Go to the Movies for Free (or Almost-Free)

Published: Feb 11, 2010

After emptying our wallets to see Avatar we got to thinking that there must be a cheaper way to see movies. Sure, going to movies early in the day and avoiding the concession stand will save you money. We know that. But, there are other tricks to seeing movies&ndash;even on opening night&ndash;on the cheap.<p><b>Buy Many At A Time.</b><br>Regal Entertainment Group offers Super Saver tickets for as low as $6.50 each. These tickets carry some restrictions, but you can get a ticket valid for all movies and show times, for just a dollar more per ticket. We recommend going in with friends: If you and four friends bought a pack of 50 tickets together, you could each see ten movies at about 40% off. If you don&rsquo;t want to buy quite as many at a time, there are options for you, too. <b>[Read More]</b></p><p><i><b>--Posted by LearnVest, RecessionWire.com</b></i><b></b> </p><p> Downturnaround Deals: Modcloth, Finish Line, Martin &amp; Osa, Radio Shack, Esprit <br>Screwed: 350 at Textron <br>Recession Briefing: Less Spending on Love <br></p>