DHG is the largest accounting firm headquartered in the South. Career development opportunities include internal mobility options, good training offerings, and an “anytime feedback” policy. DHG has a family-like culture and allows staff to create flexible schedules. D&I is a focus—a women’s program empowering women in the workplace is particularly effective.

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  • “I have to give credit to our CEO, who has really acknowledged that the millennial generation has different wants and needs than the current generation and has pushed partners to make adjustments to their work style in order to support a different culture.”
  • “DHG values the time you give to them as an employee and empathizes with the fact that this means less time with family. Therefore, leadership is very willing to work with you to make sure you have a life beyond numbers. However, public accounting in general is a profession that demands a lot of your time. If you aren't prepared for this, it can come as a shock with the busyness begins.”
  • “As more flexibility such as working remotely is offered, there is less interaction among members of the assurance department, as we are always scattered at clients, working from home or working in the office at different times. This has hurt culture to some degree. However, DHG is very in tune with these types of things, and an internal survey has already pointed that out the office is implementing new ideas to help bring us all back together on a regular basis to build team and culture.”
  • “The firm does a great job of promoting healthy living and provides adequate paid time off and flexible schedules. The nature of the job does require travel and long hours at times, so there are times when you are unable to take vacation or have flexibility.”
  • “Besides during busy season, the firm is very flexible when it comes to taking vacation or using PTO for small occasions. I do not have to travel, but that is because I am in tax. Audit staff people have to travel frequently. During busy season, we have long hours, but in our office, we do not experience those 80- or 90-hour workweeks you hear about with other firms. Our partner will tell us to go home if we hit about 65 or 70 hours. During the rest of the year, we work a normal 40-hour week.”
  • “Regarding salary at DHG, we have salary transparency so I know that I am making a similar salary to my peers and I am able to see my earnings potential. This is taken very seriously. When it was implemented, my salary was bumped up significantly to bring me in line with my peers. Kudos to DHG for being transparent! But I wish we had a better 401(k) company-matching program, and the gym reimbursement is minimal. It covers about half the cost of an average YMCA membership. It doesn't exactly match what they tout in Energy for Life.”
  • “The salaries in the accounting industry just aren't up to par with other careers. It isn't firm-specific, but for the amount of work and time expected out of lower staff, there should be an increase in salaries. I am not talking about a ridiculous amount, but raising Staff 1 base salary to $55,000, for example, would be a good improvement. I also feel that Staff who have received a graduate degree should have a different base salary than those that do not. Benefits and perks at DHG are great, however!”
  • “I feel that we are fairly compensated, for the most part. However, our bonuses do not seem to be on track with some of the larger accounting firms.”
  • “Benefits and perks are great. Salary is below what's offered by other companies competing for the same talent for the experience and job requirements. I think the bonuses could be stronger given firm performance. Overall, though, I feel fairly compensated, and the compensation process is very transparent.”
  • “We have many informal and formal career development items in place. We have an employee recognition program called RAVE, and we have recently implemented a new performance enrichment program that allows for ‘anytime feedback’ that is requested at the employee level. This puts all employees in the driver seat of their career. We also have many opportunities for mobility within the firm, and I have witnessed many individuals move to different offices for better opportunities or life changes. I am personally in the process of performing a two-year rotation with our Professional Standards Group, which governs our assurance practice.”
  • “The best aspect of the firm’s development opportunities would be the movement of ‘driving your own career.’ The firm encourages employees to have career conversations, explore different areas/industries, and even managing their own schedules. It allows us to put an individual spin on our growth and push our potential.”
  • “The people in the firm are very helpful and have an open-door policy. It is easy to get constructive criticism when requested. If you are willing to put in the work and effort, I believe the firm provides individuals with ample opportunities to succeed.”
  • “I have been very impressed with the newly implemented ‘anytime feedback’ program. It has initiated some very helpful conversations. I was also very surprised that within two weeks of casually mentioning an interest in another service line during one of our formal mentoring sessions, I had a month-long rotation lined up with that group.”
  • “The firm recently implemented a new committee in each office called the Impact Committee. We have five themes: health, financial, teams, sustainability, and community. This has really caused us to expand our horizons and plan some different events, outside of the normal happy hours. For example, our office has tried to move away from plastic water cups and paper coffee cups; we held a toy drive in December and were able to donate LOTS of toys to children in need; we have sponsored teams for multiple races around Atlanta; we held a financial ‘lunch and learn’; we did a Pilates class in the office; we brought in Junior Achievement to speak to the office about how we can help volunteer (and now we are doing a volunteer day in March!). As far as diversity goes, we have a lot of women in our office, and I have never once felt like I was at a disadvantage for being a woman. I still think we could do more to bring in more diversity to the office; we definitely do not push it away but not sure we necessarily attract it enough.”
