Networking for Non-Networkers

Published: Aug 24, 2009

Network, network, network.<p>After getting a JD from the University of Michigan and working at one New York&rsquo;s top law firms, the last thing I anticipated was to be scrambling for a job. Welcome to the new reality. Part of my severance package was career counseling from an outplacement firm that offered coaching classes on networking. &ldquo;Network&rdquo; was their mantra&mdash;and if I&rsquo;d heeded their advice more closely back in March, I might have avoided a few missteps. <b>[Read more&hellip;]</b></p><p> <i><b>--Posted by Linda Sharkey,</b></i><b></b> </p><p> Career Scams to Avoid <br> Recession Briefing 8.24: Manorexia on the rise <br> Screwed: 500 at Boeing <br></p>