Divine intervention?

Published: Feb 06, 2009

In troubled times, we can all use some help from above. In his latest post, the HR Guy (whose musings can be found here) provides news of Job Angels, a new virtual community that uses Twitter feeds in service of something productive instead of mindless (i.e. telling all your peeps what you're eating <i>right now</i>). Not only do the Angels alert Twittees of open positions, but they also send Tweets about the job seekers they know (and provide links to their social networking, Linked In or Twiter pages). These people are volunteers from all levels (execs, HR personnel, sponsors, and dedicated employees) who only want to help rebuild the global workforce.<p>Job Angels hopes to have a stand-alone web site up soon, but until then, you can sign up for the service through the Twitter page.<p><b><em>--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault News & Commentary</em></b>