Rehmann is one of the 35 largest U.S. accounting firms and has the largest tax practice in Michigan. Interns get extensive on-the-job training, real-time feedback, and a lot of support from senior managers. Full-time staff get technical trainings, the ability to transfer locations and departments, and mentors who help with skill development and career progression. The firm supports community involvement, and encourages staff to serve on boards of local governments and nonprofits.

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Michigan-based Rehmann is looking for well-rounded candidates with strong problem-solving skills and fit with the firm’s friendly, caring, collaborative culture. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, providing interns with on-the-job training, real-time feedback, and a lot of support and help from senior staff. For full-time associates, Rehmann provides numerous career development opportunities, including technical trainings, opportunities to transfer locations and departments, and mentors who help with skill development and career progression.

Although hours can be long during busy season, the firm goes to great lengths to support work/life balance. Flexible schedules and understanding of personal and family commitments are greatly appreciat...

About the Company

Rehmann is the 32nd largest accounting firm in the U.S. by annual revenues. The firm has the largest tax practice in Michigan, and its roots go back to 1941. Today, the 80-year-old firm provides accounting and assurance services; comprehensive technology, accounting, and human resource solutions; and specialized consulting and wealth management services. Rehmann’s industry expertise includes health care, financial institutions, government, education and not-for-profit, manufacturing, professional services, commercial, and private households. In addition to Michigan, the firm has offices in Ohio and Florida. It employs nearly 900 people and is led by Randy Rupp, its CEO.

