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10,001+ Employees


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Most Prestigious Accounting Firms


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Audit & assurance


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New York (HQ)


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Victor Wahba

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Employee Reviews

  • “I believe the firm is significantly focused on improving culture and transitioning to a culture focused on recognition. There have been several areas where the firm has recently improved, such as with a flexible workforce policy with a flex-hour arrangement for all employees. Maternity leave planning and guidance is in the process of being released. PDO is generous but underutilized in certain areas. There is supposed to be a campaign on how to plan for PDO, encouraging PDO, etc.”
  • “During busy season, there is little quality of life or work/life balance. There is just busy season. But, outside of that, the firm has great policies in place that allow us to have a great work/life balance. Also, my job requires me to travel for work, but since the pandemic I have only gone to one audit, and it was only an hour round trip.”
  • “It can be difficult to use vacation times, because engagements are set so far in advance. The number of hours worked during the summer is reasonable for sure. But during the winter and spring, the hours make it very difficult to achieve a work/life balance. To be fair, however, this has been addressed to some extent through some firm initiatives when remote working began.”
  • “Before the pandemic you could not work from home, which made it difficult to do the things you needed to. Now, with that ability, you can work online anytime and finish the job, and take care of personal things in your life much easier.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The recruiting process is highly personal and responsive, and the ideal candidate is someone with an interest in learning and developing skills, taking on responsibility, and growing their career.”
  • “The hiring process is very comparative to other firms in the area in terms of requirements and expectations of experience, etc. I found the hiring process to be great. I had an initial phone call with the recruiter, and she set up my next interview. I had an interview with the OMP, head of HR, and a manager and senior manager on the team. The recruiter called me the next day to say they really liked me and were planning to make an offer. I got my offer a few days or a week later, so it was great to have the recruiter call me and ease my nerves while I waited.”
  • “It involved a phone interview and then three consecutive 30-minute interviews that went by very smoothly. We’re looking for competent employees eager to learn.”
  • “Our firm is selective and looking for passion and curiosity, in addition to technical and professional excellence.”