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Jan Whalen - Human Resources Director

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Employee Reviews

  • “Unlimited time off, and partners/managers are very flexible with scheduling while still maintaining focus on delivering to internal and external clients.”

  • “Schedules are flexible most times of the year, and I like my hours during non-busy season. However, it’s probably hard to avoid, but busy season hours are just really hard when you have young children whose activities do not slow down for this time of year, plus them never being able to go on spring break, etc.”

  • “Aprio has unlimited time off and this has been a refreshing change of pace. Though the tax world makes vacations difficult, as long as we plan our time and our work, we do not have to worry about taking work with us on days off. If I am sick, I feel I can take the time to rest. This is monumental to me. I have worked too many jobs that look down on you for taking PTO or sick time, and you end up penalized for it. Aprio also has various programs, such as Life Coaching, to help its employees. Overall, the package is excellent, as long as the employee utilizes it.”

  • “I have the option to work remotely. If I am sick or run out of tasks to do in the office, I can simply work from home. The staff is very friendly, and the opportunities for volunteerism are opportunities that I don't want to miss out on. I don't have to work on Sundays, so that gives me time for Church. I’m enjoying the job.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “There will be multiple interviews to get to know the hiring team. They are looking for someone that is willing to adapt to change, step out of their comfort zone, think differently, and enjoy the process of learning. That’s my advice for an ideal candidate.”

  • “We have a robust recruiting effort on campus via an intern program and mid-career people looking for bigger challenges. We seek highly motivated, intelligent students that want the challenge of sophisticated client engagements.”

  • “Recruiting process: first round with tax manager, second round with tax partner and regional partner, got offer during second-round interview. Ideal candidate: tax staff with general tax experience who is sociable and personable.”

  • “Interview and callback process is good. An ideal candidate is career-focused and willing to learn and sharpen their expertise.”