Employee Reviews

  • “Our firm gets it. They truly support work/life integration, from our leaders down to our supervisors and peers. They know that we are more than just a Rehmann employee but have tons of other priorities and responsibilities outside of work, too. If we aren’t able to give those the time and attention that they deserve, we can’t be at our best at work, either.”
  • “I have three young children, and Rehmann allows me to work a reduced schedule to accommodate my life. It isn’t always a perfect work/life balance, but I don’t believe there is such a thing. The firm is flexible with my schedule, and I’m flexible to make sure I meet client and firm obligations.”
  • “Rehmann provides a lot of flexibility and control over completing your work, which makes work/life balance easier. Having said that, the public accounting industry in general requires a lot of hours, with clients that expect immediate responses, so the hours can be overwhelming at times. It’s hard to maintain a work/life balance while meeting client and work demands, keeping family commitments, and maintaining personal wellbeing, but Rehmann does try to work with you to achieve that. Although the vacation hours are generous, I historically have not been able to use them all given the work demands. Taking a week off requires working double before and after it feels like.”
  • “As an auditor, travel is part of the deal, so you really sign yourself up for it. I think management does a good job at evaluating your travel schedule and making sure you are getting a healthy balance of local/distant clients so that no one is traveling constantly. It’s also just kind of dependent on your industry/who your clients are and where they are located. Government auditors are going to travel more because they are going to different cities/counties/schools, while financial institution auditors have a handful of clients all in the same area. Since Covid, we haven’t traveled at all. The firm took a great approach to keeping their team and clients safe.”
  • “Our firm is consistency evaluating our benefit program, benchmarking with other firms and exploring new options. We are a smaller firm than, say, the Big 4 firms, so we don’t have as large of a budget, but we do a great job in utilizing our dollars. Our leaders listen to what is important to us and look for options that meet our needs.”
  • “Salary seems fair to me. Rehmann's policies on flex time and dress code are great. The 401(k) match could be better. I’d also prefer a conversion of PTO to payout given the inability to utilize it all.”
  • “The firm is competitive, salary-wise, with other firms. They were awesome this year—like many businesses, during Covid, we had a pay cut, and then later in the year we were fully restored and received back pay for the cut. The CEO delivered a video message and told us how much the firm appreciated all of us. Flexible hours and work schedules is great. I can't imagine working at a place that does not offer this. I like to work 6 to 3 while others work 9 to 6.”
  • “I feel like we have competitive compensation but tend to be at the lower end of the range. The other perks, including flexibility, more than make up for that.”
  • “Rehmann allows for great mobility to ensure that you have opportunities to stretch yourself, try new service lines, and develop critical business skills such as those around leadership, communication, etc. They also provide numerous opportunities to develop technical expertise. I love the mentorship of our leaders as well.”
  • “The firm is very flexible. People transfer locations and departments when it makes sense or they’re looking for a change. The firm has tremendous opportunities to develop and grow, and has amazing training programs. I felt the programs really helped to shape me as a leader.”
  • “If you want to advance, the best way is to talk with you supervisor and together map out a plan. Those who do this advance quickly. While Rehmann recognizes high achievers, as an associate you also are responsible for you career growth.”
  • “Rehmann provides the tools and resources for associates to develop their career paths and move forward. I was assigned a supervisor and a mentor, who both helped me identify and develop the skills I needed to progress. Associates can move forward on their own schedules, and there is a lot of opportunity to specialize in certain service lines or niches, if desired. There are many leadership training opportunities for those looking to progress in their careers, as well as regular technical trainings to keep up with industry change and best practices, and maintain licensure.”
  • “Although I don’t feel like there is a lot of diversity at Rehmann in terms of race or ethnicity, I think that is more of a product of the pool we can hire from than our intentional decisions. Rehmann has a women’s initiative network to act as a support system for women in this career. I feel we have a lot of women in high leadership positions.”
  • “We could do better with respect to race and LGBTQ+ hiring. We have expanded to hiring more diverse associates, but it is still predominantly white.”
  • “Our firm promotes community involvement and engagement. Associates are encouraged to serve on the boards of local governments and not-for-profits. Offices host and participate in community events. There are regular service opportunities to give back include a paid volunteer day.”
  • “Our firm supports our communities and encourages us to get involved. We are provided with one day of paid time for ‘diversity day’ and another paid day for to ‘make a difference’ in our communities.”
  • “We are continually looking to the future of the accounting profession, shifting our focus to areas that are emerging as areas of strength and working hard to become trusted business advisors for our clients. We also survey our associates twice a year, and the HR department takes those results and develops a plan for improving our benefits/morale. It’s broken down by office and department, and we discuss how to improve in all areas during local meetings.”
  • “We are looking to grow and continue to provide additional services to existing clients, where appropriate. There are training sessions and utilization of Salesforce to assist with business development. We do a good job of understanding new tax legislation and talking about it with clients to see if opportunity is there. We have had issues with employee morale and related associate turnover due to burnout. We are doing our best to touch base with associates, provide avenues for stress relief, and even out workloads. This past year, in particular, seemed harder on some associates than others.”
  • “Our leaders truly look out for our clients and associates. They make business decisions that are in the best interest of everyone, not just the owners. They invest in technology, people, and initiatives that will move us forward.”
  • “Outlook is positive. Leadership is doing a great job, updating strategies and visions to be ahead of the curve.”
  • “Good internship experience. You learn a lot. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. It was nice to see how many interns they hire full-time after internships.”
  • “Rehmann provided me with a ‘buddy’ to assist me with learning about the firm and expectations, and provided on-the-job training and real-time feedback to help me learn each new task.”
  • “I was able to assist with actual client work (I wasn’t running copies, grabbing coffee, etc.). I was also able to see an engagement from beginning to end (not just bits and pieces of various audits).”
  • “I came in pretty green, and met a great group of people who helped me learn and made me feel valued and supported. I started in tax, and not only was I supported by the tax team but I also had the opportunity to get to know other departments. This made me value the company as a whole, which ultimately led me to take a full-time position in audit. Since I was in a smaller office, I maybe didn't get the ‘full intern experience.’ I was the only one in my department. I felt more like a new staff—which had its own benefits.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “We have a wellness program through Vitality, which provides discounts on insurance if you get a certain amount of points, along with discounts and other purchasing power. We have had virtual yoga and other health challenges during the pandemic, which was in-person prior to being at home. Rehmann tries to provide avenues for mental and physical well-being.”
  • “We have an EAP, which provides counseling, legal assistance, etc. We also have a wellness plan that provides a discount on our health insurance if you reach a certain level (which is easy to do). In normal years, they provide a day of biometric testing in each office—this year, we had a virtual health fare. The Wellness Council provides quarterly health and mental health challenges, and our participation in that is well above the vendors normal benchmark.”
  • “Mental health is a HUGE topic in our firm. We have a multitude of programs available if you’re struggling with anything. There are also semi-monthly firm-wide yoga sessions on Zoom, you are encouraged to take mental health breaks during the day (to walk or stretch or just relax), and we utilize Vitality for both physical health and mental health. There are monthly incentives for completing various ‘healthy’ activities, including the aforementioned items. There are monthly ‘competitions,’ which sometimes just include taking a picture of a new healthy recipe that you tried and sharing it on our intranet. Those are all entered into a raffle-style drawing and the winner gets an Amazon gift card. Small, cool things to keep people engaged and thinking about more than just work work work, deadline deadline deadline.”
  • “All employees are encouraged to join the Vitality program. It is a good program with lots of information pertaining to well-being. There are numerous initiatives and activities to join such as walking challenges, mindfulness challenges, etc.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “I believe the firm sent an internal email, which was good to see support from that perspective. However, I do not think it is a good business decision for a mid-tier accounting firm to pull itself into cultural or political issues from an external perspective, regardless of merits.”
  • “Our firm is neutral regarding these issues, which is what I would expect from a business. Taking one side or the other would not be professional and could create strife within the firm. Instead, they remind associates that we are unique individuals who should respect one another.”
  • “They put out a general email acknowledging the terrible things happening, letting us know the firm was here to support whatever we needed during this time, asking what they could do to help us and our neighbors, and saying that the firm stands behind our diverse culture, etc. It was a very politically correct type of firmwide email.”
  • “In my opinion, we fell short in our response to the events of 2020. While we strive to hire the best candidates and hire using fair labor standards, we don’t go above and beyond to reach out to a more diverse pool of candidates.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The firm has done a great job related to the global pandemic and has put employees first in continuing to assess what makes sense, such as keeping offices closed and keeping most employees 100 percent remote. Communication has been even better during the pandemic than before.”
  • “We were all instructed to work from home when the country shut down in March 2020. We have a small crew at each office to take care of work that needed to be onsite. they have kept us informed of what was going on with the firm, by email, zoom meetings and video messages. They adapted quickly to the new way of doing business. They made sure we all have the tools we need to work from home. They have surveyed us to find out who will come back to the office when it is time. No one is going to be forced to go back to the office if they are not comfortable with it.”
  • “Although Covid presented tons of uncertainty at the front end, I have more confidence in our firm and leaders than ever. They were constantly evaluating the impacts of Covid on our firm, our clients, and our associates. Although there were tough decisions that needed to be made frequently, they always kept our values like ‘Putting People First’ at the forefront. Our firm has thrived, and so have our clients and associates as a result.”
  • “Very impressed by how quickly our firm was able to go remote—practically overnight. I have never felt pressured to go into the office or go to public locations during the entire pandemic for work and appreciate that very much.”

