Come sail away on the U.S.S. Disgruntled

Published: Jul 09, 2009

Still toiling away and feeling stressed (from doing your job plus half of someone else's)? Underpaid (after a pay cut or furlough)? Ready to shove it all overboard, except for that pesky recession thing? Well, you're just one passenger on a very big boat. This week, published some stats (courtesy of Adecco Group North America) that point to a large swell of employee dissatisfaction: 54% of all Americans who are currently working expect to start a job search once economic forces return to normal. The tide is even higher for the younger set, as 71% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 see waves of outgoing resumes and cover letters -- and much career-related web surfing -- in their future. <p>Think about this as we leave all those ocean-y metaphors behind: If you think it's hard finding an opening now, what will it be like when companies begin to hire again, but the potential job pool has increased by a factor of six? Will you prove seaworthy, or will the current sweep you away? <p><b><em>--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer</em></b>