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  • “When I was in training, hours were pretty bad—I was working 12 to 14 hours a day. Now that I’m full time and in the office, hours are very reasonable. Usually, my teammates ‘give me work if it’s too late in the day. Right now, I’m enjoying the work/life balance. Everyone I’ve been working with seems to enjoy their lives and are able to have lives outside of work, too.”
  • “Great flexibility in terms of when we choose to come into the office and leave. Work from home flexibility is also great. Worst aspect is the unavoidable late nights when a deadline needs to be hit and a lot of work is jammed at once.”
  • “It’s a great place to work because of the people and culture at the firm. I feel like I can ask questions and reach out to my peers when I need help. The push from upper management to go back to the office is clear, but I don’t feel that they’re listening to everyone's concerns/views on going back.”
  • “I’m on a product team that’s experiencing rapid growth, so there’s a significant amount of work at off-hours. Prior to releases, the hours can be long. However, management is supportive of flexibility and encourages us to make up the time if we need to work nights or weekends.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “They had us do a HireVue first-round interview, and then they emailed us to tell us we made it to the final round Super Day, which comprised of three final-round interviews in New York. They called me that night to offer me the internship. I believe the ideal candidate they’re seeking is someone who is intellectually curious, fits the people-centric culture, has knowledge about many different areas, can adapt to difficult situations and questions, and is a self-starter.”
  • “The ideal candidate the bank is seeking is someone who is a great team player and someone who takes ownership of their work. Someone who pays close attention to detail and can back any assumptions in their analysis. The bank did a great job of providing feedback in the interview process.”
  • “Smart, articulate individual who can clearly communicate their ideas. Doesn’t have to be technically savvy (finance or coding wise) but must be involved outside of school/work and show a willingness to work hard.”
  • “We’re looking for a good cultural fit, a candidate we think will be excellent at risk management, client-focused, and have strong collaboration, leadership, and teamwork skills. A positive attitude and good work ethic also goes a long way.”

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