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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Atlanta, GA


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Kim Kondak - Human Resources Director

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “The firm offers great flexibility. There are ‘normal working hours,’ but the firm allows flexibility even during busy times for personal appointments during the day and working alternate hours if needed to make up the work. It is difficult to take PTO at times with so much work, and often you need to work extra before and after vacation to get client work accomplished with emails during time off. Firm leadership is now providing two full firm closings, and that has helped to allow everyone to all take time to rest and recharge together. Leadership is making great changes—they just need to flow down to the local partners and the overall quality of life will be much better for all.”

  • “The average of hours does not include busy season. During busy season we are at 50 to 60 hours, but out of busy season we are at 37.5-hour workweeks, and I have never been pressured to work more just because. I have gotten all of my PTO approved and never had any push back from the manager group. I love my team and have been blessed that my first full-time job has enjoyable people to work with/for.”

  • “The quality of life is alright. During the summer months it is very flexible and you have plenty of time to take advantage of the warm weather. Busy season allows for less balance, but for me I am able to go to the gym each day and get almost eight hours of sleep, which is wonderful.”

  • “We have busy season February to April and August to October, so we are unable to take time off during those times. Our working hours during those busy months cause our average hours per week to shoot up to around 50 hours during working weeks. It is difficult to have a work/life balance during those months, and there is not much the firm can do to fix this. The best thing about our firm is that during the slower months it is so easy and acceptable to utilize our generous PTO policy. We get more vacation time than many other firms and rarely have issues taking vacation time provided it is not during busy seasons.”

Why Work Here

For more than a century, CohnReznick has embraced its role as a community partner and corporate leader. We are driven by a sense of purpose founded on three core values — creating opportunities for our people; making a difference for our clients; and strengthening our communities. From real estate to renewable energy, emerging industries to emergency management, our goal is to support our clients and their work in building a brighter future. The people of CohnReznick are motivated by a passion for excellence, a commitment to collaboration, and a determination to find ways to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We champion creativity. We work to uncover new business insights and are passionate about innovation. When you join CohnReznick, you will Be Part of Something Greater.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our interview process is very good. We have one-on-one and panel interviews and will often have several rounds to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the team, not just technically but personality wise as well. An ideal candidate is hardworking and ready to learn and has proactive communication skills. We prefer candidates to be working towards CPA or already have it.”

  • “Interview process was easy and straightforward. You initially get a call from HR, and then are asked to participate in an interview panel with three people in more senior leadership roles (senior managers and directors). Those interviews typically last about 30 minutes each and are conversational. After those interviews, I heard back from HR and was presented with an offer within a week. The entire process went smoothly.”

  • “Ideally looking for someone who is willing to learn, open to asking questions, and actively pursuing the CPA. I believe CR is looking for hard workers who can function as part of a team while taking initiative to get work done on their own.”

  • “The firm's interview process is very personal and allows to you to make connections to your interviewers. Of my two interviewers for my internship, one was a fellow alum and the other was my now performance coach. I got to further work with my performance coach through my internship and formed a bond. I was offered a job at the end of my internship, so I did not complete the formal hiring process. However, I believe the ideal candidate for the firm is hardworking, curious, and personable.”