Hello World, Here's A Song That We're Singin' [Happy Happy T

Published: Apr 23, 2009

Today's NY Daily News featured a solid 6 page section of "Healthy Cures For The Recession Blues." The comprehensive spread dissects the health benefits associated with a positive emotional outlook, and lists ways to feel happier in both the short and long term, fun activities on a budget, hilarious web sites to waste your time with, affordable comfort foods, professional advice on handling anxiety at work, and of course, drink specials.

You know what's free? A smile. And while you'd punch out someone on the subway for saying that to you, these days, it's not bad advice. Sure, we can't control the financial chaos around us, but we can control how we deal with it. We can get happy. 

Sure, it seems much easier to grumble and pout, punch people out on the subway. Why force a smile when it's so convenient just to blame all of our troubles on those good for nothing Wall Street fat cats who got us into this mess, then stole all of the bailout money (and don't even have the decency to fill the sweet padded seats at Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium they bought with the dough)? However, here at Pink Slipped we're compelled to heed the advice of the 6 train a capella singers, who remind us after every rendition of "Do Run Run" that in the end, a happy outlook (which, we now know, can literally give you a longer, healthier life) doesn't require much effort at all. Their song closing mantra: "Smile. It won't mess up your hair."  

From the NY Daily News:

Economy may stink, but it's up to you to keep on smiling
How to feel happier, both right now and down the road
Up people, down times: How to handle anxiety as business cuts back
Where to find comfort food on the cheap in New York
Thrift your spirits with fun stuff that's free in NYC
Drink your way through the recession: Best bartenders, cheapest happy hours

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary