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NYC-based CohnReznick is one of the 15 largest accounting firm in the U.S. Interns get a chance to work on year-end audits and network with employees at all levels. Full-time staff have access to career development coaches to discuss goals and performance, and get help with graduate programs, CPA materials, and CPE courses. The firm offers many volunteer opportunities, and is very supportive of LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals with disabilities, and military veterans.

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CohnReznick is ideally looking for hardworking, ambitious, career-driven, detail-oriented candidates who fit with the firm’s culture and have strong critical thinking skills. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, giving interns hands-on experience and treating them like first-year staff. Interns get a chance to work on year-end audits and take part in social activities to network with employees at all levels. For its full-time staff, CohnReznick offers numerous growth opportunities, including career development coaches to discuss goals and performance, and support with graduate programs, CPA materials, and CPE courses. In general, managers and leaders care about each employees’ development and will work with them to improve their skil...

About the Company

New York-headquartered CohnReznick is the 14th largest accounting firm in the U.S. by annual revenues. In 2020, it booked $697.3 million in revenues. The firm provides advisory, assurance, and tax services to companies across numerous industries, including affordable housing, commercial real estate, construction, private equity, financial services, hospitality, consumer, manufacturing and distribution, renewable energy, technology, life sciences, cannabis, healthcare, government, not-for-profit, government contractors, medical, law firms, and private clients. CohnReznick employs more than 3,000 people and has approximately 275 partners. 

The firm is headquartered in New York, N.Y., where its state-of-the art innovation lab resides, with offices nationwide. For the past three years, CohnReznick was named to the Accounting MOVE...

Employee Reviews

  • “Overall, quality of life is very good, especially compared to what seems to be the standard at other firms. I have no issue taking my time off. The firm is very supportive of parental leave, altered schedules, etc., as needed for individuals. None of us appear to be logging the kind of hours that other firms of similar or greater size expect from their personnel.”
  • “I have been in public accounting for many years and it is expected to devote significant time to work, but during the past year I would have to say that, with the pandemic, the quality of life was better. Working at home allowed me to do my work and spend more time with my family.”
  • “The people are the best part of the firm. We know we are all working all together for the same goal. Work/life balance and hour-wise, it is an accounting firm, so busy season might be a little tough.”
  • “Entry-level associates start off with a generous amount of vacation days. They don’t need to be earned or accrued by working there over the years. This is nice to have, and it’s nice to know we can take those days after busy season. We also use flex scheduling, which is very beneficial if you have a doctor’s appointment, for example. You’re able to log off mid-day and make up those hours as needed later in the day/week. They understand that we have a life outside of work, which is great.”
  • “Best parts: Generous PTO, meals provided during busy season, flexible hours, and easily obtained modified schedules. But they need to work on their bonus programs—bonuses are few and far between.”
  • “The firm has continuously improved benefits over the past few years, and is very flexible with hours, which is important for parents. The salary has been improving, but is still likely below average.”
  • “Best parts: Flexibility in how/when I work. The firm is great about providing vacation, and I appreciated the additional holiday time added and increased PTO carryover. I would love to see this stay! I also like the firm’s new push towards giving us little perks like access to the Headspace app. This has made a big difference for me. Worst parts: Flexibility with work is one of the main reasons I continue to stay with CohnReznick. However, with the new work-from-home culture, I’ve noticed that there have been challenges. The workloads have been intense, and even though the firm offers ample time to disconnect, I have been unable to. It is difficult to enforce boundaries between work and personal time.”
  • “Salary is great, and I’m a 100 percent remote employee so I can live wherever I want. Vacation time is very generous. 401(k) match is low.”
  • “If you make the effort, you can develop. But it won’t just come to you. You have to take advantage of the many trainings offered and network. There are many firm initiatives, and as part of your career and growth, the firm offers many ways for their employees to grow. The best part is that there are many things available. The most challenging part is each office is different, and you can get stuck in an industry or working on the same teams without being able to move onto other projects.”
  • “From day one to assist with career growth, we are paired with career development coaches to discuss our goals, performance, etc. The firm is very supportive in graduate programs, CPA materials, and CPE courses. If you’re working during busy season, it can be hard to have quality studying time.”
  • “The leaders and mentors want first years and second years to succeed. Managers in certain teams are looking to open doors for the next generation of leaders, and enable innovative thinking from the lowest levels to gain audiences with the highest leadership.”
  • “Best aspects are managers and leaders care about each employee’s development and will work with you to improve your skills. Formal training for specific roles is limited, and promotion policies and requirements can be confusing and not entirely clear.”
  • “The CEO reaches out to us all the time. Our email signatures include pronouns to respect others and to have that open communication. In our harassment training, it discussed how calling someone by their old name or by pronouns that they do not prefer is not welcoming and is not tolerated. I feel like our firm is pretty diverse and makes a conscious effort to do so.”
  • “The firm does not appear to limit anyone from getting a job or getting promoted based on race, gender, etc. However, the tax team in my office is still mainly men. Women continue to deservingly get promoted, but we do not have any in high enough positions to become a partner.”
  • “The firm does a lot around diversity education and conversation, and the advisory practice is diverse and perhaps a leader in how a diverse practice should be built. But there is just not enough diversity at the partner level. The partners continue to be white men, particularly in the tax and audit practices. The firm seems to have fixed all other levels, but the partner level remains lacking.”
  • “We have a CARES group, which promotes and provides opportunities for community outreach. We also have a CohnReznick Day where the firm gives every employee $25 to give to charities. We have volunteer hours we can charge our time to for volunteering and provide two times a year for each office multiple options to volunteer, which always includes youth, veteran, racial, or LGBTQ+ organizations. Our firm strives to ensure we have a diverse and inclusive working environment. They also encourage philanthropic participation whenever feasible, and are very supportive and inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals with disabilities, and military veterans.”
  • “There is currently a very strong, empathetic, and energetic firm leader on a national level. I look very much forward to the future outlook for CohnReznick under his leadership. Employee morale has increased on a national level due to his leadership style and promoting of diversity, inclusiveness, health, and family.”
  • “David Kessler is a strong leader in the firm. There are three or four women on the executive board. The firm needs to get to over 56 percent women on the executive board to better reflect the accounting industry as a whole. The growth opportunities are strong despite Covid. The firm needs to offload office space/rent.”
  • “We are continually growing and trying to expand our practices by adding new clients. And I trust leadership will do what is necessary to keep the firm going. However, the challenge is keeping employees happy. The morale needs to be boosted. It’s a known fact that we’re understaffed, yet more and more work comes in. Something has to break eventually. They need to spend more time on cultivating the staff they have and hire and retain all by giving employees more breathing room. It can’t be high paced everyday all year long.”
  • “The firm has been very transparent with results during the pandemic and has mostly maintained revenue levels throughout—which is saying a lot because the previous year was a record year for top line revenues. The firm has also made continued investments into new software to help engagement teams.”
  • “My internship during busy season was an overall great experience. The firm really makes their employees feel appreciated for the hard work that they put in. They hold events like March Madness lunch and movie nights, which offer a break from work and a chance to get to know each other outside of work. They also pair each employee with a CR friend, which, just like a mentor, is someone to reach out to for any questions regarding specific work, or any questions in general about your experience in your position. This makes for a very welcoming and comfortable internship experience.”
  • “The internship was representative of my experience as a first-year staff on a reduced time frame. The best part was getting a chance to be on a year-end audit. It was also nice to get to know everyone in the office and take part in the social activities the office participated in.”
  • “The best part about my internship experience was the people who worked there. Everyone was extremely helpful and took the time to help me learn and answer any of my questions. They made a real effort to make sure I got as much experience as I could have gotten, exposing me to various clients and tasks. The summer isn’t known to be very busy for auditing, but everyone made sure I had something to work on most of the time. The most challenging part was the volatility of my schedule as an intern. Because they try to help you get exposure and keep you busy, your schedule isn’t as structured as actual employees’ schedules. So, they might switch around your schedule the day before. But as long as you communicate, this isn’t too much of an issue and it stems from them wanting you to gain as much experience as possible.”
  • “The firm gave me several opportunities to network with employees at all levels, and provided insight as to what the future would look like for a public accountant. I really appreciate how the whole firm treat me and taught me from the basics in how to do my work.”

