Fashion Friday: Watch Those Hems & Brush Your Hair

Published: Apr 15, 2011

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Trainee solicitors at Allen & Overy were apparently getting a bit too leggy and tousled for the Magic Circle firm. The firm’s 105 trainee solicitors received an email requesting that they leave their short skirts and high heels at the club and pull a comb through their hair before coming to work. Below is an excerpt from the email.

The main problem seems to be very short skirts and high heels and generally looking like we're going clubbing instead of to the office (as well as a failure to brush our hair, apparently!).

HR would like this to be addressed asap so they don't have to have uncomfortable discussions with individuals about it, especially as we're now getting into summer and are more likely to be wearing less as it gets hotter!

Ladies, I know we all wish that we could work in a place with Michael Scott’s Café Disco. But you don’t. You work in a law firm. So, it’s probably a good practice to ditch the sequined mini skirt and to brush your hair before coming to work.

Seriously, though, I don’t know how short these skirts were, how high the heels were or how messy the hair was (if anyone has any details, please share), but I think the best rule is to dress neatly and professionally. If you’re wondering whether something is too short, too low cut or too revealing, it probably is, and if you’re thinking twice about a particular outfit, you probably shouldn’t wear it. As indicated by a spokesperson from Allen & Overy, all you need is “a little common sense.”



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