Digging Deeper Into the Law-School Investment: Podcast with

Published: Feb 10, 2011


With all of the negative press that law schools and the legal field are receiving lately and the news that law school applications are down, prospective law students are probably pretty confused about whether or not they should pursue JDs. Before taking the law-school plunge, you should do your due diligence and try to fully understand the costs, commitments and benefits of a legal education. Some factors you should consider are the current legal market, outlooks on the future of the legal industry, the reasons you want to pursue law, the pros and cons of each school you’re considering, the financial commitment and your salary and career prospects. You also should gain insight from practicing attorneys, law-school graduates and administrators within the law schools.

Vault’s Admit One Editor David Limm and I did a podcast with Lexis Nexis recently to discuss all of these factors. You can find the podcast on the Lexis Hub for New Attorneys.

Which resources do you think are most helpful for prospective students considering law school?

Lexis Hub for New Attorneys Podcast featuring Vault.com’s Mary Kate Sheridan & David Limm
Lexis Hub for New Attorneys

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