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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Ann Arbor, MI


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Wendy Morga - Human Resources

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “The firm’s culture is one where they put the staff and client welfare and needs first before profits and revenue. This was clearly proven beginning March 2020 when the partner group came together and made vital decisions as the pandemic started to unravel. The firm has an open-door policy where partners, managers, staff, and admin will always make themselves available and are willing to answer questions and give direction. We have instituted a Work for Your Day initiative so staff can feel comfortable choosing a balance between working from home as well as onsite in the office. There are peak busy times, which do require additional hours in order to fulfill our clients’ needs and adhere to our standards of client satisfaction. However, partners and management continue to remind and strongly encourage staff to take FTO to unwind, regroup, and enjoy personal/family time.”

  • “Like many accounting firms, the work/life balance is tough. During busy seasons you should expect to be working long hours during the week and at least eight hours on weekend days. During slower periods, it's a lot easier to take time off to recharge. The firm has a culture of encouraging you to take breaks, especially during busy season, and understands that flexibility may be needed to ensure a work/life balance. In that regard I think Plante Moran is much better than other firms.”

  • “Our firm promotes having a quality of life and stresses taking vacation and how we bring the whole person to work. Thus, it is important that the whole person is taking care of themselves. Public accounting is a service industry, so there are times when we have to work more than we like, but Plante Moran focuses on looking at the overall big picture to ensure on average your quality of life and work/life balance is in balance.”

  • “The firm’s FTO policy is a true FTO policy. I've been able to take off whenever I needed. My work schedule is 9 to 5:30 but has always been flexible. If I need to make a change/have an appointment, I’ve never had a problem taking the time off. Family really does come first, and I know this first-hand when I had a family emergency. There isn't a worst aspect from what I've seen.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We have a very strong HR team who continually reviews resumes and interviews candidates. I'm sure they are looking for candidates who are highly motivated and willing to learn and grow professionally within the firm.”

  • “Very efficient HR process. HR staff is available to answer questions you have about the firm after the interview. The testing process and hiring process was smooth and quick when I was hired. Looking for well-rounded, hardworking, and very personable candidates who not only get along well with external clients but also with internal clients and team members. Looking for those who want to continue to learn, remain challenged, enjoy working on new opportunities, have initiative and drive to excel, and have potential to succeed.”

  • “The firm is always looking for intelligent and fun people to help serve its clients and add value to the firm. They have an extensive recruiting and hiring process. Usually, this involves a group meeting, either virtually or in person as circumstances allow, followed by a one-on-one call/meeting with a partner or manager.”

  • “Most interviews are get-to-know-you conversations. I had five interviews with the firm—one on campus, which consisted of getting to know me, and three on-site interviews in one day with various departments and experience levels. One interview featured traditional interview questions, while the other two were more like coffee chats; they just wanted to get to know me. My final interview was with a different department and only featured get-to-know-me questions and questions about my resume. It was clear that the firm was looking for the right people and wasn't just hiring anyone.”

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