  • “DHG is very diverse and continuously trying to improve in terms of diversity. DHG has a diversity of inclusion council that is in charge of promoting diversity and inclusion within our firm. DHG has a Women Forward program, which was created to support women in the workplace. They bring in various guest speakers to address the group and present on topics such as overcoming barriers, confidence in the workplace, etc. Our firm also has a few female part-time partners who have young children at home, which allows them to fulfill both the responsibility of being a professional and a mother. Last year, DHG was a bronze sponsor at the Capital Pride Festival in Washington, D.C. Finally, as a first-year associate, DHG sent me to attend the ASCEND leadership conference for Pan-Asian Americans. From the examples mentioned, it is very clear that DHG places an emphasis on celebrating diversity.”
  • “DHG has a huge focus on diversity and inclusion. The focus that they place on women and other diversity issues in the workplace was one of the reasons that I chose to work for the firm. The only issue that I have seen is that in my office in Virginia there is not a whole lot of racial diversity. I do not believe that this reflects in any way on firm policy but perhaps just the way that the cards fell for public accounting in the city as a whole.”
  • “Our firm recently won an award for its inclusion and diversity practices from a local organization, so that goes to show the kind of priority we put on that. We have quite a few women in leadership roles, which is really encouraging as a woman coming into the firm to feel like the odds aren't against me. The only slightly negative thing is the fact that we still feel kind of conservative in the fact that certain minorities are not really strongly represented. I know that this is on DHG's radar and is something we're working on.”
  • “Our firm’s leadership team leads by example. They work hard and make an effort to know everyone in the firm, which makes employees feel needed and appreciated.”
  • “I really enjoy hearing from our CEO through his blog. I feel like we have a positive business outlook and I’m excited to be part of the DHG team. We have an engagement survey every year, and our office has focus groups to help respond to areas that need improvement.”
  • Most of our leaders are genuinely interested in making sure our people are happy and given the best opportunities. At times, regarding hours and analyzing/comparing chargeable hours, morale decreases even if everyone has put forth their best effort. Communication regarding this topic could be improved, but overall it is sufficient.
  • “We’re in a period of transition. We're not a small firm anymore. Our firm is growing quickly growing, and I am very confident in the partners' ability to win new engagements, so much so that I’m more concerned about how we’ll continue to find employees to sufficiently staff new engagements. DHG is an up-and-coming firm to be certain.”
  • “Interns receive a great experience. They get to spend time with partners and managers. Their job responsibilities are similar to first year hires.”
  • “I was an intern during the tax busy season. It was high volume, but I learned a lot throughout my internship. All staff was helpful when I had questions or concerns. The internship required more than 40 hours per week of my time. The initial training courses held in Charlotte were insightful, but maybe a little too advanced for someone trying to learn the basics. It had me discouraged before I started.”
  • “The internship experience at DHG was amazing. As an intern, I was able to dabble in both tax and audit, which was convenient since it can be hard to truly know whether you’d like to work in audit or tax solely from classes in these areas. It gave me a great glimpse into my future at the firm and showed me the true culture of the firm. It also made me fall in love with working for DHG.”
  • “I was exposed to a number of different projects as an intern. I really appreciated the fact that I was able to influence the different groups within tax where I received projects. Also, I feel that I was treated as a full-time staff and was able to complete chargeable work to clients for the majority of my internship, which was not the case from a number of friends at different firms that I spoke to.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We start most of the recruiting process on campus for a few select schools close to the South. Once we complete on-campus interviews, we bring candidates into the office for further interviews and allow them to get a sense of our culture and meet multiple people around the office. Our ideal candidate is someone willing to learn and willing to accept constructive criticism.”
  • “We want the best and brightest. We use these exact words all the time in recruiting. We typically recruit on campus or through our leadership conference for interviews for internships. We then make most of our hiring decisions from our crop of interns and make offers. Majority of the time our interns already have a job lined up before they start their senior year of college.”
  • “For our area, we are the most sought after firm and are able to obtain the best talent. The ideal candidate is one that is willing to learn, be challenged, and love their job. Someone who is just looking for a job to put on a resume or for a paycheck would not be a great candidate.”
  • “DHG is looking to hire positive individuals who are hungry to learn about the industry they'll be working in and be a contributor to their coworkers. Because of this, we really put a big emphasis on the individual's personality traits and interaction with existing employees in addition to their educational background.”
  • “What do you bring to the firm? Why should we hire you? What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
  • “Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What sets you apart from other candidates? What do you find to be important regarding a potential employer?”
  • “Tell me about a time that you worked on a team towards a specific goal. What do you like to do in your free time?”
  • “What is it about entering the public accounting profession that excites you the most? Why DHG?”

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