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  • “My job satisfaction is great. The first year I was able to see a mix of various types of clients, and as I found out what I enjoyed doing, the firm was there to guide me in that direction. I now have a ton of jobs that I genuinely love to work on thanks to the firm's ability to see my fondness towards this specific market.”
  • “In the tax department we truly operate as a team. The cooperative efforts we share to accomplish the job make it a pleasure to work here. Most individuals are anxious to help one another. There is a minimum of outside social interaction at the moment; it would be nice to include some downtime after hours either on a monthly or quarterly basis.”
  • “There are weeks that can be long, but that is something known before you start your career, and, if you don't know, you find out fast enough. There are other shorter and less stressful weeks that make up for the longer weeks.”
  • “My immediate supervisor has been flexible with my scheduling—as long as I get the work done. He is tough but fair, and while I have burned the midnight oil on occasion (and sometimes the 2 a.m. oil!), he has not expressed any issue on those days when I come in late or have to leave early to handle familial responsibilities, as along as the work gets done when he needs it done. It is difficult not to be satisfied with that.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm's interview and callback process is rather intense. There are multiple rounds of interviews. I had one at my college and one at the office. Candidates are interviewed by a wide range of employees, from seniors up to partners, which allows them to have a range of perceptions. I believe the ideal candidate my firm is seeking is someone who is not only smart, knowledgeable, and determined, but also someone who can fit into the culture of our firm. It is one thing to be good at what you do, but it is another to have the drive to learn and better yourself, as well as have a personality that fits in well with your fellow employees.”
  • “In the intern search we had over 500 applications for 11 positions. It was extremely competitive. It is a little less competitive for experienced level positions but still tough. Generally, if selected from his or her resume, a candidate has a phone interview with someone in HR and then is recommended to the office. They have an office interview with at least three people at different levels and always including a partner. After that and maybe a few follow-up questions, a decision is made.”

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