Why Work Here

For more than a century, CohnReznick has embraced its role as a community partner and corporate leader. We are driven by a sense of purpose founded on three core values — creating opportunities for our people; making a difference for our clients; and strengthening our communities. From real estate to renewable energy, emerging industries to emergency management, our goal is to support our clients and their work in building a brighter future. The people of CohnReznick are motivated by a passion for excellence, a commitment to collaboration, and a determination to find ways to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We champion creativity. We work to uncover new business insights and are passionate about innovation. When you join CohnReznick, you will Be Part of Something Greater.

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview ran very smoothly and answered all of my questions related to the job, and I heard back with a job offer the next day. The ideal candidate is ambitious, detail-oriented, and hardworking.
  • “Our firm is always looking for someone who fits our culture first and foremost. The callback process is generally quick, and our interview process is extensive in the sense that we get to talk to each level of personnel in the firm.”
  • “Ideal candidate is hardworking, career-driven and has a strong set of critical thinking skills.”
  • “I met a few of the employees at my school job fair and was invited to their interview day. It was very straightforward, there was great communication from HR, and I got my offer pretty quickly after interviewing. I think they're looking for hardworking, involved people that fit in well with the culture at the firm. Part of the interview day was a social, to see how you fit in with the other employees.”
  • “Tell me about yourself. Why audit? Why CohnReznick? Tell me about something you’re passionate about that is not accounting. Why public accounting?”
  • “What are you looking for as an employee? What types of things interest you? How could you help to make a difference to this firm? How could we as a firm assist you in your professional career?”
  • "They are more cultural in nature. How do you balance multiple tasks? What’s your role in a team environment? What do you do when there’s someone underperforming? How do you deliver world-class client service?”
  • “Pretty basic questions. Tell me about yourself. How did you decide to major in accounting? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you prioritize tasks? And various simple questions about items on my resume.”

Perks & Benefits