Plante Moran is one of the largest and most highly respected U.S. accounting firms. For more than 20 years, it’s been one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” The firm offers interns hands-on experience, networking opportunities with partners, and a “buddy” program. Full-time staff get to rotate through various areas and meet with seniors to speak about career goals. There are dedicated D&I groups for women, Black employees, LGBTQ+ individuals, and veterans.

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Plante Moran is ideally looking for intelligent, adaptable, confident problem solvers who are eager to learn, have leadership potential, and can hold a conversation. The firm’s internship program receives rave reviews. Plante Moran interns get good training, hands-on experience, and the ability to interact and network with upper-level staff and partners. In addition, a ‘buddy’ program for interns is highly effective. For its full-time staff, Plante Moran offers numerous career development opportunities, including the ability to work within various areas of the firm and regular meetings with senior members of the firm to speak about career goals.

Although busy season hours can be long, the firm goes to great lengths to ensure staff have a healthy work/life balance...

About the Company

Now in its 97th year of operation, Plante Moran is one of the largest accounting firms in the U.S., as measured by annual revenues. It’s headquartered in Southfield, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, and has been on a major growth streak in recent years. It’s added several hundred staff members and several dozen partners, as well as combining with Denver-based accounting firm EKS&H in 2018. Today, Plante Moran employs more than 3,300 people in 25 offices. It has domestic offices in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio, and international offices in China, India, Japan, and Mexico.

The firm serves clients in the following areas: audit, tax, consulting, and wealth management. Well known for its team-oriented culture, Plante Moran has been named one of “America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms” by Forbes, one of the “Best and Bright...

