...

About the Company

BMO Capital Markets offers a full range of wholesale banking services, including advisory services, capital raising, research, market risk management, investment and corporate banking, sales and trading, and treasury management. BMO Capital Markets has approximately 2,600 employees working in 32 locations worldwide, including 18 offices in North America.

BMO Capital Markets is a division of BMO Financial Group, which has been in business more than 200 years. Today, BMO Financial Group serves more than 12 million customers through personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and investment services, and is the eighth largest bank by assets in North America.

Globally, BMO Capital Markets focuses on a cross-section of industries, with a growing presence in technology, healthcare, and sustainable finance, and c...

Employee Reviews

  • “My team cares about my workload and work/life balance. We try to divide work evenly across juniors, while letting people work on live/interesting deals. However, there are few boundaries between work and personal time/weekends. Most deadlines are client-driven, given the nature of our business.”
  • “Firm has prioritized the protection of vacation time, promotion of time off, and act of self-care (e.g. a new wellness stipend and a flexible return-to-work strategy).”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Motivated, smart, and ready to work long hours makes the perfect candidate. We have a strong focus on hiring people with a good fit inside the team. We are a team that likes to have fun outside of the office.”
  • “First round of interviews: behavioral and technical interviews back-to-back with juniors. Second round of interviews: fit/behavioral with seniors. Ideal candidates we are looking for are the strong finance-focused individuals. We are also placing a bigger emphasis on hiring individuals that have a diversity element or come from non-finance backgrounds and still have strong technical skills.”

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