Free flu shots for the unemployed [Free Stuff Fridays]

Published: Sep 11, 2009

As flu season approaches, it's always nice to know that there's someone looking out for those that don't have jobs. Hats off, then, to CVS Caremark, which is offering free flu shots to the unemployed since. The company has donated some 100,000 free shots—with a market value of $3 million—for those without jobs this year, having discovered that the unemployed are the most likely to try to make it through flu season without any kind of vaccination. The program will begin in October, with vouchers for the shots being distributed at "select government-run One-Stop Career Center locations."<p>To date, the company hasn’t announced the exact dates and locations for the voucher distribution, but urges anyone who is interested to continue checking its website for news. Here at Pink Slipped, we'll try to remember to do so, and to post the information as and when it becomes available, but please drop us a line if you happen to come across it first.<i><b>--Posted by Phil Stott, Vault Staff Writer</b></i>