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Grassi is one of the 100 largest accounting firms in the U.S. Its interns get hands-on experience and work alongside senior managers. Its full-time staff have access to strong training, a great mentoring program, and a very generous benefit package. Grassi takes diversity and inclusion seriously, and has a women’s council that regularly holds events.

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Grassi is looking for hardworking, positive, self-motivated candidates with strong communication and teamwork skills. For students, the firm offers internships in which interns get hands-on experience working alongside senior staff, who are willing to help interns and answer any questions they might have. For full-time staff, Grassi offers many career development opportunities, including strong training and a mentoring program.

Busy season hours can be long, but the firm promotes work/life balance and offers generous vacation time. Salaries, perks, and benefits are also generous. Medical and dental insurance get very good reviews, while some insiders count it as a negative that the firm offers a cash balance plan instead of 401(k) matching.


About the Company

Founded in 1980 by Lou Grassi, Grassi is now one of the 100 largest tax, accounting, and business advisory firms in the U.S., as measured by annual revenues. The firm has also been ranked among the 20 largest accounting firms in the New York City area and the second largest on Long Island.

Based in Jericho, N.Y., the firm has New York offices in Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester County, as well as offices in New Jersey, Florida, and the Greater Boston area. The firm also has two offices in Italy, one in Milan, and one in Rome.

Grassi is an independent member firm of Moore North America, an arm of Moore Global, an international association with over 260 independent accounting and consulting firms with approximately 30,000 people total in over 110 countries.

Employee Reviews

  • “There is a lot of work to be done, and it has to be done to keep the clients happy, and that puts pressure on the staff to be available. The pressure is not from the firm, but there is pressure to please the client to succeed.”
  • “Long hours are required in our industry to complete audit and tax work, but the firm culture is compassionate and caring. They genuinely try to unite associates, and are generous and grateful for our effort.”
  • “Overall, Grassi is better than some firms in terms of overall hours worked. Taking vacation time is easy in the sense that they generally would not deny vacation time (outside of busy season), but difficult in the sense that there is so much to be done year-round that there never feels like a good time to take vacation.”
  • “Definitely some long hours, but the firm is pretty generous with holidays and provides a great work/life balance. They are understanding of your needs outside of the office. They support you and want you to grow.”
  • “The best aspect of the overall salary, benefits, and perks is that they are very competitive compared to what else is out there. The one negative would be not having a 401(k) match, which is a huge incentive that many firms do offer.”
  • “I think Grassi pays its best people very competitive salaries, especially recently. The company contributes 2 percent of salary into a cash balance plan, which is nice but maybe not as much as other companies might be matching in 401(k) contributions.”
  • “The profit-sharing plan is an excellent benefit, our vacation time policy is very generous (maybe too much so), and we definitely are generous with regards to free food/beverage and casual dress policy and flexible hours. Overall, there are excellent benefits and perks. The salary and bonus is slightly better than average, but could be better for excellent performers and hard workers, particularly those who have been with the firm for a long time.”
  • “The firm gives great salary and benefits. The medical and dental coverage is amazing, along with the firm paying for long-term disability and life insurance. The 401(k) plan allows you to enter as much as you want or need. The gym reimbursement is also an amazing benefit to promote a healthy lifestyle.”
  • “So many opportunities. If you can dream it, you can be it. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit to help the firm progress, the firm is behind you. Not sure it is considered a downside but the focus on industry niches may make it more difficult to change industries if desired in the future.”
  • “If you put in the work and show your ability, you will get promoted fairly quickly. Also, there are many trainings to increase knowledge.”
  • “I feel that they have a great mentorship program where you have a peer mentor, a manager, and a partner assigned who you can talk with about career trajectory and anything else. Also, everyone else is available to you.”
  • “The firm makes a concerted effort to ensure there’s growth and mobility within the company and rewards hard work with promotions, raises, bonuses, etc. If you show hard work and commitment, there’s always a growth opportunity within the firm.”
  • “I think the firm strives to foster and support diversity efforts. However, I'm used to seeing a lot of white, straight employees around the office. I'm confident that, as was my case, if a great POC/LGBTQ+ individual came along, the firm would treat them no different in terms of hiring and the overall employment process. The firm takes diversity and inclusion very seriously, but the industry doesn’t usually appear very diverse to the eyes.”
  • “Firm is very giving. Attitude from the top is responsible, encouraging, and understanding. It flows through to everyday life, after-work activities, and community support.”
  • “Our firm has a women’s council, which regularly holds events.”
  • “The firm did a nice panel event for MLK’s birthday. We used to do a community event but have not the last couple years.” 
  • “Our firm is constantly innovating and adapting. We handled the pandemic extremely well, with no pay cuts and no layoffs. I am positive we can handle anything that is thrown at us.”
  • “The firm’s leadership has done a great job communicating the pros and cons of our outlook and what we need to do to ‘weather the storm’ as a firm and team.”
  • “The CEO is committed to changing with the times, and we’re doing everything we can to be there for clients during these hard times. We hosted many open webinars for businesses across the country to help offer guidance on all things Covid, including PPP loans, payroll, etc.”
  • “The firm has a very bright future, with tremendous growth opportunities. As the firm grows, it needs to continue to build the appropriate infrastructure to handle this success.”
  • “The best aspects of my internship experience included gaining exposure to multiple audits in various industries and getting to know everyone at the firm.”
  • “The best aspects of my internship were how welcoming the staff was, the amazing culture at the firm, how willing and ready the staff was to help and guide me, and how much work I was given and trusted with.”
  • “Very knowledgeable and approachable staff members who are willing to guide you through the process. My intern colleagues were very nice and hardworking as well.”
  • “I am currently an intern here, and it has been nothing but an all-around pleasant experience. Everyone is always willing to help out and answer any questions I have, and the instructions/teaching I have received from managers and associates has been excellent. I am learning a great deal about the industry by coming into work every day.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “The benefit of a gym reimbursement allows employees the motivation to stay fit and healthy and get their money reimbursed.”
  • “There are occasional wellness events. I wouldn't say we are leader in this area, but we are not ignoring it.”
  • “There are a few initiatives for wellness, but there could be more.”
  • “They seem to really care about their employees and offer a lot of resources for wellness.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and the BLM Movement     