Why Work Here

If you’re here, you’re looking for something more. More opportunity, more impact, more purpose. For 80 years we’ve been helping associates unlock their potential. Our people are our greatest asset and we actively work to provide programs and benefits that align with their needs and goals. Rehmann’s people are drawn to helping others, crave collaboration, cultivate relationships, and strive to maximize their potential. We put people first in all that we do. We focus on the business of business – allowing companies and individuals to focus on what makes them extraordinary. When you join Rehmann, you become part of a Firm dedicated to helping Empower Your Purpose, whatever it may be. 

Getting Hired Here

  • “There is usually an initial interview by someone in HR or recruiting, followed by an interview with the people you would be working with. Experienced hires have more detailed questions on various topics, while intern and staff hires have more questions on their attitudes and ability to work as a team.”
  • “Our firm is seeking candidates who aren’t just great fits for today but candidates who we see future potential in. We are looking for well-rounded individuals who have shown leadership and initiative in their campus, community, workplace, etc.—those can be future leaders at Rehmann. We also strive to ensure that a candidate will be a great cultural fit at the firm. Someone can have a great GPA or resume, but if they don't fit into our team-based, collaborative, people-focused culture, there won’t be a long-term fit.”
  • “Rehmann is seeking those candidates who have ‘can-do’ attitudes. They look at problems and see possible solutions, not hopeless issues. We’re seeking candidates who are flexible, since change is constant.”
  • “Ideal candidate is a motivated, self-starter who is coachable.”
  • “Describe a time that you were working on a group project and something went wrong. What did you do to reconcile the situation? This question tells a lot about the ability to adapt, deal with stress, and how well you work with others.”
  • “Do you prefer to perform your work duties in a solitary or team-based environment? How have you effectively responded to change in your past employment endeavors? What are your short and long-term career objectives? And why do you feel working at Rehmann will help you achieve those objectives?”
  • “What are your interests? Why do you feel the position is right for you?
  • “Why should we hire you? What are some of your strengths? Describe the perfect office culture. What are you looking for in a position?”

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