Big, and Not a Failure (Book Review)

Published: Dec 10, 2009

f you’re still trying to figure out where to point the finger on last year’s financial crisis, Andrew Ross Sorkin’s “Too Big Too Fail” will offer some guidance, but not enough.<p>Beginning with the tightening of the credit markets in the fall of 2007, Sorkin, a <i>New York Times</i> reporter who heads a daily Wall Street blog called Dealbook, leverages his breadth of sources to portray a comprehensive view of the year leading up to the fall of Lehman Brothers and near-collapse of the entire financial system last fall.<b> [Read more]</b><p><i><b>--Posted by Laura Rich,</b></i> <p> Downturnaround Deals: Banana Republic, Gap, Flip, Urban Outfitters, Gamestop, <br>Recession Briefing 12.10: A 50 Percent Tax on British Bonuses <br>Screwed: 900 in California Prison System <br>