Employee Reviews

  • “The firm has a great FTO (flex time off) policy that we are encouraged to use, even when you’re new. My department is very respectful and understanding of family and personal commitments, especially in the new strange work-from-home Covid environment.”
  • “For the most part, you are in control of your time. There are obviously some busier seasons and deadlines that must be met, but outside of that you have flexibility to take the time off you want or need, as long as you communicate, meet your goals, and honor your work commitments.”
  • “Generous flexible time off policy, and management is willing to try their best to accommodate whatever schedule you may need. Like all accounting firms, tax season is super busy and being granted time off during tax season can be difficult.”
  • “The genuine concern for everyone's health, wellbeing, and life outside of work is refreshing and permeates the entire firm culture. Members of the firm have shown that they are willing to go above and beyond to help one another during difficult times, and I have not met anyone who declines to help another person because ‘that's not their job.’ Everyone pitches in to help everyone else have a balance that works for them, as much as humanly possible.”
  • “We have a great paid maternity and paternity policy—even new dads get six fully paid weeks, which is amazing. I love not feeling that I need to be chained to my desk from 8 to 5, the flexibility is nice, and we are not micromanaged. My job level does not qualify for bonuses. Insurance benefits are good, and the staff cost is very low for single people but a bit expensive for entire families.”
  • “Pay is fair, and there weren’t any furloughs or pay reductions as a result of the pandemic. Also, bonuses and 401(k) match were paid in full, along with raises (deferred six months) and additional technology, home office, and home exercise equipment reimbursements.”
  • “Plante Moran continues to invest in staff members’ overall wellness (physical, mental, health, financial) to offer fitness reimbursements, child care support, 401(k) and pension options. The firm was very responsive to support families working from home and offer options to supplement home office purchases and additional funds to support educating children from home.”
  • “Comp and benefits programs are first rate. Base salaries can be a little lock stepped based on level, but it is made up for in bonus program.”
  • “If you have a desire to try out another area and speak up, most, if not all partners are willing to help you get some experience in that area. The firm knows that if you’re not happy, you either won’t do good work or won’t stay long, so they want to retain good staff, even if that means letting you try something in a different area.”
  • “You have compass meetings three to four times yearly to talk about your goals and career path with the people most involved in your career. HR is willing to entertain ideas of transfer within the firm that make sense and benefit both the staff member and firm.”
  • “I’ve had fellowships and exposure to several of our different service groups over the course of my career. These experiences served two purposes: 1) to build my personal skill set, and 2) to present an opportunity to potentially permanently transfer to the new group if the work was of long-term interest to me.”
  • “Each staff is assigned a team of partners that are involved in development. Meetings are held regularly with the team to discuss career development and goals. If there are areas of interest, the firm will find a way to get you involved. Opportunities are better here than at other firms/companies I have worked.”
  • “We have a great Pride group that has monthly calls. We also had a presentation from the Matthew Shepherd Foundation. I'd love to see more women-focused groups. We do have a women-in-leadership group, but it’s targeted more at senior-level staff.”
  • “Firm has dedicated groups to focus on work/life balance, women in leadership, LGBTQ+ individuals, and diversity. While each office also supports a philanthropic effort, this could potentially be increased.”
  • “Extremely encouraging culture that supports diversity initiatives and encourages staff to become involved in their communities.”
  • “The firm is rolling out an initiative in 2021 called Year of Understanding to help continue these efforts and spark change. Also, there is an LGBTQ+ group that meets monthly and is open to everyone in the firm. In terms of philanthropic practices, PM selects a charity/organization each to volunteer and donate to.”
  • “I think leadership is very transparent with staff and has been very honest and open about challenges the firm faces, as well as the progress we've made and goals we’ve hit.”
  • “Love the leadership here. It’s real, thoughtful, genuine, caring, relatable. Due to Covid, the firm needed to put a freeze on increases and bonuses, but after we weathered the storm, remaining bonus and raises were given to staff.”
  • “We stick out from our competition in so many ways with our holistic approach to client service. Our business outlook comes from our client loyalty and one-firm-firm philosophy, and we are confident in our future growth.”
  • “Revenue continues to grow despite the pandemic, and the outlook, while still uncertain, looks generally positive. We’ve adapted to the work-from-home environment rather well and have been successful in bringing on new clients in this remote environment. Our strong culture has kept the staff engaged, though we’re all looking forward to returning to the office and meeting with clients again—even if there is more ability to work remotely post-pandemic.”
  • “Plante Moran made me feel right at home and provided me with the same work that a full-time staff would have with the firm, which was very exciting. They also had a unique volunteer event during the internship (building playhouses for local Detroit children), which was very rewarding.”
  • “You get introduced to the PM culture and set up with a ‘buddy’ and mentor to go to for questions and advice. You also get to participate in an intern summit where the interns from all offices come together and team build, network, and learn about the firm history and culture. You get to network with everyone up to partners at the firm and are never once looked at or treated like an intern.”
  • “The best parts were: I was involved in decisions that matter to the company, the upper level staff and partners spent the time to get to know me (the chief marketing officer had even set aside time to meet with me one-on-one during my internship), I was given important work that challenged me, and I learned so much in such a short time.”
  • “Wide range of experience, informative training, amazing ‘buddy’ program that kept me engaged. Hands-on work with partners.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Plante Moran has a bunch of wellness initiatives, including virtual counseling access, gym/lifestyle reimbursement, and many online resources promoting wellness. The most recent initiative was giving all staff a retroactive expense on home gym equipment up to $800 during the pandemic and to continue to buy-in to staff’s wellness while gyms were closed.”
  • “There's a substantial Employee Assistance Program, wellness incentives like paid rewards for getting your annual physical, and athletic reimbursements for gym membership and home equipment (for Covid time period only). They genuinely want you to be at your best.”
  • “50 percent athletic reimbursement, $200 wellness reward for getting an annual physical, opportunity to earn $50 gift card through the firm's medical insurance provider (Aetna) for completing wellness journeys online.”
  • “We have an athletic membership reimbursement policy normally, but this year the firm changed the policy temporarily to allow us to use the funds for at-home equipment purchases, which is normally not allowed. It was a very nice perk during Covid, as most of our offices are in states where gyms were shut down for long periods.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We start with interviews on campus, followed by an interview at the office with an HR/recruiter, partner, and more senior staff/manager. Usually within two weeks we then notify the prospect of any internship or full-time offers. We also try to be mindful of any competing offers they may have, so as not to leave them in a spot where they are making a decision somewhere else without knowing our decision. Our ideal candidate is someone who is committed, eager to learn, shows confidence and leadership potential, and has the ability to effectively problem solve.”
  • “I interviewed with two partners and one tax manager. It was conversational, and I had a nice time. Then I went for coffee with two audit staff for a more relaxed place to ask questions. We want someone with the education level who can hold a conversation. Especially if you want to be an auditor, we need to know you can represent us well to clients and make competent small talk. They’ll teach you the rest.”
  • “For inexperienced hires, the interview is fairly causal. There are a few formal/typical interview questions, but, for the most part, they want to see that you can communicate, hold a conversation, and are excited about the firm.”
  • “While being a strong performer is valued highly, Plante Moran does not stop there. Based on my phone screening and interview, it was very clear that they were looking for an intelligent, adaptable, competent high performer who also fit well with the firm's culture. When hiring, no matter how long that important role has been left unfilled, they want to ensure that they are getting the right person for the job.”
  • “I was asked about workplace culture dealbreakers, how I would handle various situations, about my expertise and previous role, and about some of my core values as a person. They asked many questions regarding my personality and how I work with others.”
  • “The firm focuses on behavioral based interviewing, asking candidates to share about experiences from their lives where they faced and overcame challenges, learned from mistakes, or took advantage of opportunities to grow.”
  • “Describe how you performed in a leadership role. Describe how you responded to a disappointing performance evaluation.”
  • “Why do you want to work at Plante Moran? What type of environment suits you best?”

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