BMO Capital Markets is an investment banking firm looking for hardworking candidates with strong academic records. The firm's internships offer students live deal experience, a rotational program, and the ability to attend client meetings. Full-time professionals have access to strong training programs and many policies promoting work/life balance.

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BMO Capital Markets is looking for hardworking candidates who have strong academic records and fit into the firm’s culture. BMO provides students with a valuable internship program, offering interns live deal experience, a rotational program, and the ability to attend client meetings. For full-time professionals, there are strong training programs available for analysts, but less formal training for higher-level employees. While there are many policies promoting work/life balance and employees get a fair amount of flexibility, hours can be long and demanding. Meanwhile, salary is competitive compared to the Street average, but BMO’s benefits could be improved. The firm offers a 401(k) match, but some insiders say health insurance coverage needs improvement...

About the Company

A division of BMO Financial Group, BMO Capital Markets offers a full range of wholesale banking services, including advisory services, capital raising, research, market risk management, investment and corporate banking, sales and trading, and treasury management. BMO Capital Markets has approximately 2,700 employees working in 35 locations worldwide, including 22 offices in North America.

Globally, BMO Capital Markets focuses on a cross-section of industries, with a growing presence in technology, healthcare, and sustainable finance, and continues to be leader in global metals and mining. In the U.S., BMO Capital Markets focuses on mid-cap and growth companies. Wealth management services are provided to middle market clients through BMO subsidiary Harris Private Bank. In Canada, the firm caters to larger clients and is a major unde...

Employee Reviews

  • “Covid has changed the way we work. We get more flexibility now. The challenge is managing the new normal.”
  • “Small, high quality teams. People are hardworking and ambitious, but hours can be long and demanding.”
  • “People generally take breaks to eat and work out and take care of other things as needed. The firm says it wants juniors to take vacation, but it feels like it frowns upon people trying to take time off.”
  • “BMO states that it cares about work/life balance, but it is constantly understaffing the portfolio management teams and continues to hire more and more sales bankers (who don't have that much work to do).”
  • “The firm underpays in frothy markets but protects you somewhat in weak market cycles.”
  • “We have poor health care coverage—just one option that’s only high deductible and we don't have pay increases year over year.”
  • “There’s a significant amount of training for analysts, but as you move up to VP and director, there’s no training at all.”
  • “Mostly ad hoc on-the-job training.”
  • “Mentality is ‘move up or move out.’”
  • “BMO needs to promote more women to levels above VP. All other areas seem to be making significant improvement.”
  • “Low female, ethnic, and LGBTQ+ diversity.”
  • “Very active with United Way.”
  • “Leadership cares about employees and the soft issues more than any other investment bank I've worked for.”
  • “We’re focused on cutting expenses, which results in less perks for hardworking employees. There’s a lot of room to cut IB and CB salespeople that cover few names and don't really bring much profit into the bank. Management needs to realize there needs to be more PMs than sales guys. Management could appreciate more of the actual work behind underwriting, monitoring, and regulatory reporting.”
  • “Ambitious and looking at the right areas to grow.”
  • “Best aspect was getting live deal experience.”
  • “Best part was the rotational aspect. I got to work on two different desks. Worst part was it was difficult to add value without a license. Lots of shadowing, getting creative.”
  • “Best parts were the camaraderie and deal flow. Worst part was the long hours.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “Firm has been supportive and demonstrated initiative by publicly stating its objectives.”
  • “I think BMO is extremely focused on supporting diversity and inclusion for the black community.”
  • “Amazing in every aspect internally and externally.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The firm has been extremely effective with regards to Covid-19 and not forcing anyone into the workplace.”
  • “Understanding of our need for personal safety. Lots of tech issues, however.”
  • “Best: WFH options. Worst: reduced productivity, socialization, efficiency.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We seem to be targeting ethnic and female candidates to try to improve diversity.”
  • “Good robust process, getting to know candidate on personal and professional level.”
  • “Why would you like to work in banking?”
  • “Pretty standard questions.”

Perks & Benefits