  • “We did have a company meeting on MLK, Jr. Day, and they said they’re working to create a group that handles topics like these and to promote awareness. I do not know if they made any statements regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, but I know that they are very inclusive.”
  • “Our firm’s CEO has sent out statements and had company-wide discussions regarding this.”
  • “It is important that we are diverse but not important to make a public statement about it.”
  • “I have no knowledge of a response. However, we had a good program for MLK remembrance day that was well attended, received, and appreciated.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “The CEO and partners were on top of the firm’s response from day one. We moved to a WFH schedule exclusively, but an effort was made to have weekly zoom happy hours and weekly check-ins with the CEO. There are some work-related things affected by C that are out of anyone’s control, but my firm’s leadership did everything they could to give us insight into the firm's outlook. They didn’t lay off a single person due to Covid, and I think that is pretty impressive.”
  • “No negatives. We were working the whole time, helping out businesses with PPP loans. We have been able to safely return to our offices and client sites. I know firms have faced layoffs due to the decrease in work, but we were busy the whole time.”
  • “Staff are broken out into teams and rotate days in-house and WFH to keep staff safe. Lots of hand sanitizer and cleaning products are available throughout the office for staff to help themselves.”
  • “The firm is doing everything it can do to keep employees and clients safe and still continue to run a business in the current situation.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview and callback process with Grassi was well-organized and straightforward. I believe the ideal candidate that my firm is seeking is a hardworking individual who is willing to learn and has a positive personality.”
  • “The ideal candidate I believe we are seeking is one that presents well, is hardworking and organized, and willing to learn and share new ideas.”
  • “I was first set up with a phone interview with HR, then brought in to the office to speak with someone who was just above me, another HR rep, and one of the partners. Ideal candidate for an auditing position in this firm is someone who has great communication skills, and is comfortable working in a team environment and with other people.”
  • “The ideal candidate is intelligent and self-motivated, takes personal responsibility, and is reasonably extroverted (or at least can act extroverted when needed).”
  • “Describe your past experiences. What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
  • “They question experience, how situations would be handled, reasons for leaving, and thoughts on certain issues, and look for tangible experience.”
  • “No real ‘case’ questions per se, but variations of the usual ‘tell me about yourself’ question and specific technical questions from whatever is on your resume.”
  • “Talked about job experience in the past. Where do you see yourself in the firm in the future years from now?”

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